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Udupi: An autorickshaw driver of the city demonstrated exemplary act of honesty by returning the bag of a woman, which had contained golden ornaments worth Rs 50,000.

Anusha Shetty, a resident of Kiradi near here lost her bag containing an Iphone, golden ornaments worth Rs 50,000 and Rs 4,000 in cash, unknowingly while travelling by an autorickshaw to her home at Kiradi along with her child, on the evening of Thursday, February 7.

Anusha realized that her purse has fallen out of the autorickshaw after she reached home.

In the meantime, Prakash, a resident of Udyavar and an auto driver who was taking a passenger in the same route as Anusha travelled, saw a bag fallen on the road and took the same into his possession. Within a short time, he received a call from Anusha and replied to her that he has found the her bag on the road and she can collect the same from him.

Prakash, even offered to handover the bag of Anusha to her residence, in case she is not able to collect the same. Finally, he returned the bag to Anusha, who was relieved after getting her lost bag back.

The act of Prakash is lauded by people in various social sites.



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