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remember thes
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Date: 12/09/2019 07:14
remember thes
When you are ready to enter and exit the elevator, there is always someone who presses the doorbell patiently, worrying that you are stuck until you are fully in or out. At this moment, it feels so good. Say thank you, for the one who silently holds the doorbell. When you take the MRT or train, there are many people, but not crowded, everyone consciously lined up. You are also in a long queue, but you are not in a hurry, you can't go in without worry, there is no place to worry. At this moment, it feels so good, needless to say thank you, just for this order. When you go shopping, you can always hear the enthusiasm. "Hello, welcome, what do you need?" After buying something, you can always hear a "thank you." After paying the money and carrying things, I couldn��t help but say "thank you." Yes, buying and selling is not an indifference deal, but a warm-hearted need for each other. It is not that you pay the money, it is God. Of course, if you are very interested, you can also talk a few words. At this moment, I feel so good, thank you for the creation, thank you for the enthusiasm of the seller. When you go into the office for official duties, the office workers are full of faces and smile, treating you as your own work with seriousness and enthusiasm. Yes, you are not asking who, and the office staff is not high. At this moment, I feel so good. Because of the respect of each other, when you can't answer the questions in class, you are a little shy, but you are not afraid, not afraid of being mocked, not afraid of being severely criticized. So, you candidly said: "Teacher, I don't know yeah." The tone is a bit naughty Cheap Cigarettes. At this moment, it feels so good, because of this truthfulness and tolerance, when you meet someone sometime, somewhere, when you meet, at that time, you see him (her) standing in the wind, or under the tree, a little bit Thin, the shadow is a bit fuzzy. At this moment, I feel so good, for this punctuality. When you go around to play, you will go to many attractions (non-private entertainment facilities), no tickets, the visitor activity center will provide you with some small services, such as attractions, cover medals, watch a movie, fill a bottle of water. At this moment, I feel so good. Thank you for this convenient service. You accidentally lost your way. You will be picked up by someone on the road. He (she) is very enthusiastic to tell you to turn left and right, pointing to painting, and even to map you, the kind of enthusiasm, can not wait to take you personally. At this moment, it feels so good. When someone asks where you are from, this is the answer: "I come from a certain province of the mainland to study and travel." Needless to consider, there is no need to measure, because The questioner is very friendly and very interested in you. At this moment, it feels so good. For the vast and sacred land, I occasionally have a plot that is compatible with each other. You accidentally cross the road, facing the whistling vehicle, you can��t go forward, a little embarrassed, a bit fear. Suddenly, a car stops and the driver does not blame you for making a mistake. You will make a "please" action in the car, waiting for you to pass, and then slowly drive away. At this moment, I feel very good. You are very moved Carton Of Cigarettes. I want to say "thank you". Although he can't hear it, it doesn't matter. Let it float in the air. That night, you came out of the library, suddenly it rained heavily, you were carrying a computer, very depressed, and could only wait patiently, but the rain did not stop at all. At this time, a classmate came over with an umbrella, maybe a boy, maybe a girl, "Schoolmaster, do you want to go together? I will send you to the dormitory." At this moment, I feel so good, for this little help. You started talking, talking about your own opinions, and talking about the beautiful scenery you saw in places you visited. It was very warm and very close. Perhaps, really talking, there is another stranger to join, they are very happy to talk, stand, wave, and say: "Thank you, bye." At this moment, I feel very good, do not need to lock the heart, do not Worried that you can't talk to strangers once, you throw a small bag on the bench of the park you used to sit. In the second year, you suddenly found that the packet disappeared Cigarettes Online. Remembering that you were in the chair of the park, you rushed to find it and found that the chair was gone. You were a little anxious. Looking up, I saw a tree in the tree not far from the front. The red packet is your own. At this moment, it feels so good, it's good, I don't know who to thank, but it feels so good. These are some poetic and beautiful moments. In fact, these moments are very close to us and very close. It is right beside us. I can't guarantee that these moments will happen at any time. Anyone can meet them, but these are what I actually saw in Taiwan. Some really good moments, I am the one of you, some of me are that whoever. People are always diverse, and there are some people who are impatient and indifferent in every place, but these beautiful moments are often encountered. Remember to remember these beautiful moments, open your heart, and meet more beautiful moments. I don't deliberately praise, just remember, remember these beautiful moments.
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