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Here's how events unfolded between the fateful night of November 27 (Wednesday) and the morning of November 28 (Thursday), when the vet's body was found.

The accused- identified as Mohammad Areef (in yellow T-shirt), Jollu Shiva (in white shirt), Jollu Naveen (in blue shirt), and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (in orange shirt).

Hyderabad (Telangana): More chilling details emerged on Sunday in the rape and murder case of the Telangana woman doctor whose charred body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Thursday morning.

The 26-year-old veterinarian was brutally gangraped and killed by four lorry workers before they burned her body on Wednesday night in Telangana's Shamshabad. All the four accused were nabbed from their houses on Friday by Cyberabad police.

The four accused were sent to judicial custody for 14 days on Saturday amid high drama with a large crowd facing off against police. Three cops were suspended on Saturday for a delay in registering an FIR in the case.

Cyberabad police filed the remand report on Sunday, four days after the vet was found with her body burnt under a culvert in Chatanpally on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru national highway.

The gruesome rape and murder case, which is being perceived as another 'Nirbhaya', has sparked national outrage.

The following details are from the latest official report filed by the police. Here's how events unfolded between the fateful night of November 27 (Wednesday) and the morning of November 28 (Thursday), when the vet's body was found.

Who are the culprits

The accused have been identified as Mohammad Areef (could be seen in the photo in yellow T-shirt), Jollu Shiva (in white shirt), Jollu Naveen (in blue shirt), and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (in orange shirt). Mohammad Areef (25), who works as a driver, is the prime accused in the rape-murder case.

Areef has attended school till Class 10. He worked as an auto driver in Kukatpally area of Cyberabad from 2012 to 2015. He had been working as a lorry driver since 2017.

Timeline of events

November 27, Wednesday:

5.30 pm: The main accused and the lorry driver Areef purchased several bottles of liquor on Wednesday evening.

- The four workers were drinking while sitting in the lorry's cabin near Shamshabad toll plaza.

6 pm: The four culprits noticed a young woman parking her scooter next to the lorry, who then left to go to a clinic.

- The four then conspired to rape her.

- Naveen punctured the back tyre of the victim's two-wheeler.

9 pm: Areef and the other three accused parked their lorry around 5 kilometres ahead of her scooter at Thondapalli Junction.

9.18 pm: The victim came back to take her scooter and realised that one of the tyres had a puncture.

9.30 pm: Shiva offered to help her and took her scooter, on the pretext of getting it repaired. He came back after some time and told her that all the repair shops were closed.

- They grabbed the victim and dragged her to an isolated compound beside the truck.

- The main accused Naveen switched off her mobile phone.

- Naveen forcefully administered alcohol to the woman to stop her from screaming.

- The victim was then brutally gangraped by the four culprits.

- Afterwards, she became unconscious.

- After she gained consciousness and started screaming again, the accused decided to kill her.

- Areef covered her mouth and nose, which caused her to suffocate to death.

- Naveen took the victim's phone, watch and power bank.

- The four workers then dumped her body in the truck and fled from the spot.

- Shiva and Naveen drove away her two-wheeler from the spot.

- Shiva purchased a bottle of petrol on the way.

- Under a culvert in Chatanpally on the National Highway 44 bridge, they burnt the body after pouring petrol over it.

November 28, Thursday:

4 am: The four accused reached Aramgarh on Thursday morning.

- Shiva, Naveen, Chennakeshavulu then left for their respective homes.

Earlier, Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar said, "Our officer took them into a patrol vehicle and scanned the CCTV footage. The victim was also seen in the CCTV footage of the plaza. At around 3 pm, the family was brought back to book an official complaint. Till 5 am, we searched all puncture shops. The body was found at around 7 am."

On seeing the incident being reported on the news, patrol employees informed the police about one of the suspects buying petrol.

The NHAI patrol informed the police about the whereabouts of the woman's scooter. Further CCTV footage analysis and an eyewitness confirmed the details.



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Mumbai, Nov 12: In an obnoxious and shocking incident, a woman was breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby inside a stationed car when Mumbai traffic cops towed away her vehicle. Hours after the video made rounds on the internet and when people criticised the act, the department suspended the constable and also ordered a probe into the matter.

Traffic constable Traffic constable Shashank Rane, (Right) woman who was sitting in the car that was towed by Rane

The incident occurred on Friday evening on the busy SV Road in Malad (West). The video has been recorded by woman’s husband.

The woman identified as Jyoti Male claimed that two other vehicles parked there were not picked, but her car was chosen for towing. “The policemen towing the car did not even once ask me to get down, even when I told them that I am breastfeeding my baby they still did not stop,” she told news agency ANI.

The woman had gone to Malad for some work with her husband and the child and parked the car on the busy S V Road.

As the car was parked on the road, it was obstructing the vehicular movement in the road, the traffic police arrived on the spot with a towing vehicle. Police despite seeing a woman sitting with her baby in the car just towed it away. Onlookers, who can be heard shouting and protesting the police action, asked constable Shashank Rane, who was accompanying the towing van, to stop it.

In the video, it is visible that woman is arguing with cops that she’s was unwell and had also shown doctor’s prescription. In the video, it can be clearly seen that woman repeatedly asked cops to stop as she was unwell and breastfeeding her child. But cops didn’t listen to her. The main accused cop Rane wasn’t ever weaning his nameplate while being on duty.

After the video went viral and pressure increased, the department suspended Rane and ordered a probe into the matter.

"It will be dealt with appropriately and sternly after the preliminary report is received within 24 hours," Amitesh Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police, traffic said.

The DCP (Traffic), western suburbs, has been asked to conduct an inquiry into the incident and submit a report by tomorrow, Kumar said.



]" alt="Mumbai Traffic Cop Suspended For Towing Car With Woman Breastfeeding Her 7 Month Old Baby">
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