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Core Drilling - UAE, Oman, Qatar
Date 07/09/2016 19:34  Author admin  Hits 574  Language Global
Core Drilling, Saw, Concret - Wall Saw and Wire Saw,
and Concret Drilling Core

UAE - Oman - Qatar

For a perfect work one requires a perfect worker. Young and enthusiastic entrepreneur Ronald Mascarenhas of Mangalore is the right man with an incomparable art of Concrete Hole Drilling.

Core drilling and Concret Cutting Co. is engaged in concrete drilling for the purpose of providing sleeves, pipe holes, ducts concret openings in rcc for doors and windows and ac openings as well as drilling on multy storey towers to provide anchors to fast fascia angles to receive cladding. Machines used for this purpose are laser welded  diamond chip barrels for vibration less smooth cutting  and without noise, and without any shock and damage to the RCC structure and cutting will be done through the Reinforced steel.

The company is specialized in concrete drilling and can drill upto 40 cms dia x 1.8 Mtr deep in single operation.  They can also cut concrete walls upto 1mtr deep and floors 50cm deep using hydrawulic powerpacks "adamas power pack and deudium cutting head using 1.2mtr dia diamond blade"

For your requirements on any projects related to coredrilling, concrete cutting and general maintenance the trusted name is Core drilling and Concret cutting. co., further core bits, barrels and core cutting machines are also available for trading.

Biggest circular saw for cutting concret, stone, metal etc.

Wire Saw Tyrolit to cut concrete up to any depth

Core drilling from 12mm up to 1000mm dia.
Power pack up to 40 KW capacity for under water cutting

Cutting of copper with 5 ton PC into two using Tyrolit

Coring Machine

Various concrete cutting blades

Tyrocoring action


Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting Co.

UAE:  Ronald Mascarenhas

Tel :  00971 50 7476475

Fax :  971-4-2521243

Email: corehole@eim.ae,  corensaw@hotmail.com

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