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HE LIKE IT - Cardi B wears a VERY revealing low-cut dress to pre-Grammy gala
Date 27/01/2020 16:40  Author admin  Hits 170  Language Global
Cardi B is not afraid of wearing revealing outfits and her husband, the rapper Offset, doesn't have any complaints when it comes to her fashion choices.

The rapper wore a floor-length dress with a plunging neckline - more like non-existent - and her husband couldn't keep his hands off her assets while posing for the cameras.

During last night's Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala, Cardi B stunned her fans and those around her by wearing a bright pink Nicolas Jebran gown, which looked like it might pop off her body at any second.

Offset prevented any wardrobe malfunctions from happening because his hands never left Cardi's chest or even backside.

While posing for the cameras both inside the gala and on the red carpet, Offset, who was wearing a forest green suit, was photographed with his hands over Cardi's exposed breasts.

Clearly, Cardi didn't mind the groping because she even posted a picture of it on her Instagram.

The picture and the caption garnered a lot of responses from their friends and fans with one person even commenting that the Migos rapper must have forgotten where he was for a couple of seconds.

Fans will get to see the NSFW couple again tonight as they walk the red carpet to attend the Recording Academy Awards. They are nominated for Best Rap Performance with Clout.

Cardi B, who's admitted to having breast augmentation surgery, and Offset have been one of the most notable couples in the rap world after getting married in a surprise wedding back in 2017.

The two started dating at the beginning of 2017 before getting engaged in the fall.

However, most people thought that they were still engaged when Cardi got pregnant with their first child, Kulture, in 2018.

It was later revealed the couple had actually gotten married in a secret ceremony in their bedroom - and not engaged as everyone believed - in the fall of 2017.

Just two months after Cardi gave birth to their daughter, the couple broke up and were moving forward with divorce proceedings.

But Offset wasn't going to sign the divorce and instead, he did his best to get Cardi B back by posting a video where he apologized to his wife and even showing up to one of her concerts with a cake and flowers.

The couple got back together in February 2019 and remain together to this day.

- The Sun
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