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Sri Sooryanarayana Temple - Maroli, Mangalore
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Sri Sooryanarayana Temple

About 1200 years ago severe penance was performed by the ascetics as a result this Shree Sooryanarayana Kshethra came into existence. But 450 years ago due to lack of support from the Kings the temple was in ruins. During those days a Jain female chief of this village cluster possessed the presidency comprising of seven villages namely Maroli, Padau, Alape, Bajal, Kannoor, Jappu and Kankanady responded to the miseries of the inhabitants. On behalf of these afflicted devotees she accepted Shree Sooryanarayana as the clan God [Kuladevatha] of the village cluster of these seven villages. It was the responsibility of the people of these seven villages to rectify the defects.

Once again after a very long time the temple reached the pathetic condition as per the legend of this place. It is the joint venture of the people of Maroli, Kannoor, Alape, Padavu, Bajal and Kankanady and the devotees of the outskirts to eradicate all the short comings. It is an unique opportunity.

Shree Sooryanarayana Temple possesses Saanidhya of Hari, Hara, Brahma and Shakthi and it is unique and sacred Kshethra. There are so many evidences to show the miraculous uplift of the devotee. Therefore, it is our bound and duty to revive this sacred temple and provide amenities, to the devotees visiting this Kshethra.

As per the record, this Kshethra is an ancient temple of South India and designed on the lines of the old temple of Bhargava Kshethra. It is our aim and objective to rejuvenate Sculpture (Vastu Shilpa).


Devotees willing to donate may remit their donation to the following bank accounts :

State Bank of Mysore – Pumpwell Branch
A/c No. 64096945514 – IFSC Code – SBMY0040794

Vijaya Bank, Alape – Padil Branch
A/c No. 100301011001788- IFSC Code – VIJB0001003

Karnataka Bank, Kankanady – Nagori Branch
A/c No. 4742500101507301 – IFSC Code - KARB0000474

Avail Tax Benefit

Donations made to Sri Suryanarayana Temple Maroli are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G at the I.T.Act, 1961 in the hands of the donors as per notification of the central government order bearing No.6870 (F.No. 176/51/84-IT(AT) dated 14-8-1986 PAN:AAKTS9998K)

Email :  sntemplemaroli@gmail.com

Website : www.srisuryanarayanatemple.com
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