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Actress Sanjana Nude Video Leaked From Dandupalyam 2 Movie
Date 20/07/2017 01:58  Author admin  Hits 1462  Language Global
Sanjana Nude Video Leaked

The Most Controversial movie ‘Dandupalaya 2’ is getting ready for release in Telugu state on 21st July 2017. amidst a nude video of actress Sanjjanaa Galrani from the film allegedly leaked online.

Sanjjanaa, who has performed a pivotal role in the movie, reportedly dropped all her restraints and acted unclothed for a significant sequence where she is physically tortured in prison. The scene was deleted from the final copy when the regional censor board denied passing the film.

But this deleted video clip and related nude pictures of Sanjjanaa are now allegedly going viral online.She responded to this controversy on her official twitter handle and wrote

“Namaste I need some time to respond to the same, as the director is busy with the release of #dandupalyam2 on 21st July in Hyderabad right now”

“Everything will be clearly explained in a short duration of time, we are worried where did the video link leak, please support us with patience”
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