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OTHERS || Hindi Short Film
Date 28/11/2017 01:55  Author admin  Hits 183  Language Global
The story revolves around Shradha and Poonam, their carefree love, passion and the precious amorous moments of tranquility which are slipping out of their hands. A short local train journey from Andheri to Malad on their way home is nothing less than a heavenly synergy which they want to live to the fullest. In those moments they forget all the denigrate restrictions that the society has imposed and embracing themselves into the celestial act of love that they share for each other, and get liberated for the time being. But, the cruel pace of time spares none. As it is predestined people have to depart. And, the good thing is that the moments that we live become memories and they have a major role in our very existence. Echoing this fact, despite of their unwillingness they had to go in two different directions of life. Yet being very much in love.

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