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Bullet News (November 2018)
  - Ukraine closes border to all Russian males between 16 and 60
  - Lawmakers press for fingerprinting of detention camp staff
  - Side issues loom over G-20 summit as world leaders arrive
  - Congo's Ebola outbreak now second largest in history, says WHO
  - Flooding hits Northern California area scarred by wildfire
  - Russia to deploy new missiles to Crimea as Ukraine tensions rise
  - G20 summit: Russia expects meeting between Putin-Trump to go ahead as planned
  - Egypt creates new human rights watchdog - to protect itself
  - Russia fires on and seizes Ukrainian ships near annexed Crimea
  - South Africa to invest one billion dollar in South Sudan oil sector
  - Iran's Hassan Rouhani calls Israel a 'cancerous tumor'
  - IAEA calls on North Korea to re-admit nuclear inspectors
  - May to return to Brussels on Saturday in bid to seal Brexit deal
  - US and South Korea to scale back major military exercise
  - Suicide bomber targets clerics in Afghan capital, 40 killed
  - UNESCO calls for more to be done for migrants' education
  - Fiji leader sworn in for 4 more years after winning election
  - Yemeni rebels say they will halt rocket fire at Saudi Arabia for the sake of peace efforts
  - Iraq's president Barham Salih visits Iran weeks after US renews sanctions
  - US to accuse Iran of violating chemical weapons treaty
  - Argentina: Navy submarine found a year after disappearing with 44 aboard
  - Cambodia: Last Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of genocide, get life terms
  - North Korea official urges Japan to apologise over forced labour
  - Sri Lanka row: The latest in the South Asian island nation's political crisis
  - Anger and anxiety in Taiwan as same-sex marriage vote nears
  - Israel-Gaza border ignites after botched incursion, 4 dead
  - California: 42 killed in deadliest wildfire in US history; bodies found in burned-out cars, homes
  - Trump and Putin within earshot, Macron calls nationalism a betrayal of patriotism
  - Argentine recession seen bottoming out in 1st quarter: IMF
  - Poland's eurosceptic leaders to hold joint march with far right groups
  - Somalia: Toll rises to 53 from bomb blasts in Mogadishu
  - Turkey ammunition depot blast kills seven soldiers, 25 injured
  - US moving to stop refueling of Saudi aircraft in Yemen war
  - Northern California wildfire leaves town in ruins, thousands flee
  - Thailand legislators propose to legalise medical marijuana
  - Canada apologises for turning away Nazi era ship of Jews
  - Lion Air jet's airspeed indicator malfunctioned on 4 flights
  - Cameroon: More than 80 people, mostly school children, kidnapped
  - Italian president calls World War I a warning to Europe to co-exist
  - Iranians rally to mark anniversary of US Embassy takeover
  - China says more talks needed on economic aid for Pakistan
  - North Korea threatens to resume nuke development over sanctions
  - Yemen girl who turned world's eyes to famine is dead
  - Google employees across the world walk out in protest over treatment of women
  - Japan resumes work at disputed site for US base relocation
  - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit Seoul 'soon', says President Moon Jae-in
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