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DIVE FOR COVER - Idiot female tourist strips naked and jumps off 150ft bridge in Portugal
Date 17/07/2019 20:42  Author admin  Hits 123  Language Global
A YOUNG woman risked her life after stripping naked and jumping 150 feet (45m) from the Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto.

The female tourist, believed to be Brazilian, was filmed as she made the daring dive head-first into the River Douro.

A woman was caught leaping from a bridge in Porto after stripping naked

In the video, the woman was joined by a topless man as they both stood on the edge of the bridge.

After throwing her top to the cheering crowds behind her, she then removes her jeans.

A second video then captures her throwing her hair over her shoulder before preparing to jump.

Suddenly, she leaps head-first from the bridge into a dive, crashing into the water as people scream.

She removed her top and jeans which she threw to the cheering crowds

The tourist pushed her hair back as she got ready to jump

She then leapt from the bridge to a huge cheer

The Brazilian tourist dived head first into the water

Thankfully she appeared to be uninjured after the dive

Thankfully the video shows she was okay as she swam back to shore.

The identity of the tourist remains unknown.

Police patrols searched the area after the incident, although found none of the people involved and no arrests have been made so far.

According to local media, the Brazilian tourist had been drinking alcohol before diving into the river.

Hitting water from a height can risk serious injuries, however.

Last year, a 16-year-old woman was left with punctured lungs and six broken ribs after her friend pushed her from a 60 foot bridge.

The woman was jailed for just two days along with 38 days of unpaid work.

- The Sun
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