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MOTHER PUCKER - YouTuber Chris Monroe who snogged his half-sister repulses the internet again by kissing his MUM on the lips
Date 17/05/2019 15:05  Author admin  Hits 169  Language Global
Prankster Chris Monroe's new video smooching his mum has racked up nearly a million views in a matter of days.

YouTuber Chris Monroe, who made a shocking video kissing his sister, has now made one with his mum, pictured

A YOUTUBER who stunned the internet when he filmed himself making out with his sister on camera has now done a video kissing his MUM.

Prankster Chris Monroe, from California, uploaded the second shocking video on May 4 called Kissing My Actual Mom Prank.

In the clip he secretly films his mum doing the dishes in their family home, while promising his YouTube followers that he is “going to top” his last viral hit.

His previous video “Kissing My Actual Sister” was shared on March 22 and racked up over 7.3million views.

The new video included pictures of press coverage he received for the video with his sister, with Chris telling viewers: “I am going to kiss my mum. It feels so weird to say that but it’s going down.”

He adds: “My mum is literally right there and this is even more nerve-wracking than my sister.

In the awkward clip, his mum puckers up and squints her eyes while Chris goes in for the kiss

“My mum is doing dishes, she's always doing something. But I am going to ask her to kiss me. Actually I don't even know if I'm going to do it. I am just... I am nervous.”

He follows her into her office and then says he’ll have to wait until she’s finished before he “pops the question”.

He explains: “I am trying to catch her at a time when she is doing nothing. Because when I interrupt her and she's busy, she gets so mad and she's not going to want to do this for me.

“You can hear in my voice I'm so nervous because I am literally about to ask my mum to play a quick game for a quick kiss.”

Seemingly plucking up the courage, he approaches her saying: “Mum, the video with Kaitlyn went crazy, it went viral, and I need you to do the quick game for a kiss with me.”

The mum and son erupt into laughter after the kiss

His mum reacts with horror, saying: “No Christopher, I don't want to do that!”

The YouTuber can be heard saying: “It will go so viral!” as she firmly says “no” in the background.

The camera then goes black with the writing: “My mom would not agree to do this... So I had to cut the camera and literally BEG her to do it!”

Then, Chris reappears on the screen sitting on the bed with his mum.

He says: “I finally convinced my mum. That conversation was two hours, I'm not going to lie. [I] convinced her to come up here and play a quick game for a kiss.'

“This is even worse than kissing Katilyn guys. I was sweating last time. I don't know if you can see, I'm sweating now I'm so nervous.”

US based Chris Monroe is the man behind popular channel PrankInvasion

Chris adds that he “can’t even look” at his mum, as they erupt in awkward laughter.

He finally says: “Alright, here we go.”

Chris explains that the “spur of the moment” nature of the video is why it is being filmed on an iPhone, not a camera, and they play rock, paper, scissors to see if the kiss will go ahead.

The prankster wins, and he says: “Alright, how are we going to angle this? Alright, here we go. Oh my god, I need a blindfold or something.”

The mum puckers up her lips and squints as Chris leans in and kisses her.

They pull away from each other with Chris shouting and laughing: “Oh my god. What does that feel like for you as my mum kissing your son?”

In the video his mum takes some persuading before taking part

His mum says: “I feel like you're two years old”.

The bizarre clip, which has currently racked up 725,000 views, ends with Chris saying: “I've got to go wash my mouth right now.”

US based Chris, the man behind popular channel PrankInvasion, is famous for his lip-locking pranks and declares himself "the best kisser in the world" on his Instagram account.

His first family-related kissing video turned the stomachs of fans after it saw him snogging a woman named Kaitlyn O’Connor, who he claimed was his half-sister - despite fans being sceptical.

“Currently waiting for the video where he informs us its not his sister” commented one viewer, while another said “They're not related, it's a joke. Hopefully.”

Chris previously shocked fans when he uploaded a video of him kissing his half sister

However, Chris has exclusively confirmed to Fabulous Digital that Kaitlyn and him ARE related.

He said: "She is my real half-sister. So, true she is not fully my blood but she is half and that is a fact."

In the video, which YouTube has dubbed ‘inappropriate for some viewers’, Chris explains that he wants to do the video to ‘thank’ his fans.

Speaking to the camera he explains: “In this video I'm going to try and kiss my actual sister.

“Just so you know she's actually my half sister. This is going to be really weird but I owe you guys something big so I hope you guys like it.”

In the video Chris claims that Kaitlyn O'Connor, seen together, is his half sister

Admitting that he is “so nervous” Chris then spends time stalking Kaitlyn before “getting the courage” to ask her to play a game of rock paper scissors, and if she loses she has to kiss him.

Ahead of the game Chris says he’s “he’s literally sweating” before asking Kaitlyn if she wants to play the game to which she replies “not really.”

He then adds “But you'll do it to help me out because they want to see it” with Kaitlyn responding “I guess.”

He challenges her to a game of rock paper scissors, and if she loses she has to kiss him

She immediately loses the game and the pair share a disturbingly intimate kiss – three times.

Chris describes the moment as “like a life experience” that will “bond them” but Kaitlyn says she “never wants to do that again.”

The video has thus far amassed almost 20,000 comments with many left feeling highly “uncomfortable” after watching it.

“I feel like I gotta turn myself into the police for watching this” said one, with another agreeing adding “Bro they were literally kissing each other so long wtf.”

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- The Sun
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