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Female Instagrammer travels the world to pose naked in exotic locations tells how she was busted for her antics
Date 07/05/2019 21:30  Author admin  Hits 245  Language Global
The former fetish model also revealed how she once sold her armpit hair to fans.

PACKING is some times the worst part of travelling - but it's not something that Instagrammer Sarah Jane has to worry about.

For the fun-loving 33-year-old enjoys nothing more than going to exotic locations to pose naked for social media pictures.

Sarah Jane travels to exotic locations for naked shots

The free spirit has built a cult following on Instagram and YouTube with her unclad approach to life.

She said: "I would be comfortable going nude anywhere where the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius)."

Although, she notes, she respects local laws, adding "not sure I would go nude in Dubai!"

American and proud, Sarah Jane’s wanderlust has seen her explore everywhere from the bright beaches of Miami to Florida swamps.

Sarah Jane says anything over 21 degrees Celsius is warm enough

The Instagrammer says that her sister takes most of the photos

Sarah was a former fetish model

But there’s a special place in her heart for the terrain of her native Las Vegas.

She said: "I am a huge nature lover and desert lover. The area around Las Vegas has amazingly beautiful scenery. It would be hard to pick a favourite!

"I like the sand dunes, the red rocks and the dry lake beds out here."

A world away from many sleazy nude photo shoots, Sarah Jane says many of her pictures are actually taken by her sister.

She said: "My family is 100% supportive of my nude photos."

The risqué pastime isn’t without its hazards though - not everyone’s as open-minded as her nearest and dearest and Sarah Jane admits it has landed her in hot water.

The former model says her family are fully supportive of her antics

Sarah Jane has gotten into trouble with her nude shots before

Sarah Jane admits there are places where she would never pose nude

She said: ‘I got busted a few times during nude photo shoots. Luckily, each time we were let go with a warning.

"But one time, in Valley of Fire state park outside Las Vegas, we were literally run off by a park ranger and forced to leave the park immediately."

However, her online fans seem to appreciate the lengths she goes to and her Instagram account, @Wonderhussy, has 45,000 followers and counting.

Her au natural approach to life extends to her grooming too, and showing off her underarm hair has become her bon motif.

She laughs: "Boy, are my pits hairy."

The Instagrammer has over 45,000 fans on the social media platform

Sarah Jane also runs a YouTube channel

Sarah Jane was once kicked out of a national park

Sarah Jane, who says she hasn’t shaved since January, was surprised by the reactions to initial pictures of her body hair.

She explains: "As an incorrigible provocateur I am constitutionally unable to bypass an opportunity to provoke people.

"And since I have found there are few things more polarising than armpit hair I feel it is my patriotic duty to put my hairy pits on blast whenever possible."

She added: "When I say polarising, I really mean it - people either want to marry me or kill me.

"I'm either a dream woman or a communist libtard feminist bitch!"

The traveller says most of the time she gets away with a warning

The former fetish model doesn't shave her arm pits

Sarah Jane said she once sold her arm pit hair to a fan

The former fetish model has even gone as far as selling her armpit hair to fans with more niche tastes, although she says this side of her work is by no means the focus now.

Most of her 65,000 YouTube subscribers "don’t want to see that stuff," she says.

She added: "I never made any money off my following when I worked as a nude model and posted nude photos online.

"Then I started a YouTube channel that is totally PG-rated, no nudity, and I have started to make a living doing that!"

Not everyone’s a fan of her bare all approach to life.

The Instagrammer says her favourite spots are deserts

The Las Vegas native is a big fan of sand dunes

The 33-year-old says getting naked helps with body positivity

She chose her Instagram handle,@Wonderhussy, to make fun of the criticism she’s faced.

She said: "As a nude model, I received my share of backlash from people who assumed I was a prostitute or whatever because I wasn't ashamed of being naked on camera and in public.

"Rather than fight it, I decided to own it! If people were going to assume I was a hussy anyway, then I would be the best damn hussy out there!"

Her advice to any wannabe nudists is to try to overcome their fear and realise most people aren’t looking at them.

She said: "At natural hot springs out in the countryside people are generally just hanging out naked for the sake of being naked.

"No one is trying to hook up or have an orgy or anything like that."

She adds that naturism can be great for body confidence.

Sarah explained: "You will also realise that your perceived body flaws are no big deal because you will see all kind of different human bodies!

"Fat, thin, old, young - it's very liberating to not be ashamed, and let all your secrets literally hang out."

As for her future exploits she’s heading off next to a remote hot hot spring in Death Valley.

She said: "I plan to spend a full week there, camping and soaking in the water. I will likely be nude nearly the entire time!"

Sarah isn't the only one embracing nudity - Aussies are doing it too, in a trend that's sweeping the nation.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed how there's a nude home-sharing site called NaturistBnB.

But while nudity is embraced by some, it's definitely not encouraged on flights.

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