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BARING ALL - Thousands of women of all ages strip off for charity skinny dip to fight cancer
Date 09/06/2019 19:52  Author admin  Hits 1023  Language Global
More than a thousand women stripped down and swam in their birthday suits in Ireland to help the fight against cancer.

Ladies from Bangor, County Down join the annual Strip and Dip

The skinny dip included 1,800 women of all ages – from teens to pensioners.

Cancer survivor Tanya Dobbyn (centre), with friends Nicola Aldweireldt (left) and Becky Costello joined more than a thousand women on in the Strip and Dip

About 1,800 women stripped down and splashed in the sea to raise money for the fight against cancer in Ireland

This year the Strip and Dip is raising money for Aoibheann's Pink Tie, Ireland's national children's cancer charity

Participants bared all for the Strip and Dip charity swim at the secluded Magheramore Beach in County Wicklow.

In its seventh year, cancer survivors and women battling the disease stood with their sisters, cousins and friends as they stormed into the water.

The charity has raised £623,000 (700,000) total since it began and this year the money raised will go to Aoibheann's Pink Tie, Ireland's national children's cancer charity.

Jackie Kavanagh, who is currently battling cancer, left her hospital bed this morning to strip down and skinny dip.

She said: “I was admitted to hospital yesterday and have to go for an operation next week.

“I got out today as the girl had it planned, as it’s a great cause.

This group of women hold a sign that says 'Team flash and splash' as they join other women

From the left: twins Helen and Tricia Farrelly, with their sister Samantha Farrelly and her daughter Orla before running into the water

Ladies from Dunboyne, County Meath raise their hands as they get ready to brave the chilly waters

These women show off their floral swim caps and mermaid glasses before stripping down and skinny dipping

These women painted a pink ribbon on their chest, which is ribbon for breast cancer

The charity has raised £623,000 (700,000) total since it began


“A friend of ours has also been diagnosed with cancer so we’re all here to raise awareness of the disease and show that everyone is different.

“I’ve scars, I was opened up back to front.”

Niamh Brennan, from Dunboyne on Co Meath, was joined by her friends and sisters.

Her mum Kathleen died nine years ago after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Ms Brennan said: “My mam had ovarian cancer for seven years. She ended up with bowel cancer and she had enough and said goodbye.

“We decided to do this as it's a great way of celebrating her life.

“It's a great day out for all the girls. This is our second year going out. It's a great sense of freedom. It brings life to it all and gives us some girl power.”

Women smile before they strip down and storm the water at the seventh annual Strip and Dip

A women gets an Aoibheann's Pink Tie tattoo on her bum

Women taking part in the 7th annual Strip and Dip on Magheramore  beach in Ireland

Jackie Kavanagh's team runs into the water at the Strip and Dip charity event

It comes as thousands of men and women cycled through the streets in the nude across the UK, taking part in the World Naked Bike Ride.

The streets of Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh and London were packed with bare cyclists raising awareness for road safety.

Cyclists strip off to symbolise how vulnerable riders are on the UK’s busy roads.

Some stuck stickers on their nipples and other wrote messages about safety on their bodies.

One message read “safer roads for all” and another had “now you see me”.

In Manchester, two Aussie cyclists wore only rainbow socks and trainers with the words “Get naked from Down Under” written on their backs.

Many donned glitter, body paint and even purple wings.

This woman in London wasn't afraid to bare all as she cycled with nipple stickers and devil horns

This cyclist in Manchester wore only a beanie and trainers as he braved chilly conditions

One man wore a neon pink wig and neon green thongkini as he rode in London to raise awareness for road safety

This woman painted her face and wore wings on the streets of Manchester

Many in Edinburgh wore wigs and body paint as they cycled through the Royal Mile

Cyclists in the capital smile as they ride in sunny weather through Whitehall during the World Naked Bike Ride

Hundreds of cyclists bike through London in costumes and body paint for the World Naked Bike Ride

Pedestrians watched as naked cyclists go past in London

Some wore knickers as they pedalled through the streets of Westminster

Cyclists prepare to pedal nude in London for the World Naked Bike Ride

Riders swiftly pedal in London, lucky to be cycling in sunny and breezy conditions

Colourful wigs were also the attire of choice for some flesh-baring pedlars.

Brits in London were lucky to cycle in sunny and breezy conditions, and those in Cardiff took to the streets mild, cloudy weather.

However, naked bike riders in Manchester and Edinburgh braved, chilly damp conditions as they air must have felt a bit nippy.

Some cyclists kept their knickers and briefs on, while many enjoyed baring all and proudly cycling in their birthday suits.

The World Naked Bike ride is annual event in cities around the globe.

This year is the UK’s 14th year.

Apart from the raising awareness about the road safety for cyclists, the movement also advocates for reducing independence on oil and saving the planet.

Cyclists in Cardiff stripped down to ride their bikes through the streets for World Naked Bike Ride

This cyclist in London has 'safe roads for all' written on his back

One cyclist has 'now you see me' written on his back as he cycles through Edinburgh

Nude cyclists in Cardiff brave mild conditions for the World Naked Bike Ride

Two Australian men preparing to cycle nude in Manchester

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