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1. Contents Posted

All text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photographs, trademarks, logos and artwork, is a third party user generated content.

2. Received First

Details we received 1st and later the changes they made it, in no way will company be add / edit. Advertisers are welcome to re-advertise same with the changes.

3. Replacement / Return

Company will not be replace your items with another on a same cost. and also will not be return money back of which is against our policies.
  • We are not cancel your whole advertisements, for a one or two Images / Posters.
  • Some cases we block / cancel advertisements, which violates our policies.
  • If company's mistake for your advertisements missing / cancel, we surely allow our customer to advertise once again on a same cost.

4. Doubt / Not Sure

If you have any doubt on a advertisements, or if you are not sure on the details, please clarify about your doubt with the advertisers.

What we do if your Ad is fake?

Fake and false information, harmful, hate crime or mislead people ads we will permanently remove without notice and no money back.

What we do if people report your Ad?

We temporarily close your Ad and investigate.

The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ.

We does not select, edit, modify, alter, add or supplement the information, description and other specifications provided by the Seller.

Using, Logo & Name

"Global News Network 9" and/or any other trademarks and trade names being shown or used on the news networking service are the property of their respective owners.

It's great that you want to promote us and we're happy to help. You're welcome to use the name as long as you are our Advertisers, Users, and Well-wishers.

You are using as "GNN9.COM", you no need to use "Global News Network 9" logo or name, in your promotional material or ads-news. Use the below suggested name rather than the logo.

By advertising you are make us your official Internet Partner. By publishing this in text or in posters, you make people to know and find you on www.gnn9.com to see your ads and updates.

A.1) What is the proper way to use name in text?

- Search us on : GNN9.COM

A.2) Additional rules regarding use of these names are listed below :

- Do not use "GNN9" instead of using "GNN9.COM".

- Do not use "Global News Network 9".

B.1) How to make this announcements on poster or on other platform?

B.2) Additional rules regarding use of these names are listed below :

1. You can change the color of the name as long as the name content is in one single color. You can also choose the background on which the name appears.

2. Do not use the different different colours for each word.

3. Minimum size, always must present the name, being clearly visible.

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