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Horrifying moment curious boy plunges through manhole cover as parents desperately try to save him
Date 09/08/2019 20:44  Author admin  Hits 70  Language Global
A curious toddler was lucky to survive after plunging through a broken manhole cover into sewage in China. CCTV footage shows his shocked parents leap into action to heave the three-year-old – who hit his head during the drama – to safety.

The three-year-old fell right into the manhole in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China

The toddler's dad reached inside to save his lad

The video shows him walking up to the broken manhole cover on a footpath and tentatively tap it with his right foot.

When he stepped straight on to it, the cover flipped and caved in to the hole, making the boy lose his balance and tumble in.

The lad can be seen trying in vain to grip on to the footbath to stop his fall, as his parents rush over to save him.

The video appears to show him scraping his arms and knocking his head as he plunged through.

A surveillance camera recorded the scary scene at around 5pm on August 1 in the southwest China city of Zunyi, Guizhou Province.

Panicking, his dad tried to save the boy, but he was too big to fit inside the narrow manhole.

Stretching his upper body into the cavity, he quickly reached in and pulled the toddler out.

Incredibly, his son sustained just minor injuries.

An eyewitness told reporters: "There was dirty water inside and I couldn’t see it clearly.

"He fell inside but kept his head up. The boy was quite scared [but] he only suffered from some bruises on his feet."

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

They quickly contacted a maintenance crew to fix the broken cover.

The boy was lucky to survive as two months ago another toddler died after falling into a rain-filled manhole while leaping in puddles.

The girl had been walking home from nursery with her grandma in China's southern Guangdong Province when she disappeared on June 11.

The toddler, three, is thought to have mistaken the uncovered manhole for a puddle.

Despite nearly 200 rescuers searching for her, the body of a girl matching her description was found near a sewage outfall on June 14.

The boy can be seen about to step onto the broken manhole cover in China

The moment that the cover gives way

His parents peer into the cavity

As bystanders watch, his dad manages to pluck the toddler to safety

Safely out - incredibly, the boy ended up with just minor injuries despite his ordeal

- The Sun
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