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A dog sitter has been caught throwing a puppy around a living room on its horrified owner's secret security camera.

The woman, who has not been named, was hired to watch the young labrador by Amanda Roy and her husband, who live in Victorville, California.

The woman was caught throwing the dog onto a hard floor while dog sitting

She then stands watching the Labrador puppy as it limps around

But the couple were horrified to see the woman slamming their dog to the floor after receiving a motion alert on their phone from a security camera.

In footage of the incident, the puppy, named Lucy, can be seen laying stunned before struggling to her feet, stumbling around while the sitter watches.

The husband was able to yell at the women via the security system and tell her to leave.

She apologised and left the couple's home.

Lucy was checked over by a vet and had not suffered any injuries, but Animal Control is now looking into the incident.

Speaking to local outlet ABC7, Amanda said: "It's heartbreaking because the reason we use a pet sitter is because we love our pet and we don't want to leave her unattended for very long because she is a baby.

"So we trusted someone to come into our home and look after a pet that we consider a family member."

The puppy sitter had been hired through the Rover app.

A statement issued by the company after the incident said: "The activity depicted in this video is shocking and appalling.

"We have permanently deactivated this sitter from our platform and will continue to investigate.

"Any incident of this nature is extremely rare on our platform, and we take it very seriously.

"Additionally, we have offered to pay for any veterinary expenses that may have been incurred as a result of this incident.

"We have been assisting local law enforcement with their investigation and will continue to offer support."

Dog owner Amanda Roy said the incident was 'heartbreaking'

Dog sitting app Rover said it had permanently removed the woman from its service

- The Sun
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