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'Stupid beyond belief': Instagram couple slammed for 'dangerous' snap
Date 10/09/2019 16:38  Author admin  Hits 38  Language Global
An Instagram influencer couple known for their stunning photos taken around the world in risky positions are stirring up controversy again with a new snap uploaded to their social media account.

The latest unsafe photo from @positravelty shows the Kelly Castille dangling from a cliff with one foot, while Kody Workman hangs on to her.

Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, who go by the username ‘positravelty’ on the social media platform and make a living documenting their travels around the world.

The influencers have made headlines before with risky snaps which showed them hanging over the edge on an infinity pool or sitting with their feet dangling over a cliff.

The latest pose to cause controversy shows Castille hanging with one foot over the edge of a cliff, being held by Workman.

The have couple defended their dangerous poses with quotes about how “taking risks” is worth the life experience.

“Never let yourself be beat down for living your life by those too afraid to live their own. There is a difference between risking your life and taking a risk at having one,” the couple wrote.

They may have 161,000 followers, but not everyone is impressed with their daring antics.

“It’s just stupid beyond belief that you are doing this to gain attention from people,” one person commented.

“You both deserve to fall,” another person wrote.

There are those concerned that the poses may attract copycats.

“F**k you for your absolutely stupid photos, influencing others to mimic your dangerous photos, which in turn causes pain and death,” a Instagram user said.

Another person pointed out that it usually seemed to be Kelly risking her life for the photos and not Kody.

“Why always the girl at the risky side?”

One person even called out the photograph, claiming it was edited.

“I call fake on this one. Two issues, shadow. Her arms are crossed. The sun is above and slightly behind them. The larger shadow below them is just odd to begin with, but the three parallel pieces of that shadow one would expect to be the arms,” the person wrote.

A lot of people questioned whether online fame was worth risking their lives for.

“Is your life is more valuable than instagram?”

As for the influencers, they appear oblivious to the criticism and continue to aim to “inspire” others to take risks.

“We urge you to take a chance, to push past barriers of negativity and oppression of self fulfilment,” positravelty posted.

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