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Octaplus: Mangaluru-based firm redefining India's home healthcare sector
Date 26/08/2016 18:07  Author admin  Hits 346  Language Global
Dakshina Kannada and Udupi are renowned healthcare hubs with a cluster of medical colleges and hospitals in close vicinity offering best of healthcare facilities. Despite having world class private medical services there is nothing much in terms of home healthcareservices for the people of this coastal region. Though home healthcare is in its incipient stage in India it is one segment of health sector which is witnessing tremendous growth in the recent past. Unfortunately, our coastal districts like many others in the country are left way behind in offering credible, patient-centric or personalized home healthcare services.

A Mangaluru-based home healthcare start-up 'Octaplus Medicare Solutions Pvt Ltd' has ventured into providing professional personalized home/corporate and tele healthcare service integrated with advanced technology at very affordable prices.

Octaplus Medicare a company started a few months ago provides a holistic approach with inter-connected services pertaining to home/corporate and tele healthcare. It uses the best of IT Technology to bring together various healthcare providers such as doctors, specialists , counselors, Psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, home care nurses, dieticians and diagnostics under one platform to Deliver in-home based preventive care, post hospitalization, chronic illness treatment, geriatric/elderly care and End of life and palliative healthcare services.

Reliable Home Healthcare in one Platform

Octaplus Medicare believes that the main objective of a home healthcare is to fill the vacuity as there is a paucity of organized and measured treatment post hospitalization. The demand is growing as people are in need of proper and comprehensive medical advice and customized recovery care since each individual responds and heals differently once they are discharged from hospitals. When it comes to patients with chronic illness the need for personalized home healthcare becomes even more imperative since most of the healing and recovery happens at home. At present home healthcare is restricted to and comprises of long term shift-based attendant services, unmeasured physiotherapy, and risky nursing practices. Octaplusbreaks this trend and functions as a comprehensive service provider to bridge the gap using the latest technology and highly trained staff to deliver healthcare with a 360 degree approach to patient.

Octaplus provides in house care to continue the status quo and assures the patient that their treatment and care is in secure experienced hands. Throughout this the family primary physician,family doctor or the specialist remains the same and treatment delivered will be in coordination with them. The company ensures that to follow a similar rhythm to nurse people back to health and also meticulously follows up on the post-discharge protocol prescribed by the doctor while keeping him in loop in real-time through mobile based monitoring system and telemedicine. To put it simply, the company ensures smooth transition from hospital to home and acts as an extended arm of a Doctor or the hospital to provide continued treatment at home ensuring rapid recovery and best possible results.

The services offered by Octaplus are the first of its kind and is the first in providing in home Oncology care, preventive care, geriatric care, chronic illness treatment, psychiatric care, post-operative care, palliative care, end of life care through a specialized team consisting of physician visits, physiotherapy, nursing visits, 24/7 home nurse, lab tests and diagnostics, medical equipment rental, ambulance services, real-time monitoring, telemedicine. Octaplus home healthcare also provides these as packages for long term assistance bringing much needed relief to the family and friends of the ailing and even elderly who require fulltime assistance due to age related illnesses like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.


Preventive Home Care

Octaplus Medicare provides preventive care service through its Octa Prevent Packages. The company will take every patient and every case as unique and put the patient to the right kind of checkup and will be advised by specialist doctors for getting appropriate treatment. Based on the treatment plan Octaplus will work proactively with the patient and their family to provide personalized attention and compassionate care to its patients ensuring quick recovery and improving overall healthcare while minimizing major unseen risks.

Geriatric/Elderly Care

For families which have to deal with general age related disability to more pressing concerns with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etcOctaplus’s Geriatric healthcare service is certainly a boon coming at an opportune time. With offspring’s working abroad or in bigger cities and others in search of greener pastures, there are a large number of elderly couple and single parents living all alone. Geriatric home healthcare service is a big respite both to the patients and to their families.
Octaplus enrols individuals and couples to their long term package to providehigh quality 24/7 home assistance. Registered customersalong with a round the clock home assistant can avail the facility of Doctor visits, Nursing, home diagnostics, home delivery of medicines, physiotherapy, non-emergency medical transport and many other services without any time barrier.

"I am very grateful to have been introduced to Octaplus Medicare Services. My mother was a patient of carcinoma cervix and the staff who was assigned by Octaplus made a very positive impression on everyone. She knew her craft, she had a great rapport with patient and was extremely responsible.

"Other than our own immediate family, the home nurse was the most important thing that happened to my mother for her care taking.

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Octaplus Health services.Thank you for all the fine individuals I have met through Octaplus.

"Keep up the good work."

- Dr Devi Kripa

Post-operative Home Care

Post-operative care is one of the most essential parts of patient recovery process. Patient being treated by the best doctor tends to get best treatment at hospitals during primary care. But post hospitalization recovery process isbe hampered due to lack of support, knowledge and inability to manage a patient at home.

Octaplus Medicare through its team of skilled and experienced medical professionals provides the best of care to the patient at the comfort of their home post hospitalization while it keeps the family doctor or primary physician in.

"Octaplus is a company that really cares about people. They are professionals who empathize with the family, and their trained staff who are excellent in patient care help to make a difficult time bearable."

