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Pornhub video showing tourists having VERY public sex at sacred temple in Burma sparks outrage
Date 17/02/2020 17:49  Author admin  Hits 665  Language Global
A shameless couple have caused outrage in Burma after uploading footage to Pornhub of themselves having sex in a sacred temple.

The two 23-year-old Italians shared the 12-minute clip of their raunchy romp at the holy site of Bagan to Pornhub

The two 23-year-old Italians filmed the raunchy romp at the holy site of Bagan, which contains thousands of Buddhist pagodas.

The clip caused outrage as the holy site of Bagan contains thousands of Buddhist pagodas

The video, which now has 250,000 views, was uploaded by the two amateur pornstars under profile name YeeesYeeesYeees, and clearly features the ancient pagodas.

The couple have amassed more than 81,000 subscribers on the site, receiving over 35 million views since joining 11 months ago.

But the Burmese people are unsurprisingly furious, with the video receiving as many dislikes as likes.

One angry commenter wrote: "Stupid."

While another attacked the couple's insensitivity.

They wrote: "How about f****** in a mosque? Your video is kinda like that. Do not give disrespect to other cultures."

Burmese social media users also raged on Facebook.

One user Mg Khin Gyi wrote: "Our Bagan pagodas are the Holy Land" accompanied by angry emojis.

It is a tough time for tourism in Burma as the industry struggles amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Myo Yee, from the Union of Myanmar Travel Association, said this case would only make things worse.

He told AFP: “It’s a difficult time for us because not many tourists are coming here.”

The outrageous incident is not the first of its kind, as a video of two tourists having sex on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt sparked fury in 2018.

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