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Udupi, Nov 29: A bull that was oscillating between life and death and writhing with pain out of injuries caused in an accident involving a train, was finally rescued by people under the leadership of social worker, Vishu Shetty Amblapady by using a crane on Monday November 28.

The bull, which had gone down a 50-feet deep gorge near Kukkikatte railway bridge was hit by a train four days ago. The bull suffered grave injuries and collapsed the ground, and could not get up on its feet. The railway department was aware of this accident, but it failed to do anything to help the struggling bull. Instead, they had just conveyed information to local auto rickshaw drivers, it is said.

Although this news spread since the last four days, no one went to rescue the animal. Finally, after a local auto rickshaw driver, Mithun, informed him about it, social worker, Vishu Shetty Ambalpady visited the spot. With assistance of friend, Kitta Sudhir, Vishu Shetty could rescue the bull from 50 feet down by using a crane. This operation took five hours to conclude. Veterinarian, Dr Sandeep, who came to the spot, said that the bones of both the rear legs and backbone of the bull had suffered maximum impact and that it does not face any danger to life.

Locals and media persons along with auto drivers got involved with this rescue operation. Vishu Shetty said that the team came across thorny trees, various plants, trees and other growths apart from poisonous creatures on way to the spot where the animal was lying, but the team overlooked them in achieving the aim of rescuing the suffering bull. He added that the bull was being sent to the cattle shelter at Neelavara for treatment and recuperation.
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