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Shelter for Needy - Help this Poor Family
Date 01/04/2017 19:03  Author admin  Hits 394  Language Global
Lets all join hands to help this Poor Family …!

Just imagine you are living with a family in a house with roof tiles fitted in bamboos & mud floors & leaking roof in monsoon, with cracked walls that do not have a foundation & a proper Sanitation? Can we? Dear friends we cannot think of living in such a house, but there is a Christian Family who is living in Rural Belthangady taluk.

Shelter for Needy | Easter Project 2017

Video -

Mr. Rodrigues lives with his wife and three grown up daughters. They are very poor and the couple earn their living by laboring in the nearby farms. Their daily wages is not enough to feed the five.

Three daughters are attaining college education. First daughter is doing her MSW in medical psychology (2nd year), 2nd Daughter is pursuing her MA in economics (1st year) and the third one is in 1st year BA. These children help their parents, working during weekends and holidays. In spite of this pathetic situation, the three daughters are excelling in their education.

This house you see in the picture has no foundation. Roofing tiles are laid on bamboo sticks, the only room which you see in cement sheet covered, is having a cement floor, rest of two rooms are still mud floors.

This is a family desperately need help to repair their house but there is no possibility of repair, it needs to be rebuilt. A small but new house will cost about Rs 6 lakhs.

Dear ones, shall we help this family? Shall we share a little for this family sacrificially?

This issue of this family was first brought to light by my friend & well-wisher Mr. Donald A Saldhana, Udupi. He & his team has already contributed Rs. 50,000/- for this noble cause.

The Dream of Building a New House to Mr. Rodrigues Family has been already started & foundation work is going on.

If you are interested, kindly extend whatever support to this family. Your Contribution can be ranging from a very small amount to a big one or any raw materials required for construction.

Please contribute towards construction of a house for Rodrigues family in this Lenten Season.

You can Contact Me :
Roshan Belman - +91 9900326747
Email: roshbelman@gmail.com
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