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Tianzhu County.
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Date: 15/08/2019 13:23
Tianzhu County.
Tianzhu County. It is 18 kilometers from Sansui County to Tianzhu. It is full of mountains and mountains. When you sit in the car and turn over a place called "Ji Ji Ji", in less than five minutes, the Tianwang Dam of Wazhai will appear in front of you. This is an endless rice field that smells the smell of rice far away. You see, the string of full and full grain ears carries the year-old sustenance of the villagers and hopes that the earth is boiling. The folks are holding their hands, flying up and down, and going back and forth in the fields. The child, also carrying a donkey, followed the back of the adult and helped pick up the ear of rice on the ground. The yellow butterfly fluttered from the sky to the rice fields, and a group of people hovered in the air. I don��t know how long the dark yellow clothes turned into pale yellow; the pale yellow turned into a stone, you see, they are like a group of naughty The little devil. On the other side of the Pinghe Village on the banks of the Weihe River, the sorghum is drunk, it is a red sea, covering half of the sky, connected with Xiaguang, red like a burning flame. This yellow and red one is connected, giving people an unspeakable warmth, and even forgetting the fatigue and hardship brought by the autumn harvest. The beautiful scenery of the beautiful autumn harvest brought fruitful fruits to the villagers. The busy people��s faces showed the joy of inner pressure: "There is a good harvest year. The town of Wazhai contains 16 natural villages. It is located in the eastern part of Sansui County. Like other towns along the road, it is noisy and prosperous. It is a typical new socialist countryside. The location of the Walled Village is a wide and flat river valley, and the banks of the river valley are rows of residential buildings. There is a patch of rice fields between the folk building and the village. The spring is full of green and green, and the autumn rice is golden. Generally, the passing vehicles will not stay here. Even if someone comes down from the bus, they are only going to visit relatives or returning from the field. Because it is very close to the county, the tourists from other places go straight to the county. Wazhai, here is the hometown where I raised my children, my children and teenagers spend time here. Perhaps, because I am too I am familiar with it, and my understanding of it is just as familiar to my nose and eyes. Now, in order to realize my ideals, I am far away. But here are my relatives Cheap Cigarettes. Houshan still buried my grandfather and grandmother; there is also a crystal clear river crossing the tiled village, where there is still a laughter of my childhood; and the rolling rice fields behind the village, where I have a back with a piggyback on my back. Every change in the tile is like a rib. I am so pleased. I am proud Cigarettes Online. When I was young, the river in summer was much deeper than it is now. The river is wide and the water is flowing. It��s not very urgent. Three or five small partners formed a small team, and the basket was filled with cabbage, barefooted and rushing toward the river. Everyone slowly dipped their feet into the cool river, letting the fish Look at the feet. Open your eyes and look up at the sky: It seems that the sun is not so glaring, as if the heart has already floated into the sky. Looking down on the water: the scales of the fish are shiny, and the texture of the stone is exquisite and delicate. The glass is flawless, clean and transparent, and the mood is clear. The transparent sunlight sprinkles on the river, and now it is as clear as water, just like it has never appeared in this world. Like a A treasure trove of happiness, the saponins on both sides of the shovel screamed and screamed. The partners took out the used exercise books from their trouser pockets and folded them into small boats, one of them only looking into the broad and clear river and looking at the clear river. A few girls washed the dishes, and the clothes on them were already wet. Everyone simply stripped the clothes and soaked them in the water. Sometimes, we would drown the water on the opposite bank, climb the muddy fields on the river bank, and use mud to put the body down. And the face was all smeared, only two eyes were twirling. Then I ran all the way, rushed to a river ridge, jumped into the water from the river, and splashed a wave of waves, the water on the river immediately At this time, several white gooses ran straight to our baskets and rushed to grab the cabbages in the basket. When we rushed back to the other side, there were only a few stalks left in the basket. In June, this is a dry season. The crystal clear water is evaporated by the sun, revealing white pebbles. By experience, this is the best time for adults to catch fish. People generally choose the upper reaches of the bridge 10 meters away. The river, where the river is not deep, the river is more spacious. Add some turf and other things to the pebbles and block the river into a smaller tributary. The remaining half of the river is gradually smaller, revealing a pebbles. When the water can only be used without the instep, the adults spilled the lime into the water. After a while, the fish jumped out of the water, like a drunk man, with white belly and some floating on the water. Some jumped to the pebbles. The adults rushed into the river with joy and enthusiasm, and they easily reached a full squid. Our children will also go to the river to watch the excitement. Adults generally don't want small fish. When the big people take the big fish away, our children can go to the river to catch fish. When I first got into the water, I was still squatting around my waist. When I was ashore, I went down to my ass. We also learned how adults look, pour the fish into a net bag and float in the flowing water. About half an hour, the fish swims like a hangover. My home is very far from the river. Near Doujie Village, the town primary school is located at the entrance of the village. The village is very large and houses more than 200 families. Listening to my father, my grandfather��s father used to live in this village. Because of the bandits Newport 100S, many people moved into the deep forest and lived. Of course, Grandpa��s father moved to the mountains in the mountains two hours away from the village. Grinding rock. When the father got married, the only condition for the mother was to move his father to the current village. The reason for the mother is very good. The children here are very close to school and are good for their education. Every household in the village is planted with hibiscus flowers and gardenia flowers, but my mother likes to plant evergreen trees. My mother thinks that Evergreen is green leaves all year round, and it is not easy to grow bugs.
The whole village relies on drinking - Qingshuitang - the water of the old well, the clear water pond, and the manhole cover is like an arch. The well surface is about four square feet and the depth is more than one meter. The well is covered with moss and some ivy, the most eye-catching is the two slim old
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