- Shibani

End-of-Life Home Care

Octaplus's End-of-Life care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual.

"My name is Suri Srinivasan Shetty. I had brought my 87-year-old mother Ahalya Srinivasan to Mangaluru, for a change of place, as we reside in Mumbai and part-time in the US.

"While in Mangaluru she fell ill and needed more specialized care than what supervision she had.

"Octaplus has been a God-send in our lives. Their professionalism and expert care was given around the clock. All the staff from the first phone call to the end were an amazing comfort to us. They took care of my mother at home and literally converted her room into a hospital room.

"My mother and we were lucky to find Octaplus, who made her last living days a pleasant one. She passed away at home peacefully with her family by her side.

"I have recommended Octoplus to my family in Mangaluru as well as the US!!

"Thanks Octoplus ! Keep up the good work. God Bless!

Suri S Shetty

Palliative Home Care

• Provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms in the home setting;
• Provides extensive in-house medical support with a team of doctors, nurses, therapists, 24/7 care givers, counsellors, drug delivery, medical equipment rental etc.
• Affirms life and regards passing away as a normal process;
• Intends neither to hasten or postpone end of life;
• Integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care;
• Offers a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until end of life;
• Offers a support system to help the family cope during the patients illness and in their own bereavement;
• Uses a team approach to address the needs of patients and their families, including bereavement counselling, if indicated;
• Will enhance quality of life, and may also positively influence the course of illness;
• Is applicable in all stages of the course of illness, in conjunction with other therapies that are intended to prolong or improve quality of life.

"We recently used Octaplus services for one of our loved one. Octoplus provided very reliable and well trained, experienced professionals who took immense care in the service provided. Their help was timely and their employees were the most kind and courteous in their behaviour. I rate them the best in the business without any doubt."

- Shobitha


Octaplus Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients from remote locations using an advanced software integrated with good old video conferencing and other modes of telecommunications and a files sharing technology, making recurring visits easier and also saving valuable time and money of patients who travel a distance to see their specialist while optimizing a busy Doctors time. The technology developed by Octaplus allows patients outside the clinic/hospital or in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel. Telemedicine provides more efficient use of limited expert resources who can see, share medical records and Consult patients in multiple locations wherever they are without leaving their facility.

Home Diagnostics Services

In its efforts to provide quality preventive healthcare Octaplus has a Pan India tie up with leading US based diagnostic chain‘Quest Diagnostics’. This association with Quest is to bring best of diagnostics services to the home set up. Octaplus collects customer samples for diagnostics at home and updates all reports onto theindividual profile for every client within the app, saving it on the cloud for life. The same is instantly sharedwith the treating doctor for their opinion in real time.

Maternity Package

Innovation being the key to the success Octaplus has introduced a novel approach of providing an all-inclusive maternity care package. This package is for a long duration starting from three months pre-conceiving period to three years post delivery period. It comprises periodic gynaec consultations, ultrasound to rule out abnormalities of the foetus, lab tests, antenatal education, baby care training and everything related to mother and child care. Maternity care also involves keeping a tab on providing timely vaccination to the baby. A pregnancy mobile app and a child care app will also be released soon as part of the maternity package and will be of great help and relief to young mothers who can interact and make friends with expecting mothers alike.


Octaplus has a unique approach to its healthcare delivery system, a state of the art technology to connect primary care givers with its patients while monitoring patient health online also optimizing its business delivery services. Octaplus has a top notch in-house technology team where the software was built from scratch and is on quest to add newer features adding more value to how a patient interacts with his primary care team. Octaplus has built its technology to support its patient centric approach where delivery managers and coordinator play a vital layer between the patients, primary care and patient’s family.

Increasing use of technology will ensure that required care is given at home. The company has come out with a smart app “Octa-Health-Cloud”, to provide a 360 degree approach to home healthcare sector. This app will ensure that every detail, every change in health and every test result is sent to the treating doctor and the patient’s family or whoever is in charge of the patient’s well-being. This is nothing but pro-active management of people’s health wherein technology and portable devices are put to use to create the best of health care facilities at home.

This app also comes in handy to patients as they don’t need to carry their medical records wherever they go.

Though home based health care is not a novelty in India the service is not getting the much required professional makeover which is the need of the hour. Octaplus has made its foray into this field at an appropriate time focusing on customer-centric direction and a bevy of specialised services to provide quality healthcare. This really augurs well for the country as a whole and Octaplus is sure to create new benchmarks in the field of home healthcare.

Though home based healthcare system is something new in our country, it is now turning out tobe a fully organised sector, thanks to companies like Octaplus. This professional approach will pave the way for providing top quality home healthcare.

With its patient-centric approach and a bevy of specialised services Octaplus is sure to set new benchmarks in the field of home healthcare which really augurs well for the country as a whole.


Octaplus Medicare Solutions Pvt Ltd
Medicare Center, Karangalpady, Mangaluru– 575003

Website: www.octaplusmedicare.com 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/octaplushome/
Email: info@octaplusmedicare.com

Mobile: 91 789 952 7666 | 91 789 935 0444
Landline: 91 824 425 9922
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