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Benidorm becoming sex tourist capital as seedy sex clubs, hookers and drug gangs keep Brits away
Date 05/08/2019 16:51  Author admin  Hits 109  Language Global
Tourists say Benidorm is turning into a seedy cesspit with x-rated sex clubs, violent hookers and drugs on tap. They claim the legendary Costa Blanca resort  - loved by Brits for decades - now risks losing its "family friendly" tag forever.

Many are even threatening to turn their back of the popular holiday destination forever unless it cleans up its act now.

The news come as a shock investigation revealed young  AND old tourists are now wreaking havoc in the sun-sun-soaked coastal town.

One granny - a dinner lady from in her late 50s - even boasted how she smuggled cocaine into Benidorm inside an inhaler.

The Yorkshire woman told the Mirror: “It’s easy, no one thinks to check the tube in the inhaler amongst all my pills, although the drugs are cheap enough here to be fair.”

Clubs offering free live sex shows are now scattered throughout Benidorm - some next to shops selling buckets and spades for kids.


The report told how one show involved strippers dressed as science fiction characters who engaged in  sex acts while riding segways.

And the obvious sex problem is not just confined to the clubs.

Eastern European hookers are now commonplace up on Calle Gerona - offering sex for as little as £50 a time.

The revelations comes after we told how the number of people heading to Benidorm was in "free fall."

Last year, more than 454,000 holidaymakers stayed at the resort in Costa Blanca.

But just five years ago the figure was nearly DOUBLE that.

Cheaper destinations such as Turkey and Egypt have been blamed for the dramatic drop.

However, many think the resort's X-rated reputation is also taking its toll.

Dozens of disappointed tourists have taken to TripAdvisor to say they believe it has become far too sordid.

One reviewer wrote: "I was there in mid April and noticed it is getting very seedy.

"Along with the live sex shows, we found a number of the people stood outside trying to get you in the bars offering 'Charlie'.

"There was also numerous prostitutes who were only too keen to try and pick your pockets.

"I think Benidorm could do with a bit of a clean up - it has so much more to offer."


Others said they were planning to stay away from Beni as many parts are "no longer suitable for families."

The Sun Online exclusively revealed how brainwashed migrants are being forced to work as prostitutes on the town's streets after being threatened with voodoo.

When our reporter visited the coastal town in May he discovered teens are being made to work 14 hours a day just to keep up with the demand of sex-hungry Brits.

Violent gangsters are also cleaning up by flogging deadly drugs to those on their hols.

Cops in Benidorm are now cracking down on aggressive pickpockets who prey on drunk Brits by posing as prostitutes looking for tourist trade.

The women team-up at busy crossroads in the Spanish resort and target men as they stagger back to their hotels at the end of boozy nights out.

Earlier this month we reported how Brits are now being told to arm themselves with “mace-like” anti-attack sprays to fight off violent muggers.

The Spanish holiday spot is attracting criminal gangs who pose as prostitutes while targeting drunk revellers from the UK at night.

- TS
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