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PRIDE AND JOY - WorldPride celebrated by millions around the globe to mark 50th anniversary of gay rights movement
Date 01/07/2019 18:49  Author admin  Hits 97  Language Global
Millions gathered across the globe to celebrate WorldPride and the 50th anniversary the Stonewall Riots. On June 28, 1969 riots were sparked by repeated police raids on the Stonewall Inn in New York City's Greenwich Village, which had become known as a refuge for the gay community.

Pride celebrations around the world reached their climax yesterday to celebrate 50 years since the Stonewall riots

Two women kiss during the pride festivities in Caracas, Venezuela

Five lads dress up as Native Americans in rainbow headdresses as they celebrate pride in New York City

The incident is now regarded as a key turning point in the struggle for LGBT rights.

Parades took place all around the world as the month long, rainbow coloured celebrations reached their climax.

Two marches took place in the Big Apple, but the official WorldPride procession began at noon from 5th Avenue and 26th Street in Greenwich Village, and may have been the largest ever public event the city has ever seen, Secret NYC reports.

Some 150,000 parade marchers and an estimated 4 million spectators lined the streets of the Big Apple.

Similar parades were being held around the world, with celebratory events in liberal democracies and growing fights for equality in other places.

The streets of Medellin, Colombia were filled with revellers for the celebrations

A man wears a headpiece fashioned with syringes and fake blood, as a way to protest the spread of HIV during the gay pride parade in Bogota, Colombia

A reveler dressed as a Mexican "catrina" participates in the gay pride parade in Bogota

150,000 people gathered in New York City for the official Pride parade down Fifth Avenue

New York City Police Department officers participated in the festivities

People march in the 50th annual Pride Parade in Chicago

A spiky faced reveller takes part in the 19th Gay Pride Parade at downtown Caracas

Gay Pride celebrations in Istanbul were markedly less joyous as police turned on protesters

Riot cops fired tear gas and plastic bullets at gay rights protesters in the streets of the Turkish City

Pride marches in Turkey have been banned for the fifth year in a row as President Erdogan's continues to tighten its grip on civil liberties

North Macedonia held its first gay pride march on Saturday.

In Singapore, marchers called for scrapping a law banning gay sex.

In Turkey, members of Istanbul's gay and transgender community gathered for a small rally that ended with tear gas and rubber bullets on Sunday after their annual march was banned for the fifth consecutive year.

"It's hard for us today, but can you even imagine what some of these people went through in the past? There's no way to thank them," said Josh Greenblatt, 25, an actor wearing red sunglasses, a white crop top, ripped jeans and gold-heeled boots at the New York event.

Greenblatt said he found his outlandish outfit "empowering," and he had plenty of competition from revellers stripping down to the barest of essentials and celebrating New York's legalisation of toplessness for women.

One woman wore a skintight rainbow dress with a rainbow afro about 2 feet high.

A shirtless man sporting rainbow-coloured wings and high white platform shoes strutted up Broadway.

Rainbow onesie leotards were popular, and there were plenty of colourful wigs, patent leather, fishnets and bright makeup.

NYC Pride March, part of World Pride commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising on June 30, 2019 in New York City

People march down 5th Avenue in Manhattan during the 2019 World Pride NYC and Stonewall 50th LGBT+ Pride parade in New York

A woman holds her dog in a rainbow flag at the event, which was attended by thousands of people

New York City threw a massive LGBT+ Pride march

All that glitters: People participate in the 2019 World Pride NYC and Stonewall 50th LGBTQ Pride parade in New York

Thousands of people packed into Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

A staggering three million people hit the streets of Manhattan on Sunday

Revellers donned masks as they joined the colourful parade

Rainbow colours filled the city on the scorching day

- The Sun
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