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Bullet News (October 2017)
  - US captures key militant involved in 2012 Benghazi attack
  - Music, movies, women drivers: How Crown Prince is changing Saudi Arabia
  - Over 20 dead, more than 30 wounded in Somalia hotel attack
  - Spain takes over Catalonia, fires defiant separatist leaders
  - Spain cracks down hard after Catalonia declares independence
  - US Defence Secretary Mattis says threat of nuclear attack by North Korea accelerating
  - Iraq halts troops tasked to retake land from Kurdish control
  - Vladimir Putin takes part in Russian military drills, fires missiles
  - Fireworks factory fire in Indonesia kills 47, mostly women
  - Thailand grieves in elaborate final goodbye to King Bhumibol Adulyadej
  - Syria gas attack: Russia vetoes UN resolution on extending chemical weapons probe
  - 7 dead, over 90 injured as typhoon Lan lashes Japan
  - Shinzo Abe's ruling bloc retains two-thirds majority in Japan election
  - After Raqqa, Donald Trump says US shifts to 'new phase' in Syria
  - US-allied force takes Syria's largest oil field from ISIS
  - Five former US presidents come together at hurricane aid concert
  - At least 54 Egyptian policemen killed in clashes with terrorists
  - Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul bomb attack that killed 39, injured 41
  - Suicide bomber targets Shiite mosque in Kabul, at least 30 killed
  - North Korea on cusp of being able to hit US with a nuclear missile: CIA Director Mike Pompeo
  - Pollution deadlier than wars, hunger or natural disasters; India among worst hit as 25 lakh people died in 2015
  - China's conflicted goals: Freer markets, more party control
  - 43 killed in Taliban attack on army camp in southern Afghanistan
  - Xi Jinping urges stronger Chinese stand against 'grim' challenges
  - Journalist who exposed Malta's links to tax haven in Panama Papers probe killed in bomb blast
  - North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment'
  - Iraqi forces push into disputed city as Kurds withdraw
  - Huge bomb blast rocks Mogadishu, 276 killed in deadliest single attack in Somalia's history
  - California wildfires now 100-mile wide, death toll climbs to 40
  - US-backed forces in Syria say 'final' battle for Raqqa is on
  - California declares emergency amid Hepatitis A outbreak
  - Trump calls Iran nuclear deal 'one of worst' in US history, but won't pull out of it for now
  - 'My wife was raped, child killed': Canadian hostage, freed in Pakistan, reveals 5-year long 'kidnap' ordeal
  - Twitter hands over 201 Russia-linked accounts to investigators
  - Iraqi Kurds send reinforcements to disputed Kirkuk
  - Paris hopes to ban gas-powered cars in city by 2030
  - US to pull out of UNESCO amid Palestinian tensions
  - At least 10 dead in California wine country wildfire, thousands affected
  - US, Turkey suspend bilateral non-immigrant visa services amid escalating tension
  - 11 injured as car hits pedestrians near London museum; police rule out terror link
  - Even 10 Donald Trumps can't roll back nuclear deal benefits, says Iran President Hassan Rouhani
  - US military halts exercises with Gulf allies over Qatar crisis
  - Tropical storm Nate kills 22 in Central America, state of emergency declared
  - 'America truly a nation in mourning', says Donald Trump in Las Vegas
  - Three US Army special operations commandos killed, two injured in ambush in Niger
  - Iraq says it has retaken northern town from Islamic State
  - Pentagon infuses additional $440 million into missile defence to counter North Korea
  - US to ask Cuba to cut embassy staff by 60 per cent, say officials
  - Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was multi-millionaire real estate investor, says brother
  - Las Vegas attack is deadliest mass shooting in modern US history
  - Now, Facebook to hand over 3,000 Russia-linked ads to US Congress
  - 'Yes' side wins Catalonia independence vote marred by violence; over 800 injured
  - Air France plane forced to land in Canada with engine damage
  - US has direct channels to talk to North Korea, says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
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