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Nude Yoga Girl Goes Viral On Internet Photos
Date 22/04/2020 18:45  Author admin  Hits 40  Language Global
Former model, who inspires many with her amazing yoga poses, prefers to remain anonymous. Her Instagram is flooded with some mind-blowing pictures of different yoga postures.

The 26-year-old yogi once said in an interview, “I started to practice yoga daily when I understood that yoga is more about the feeling inside and the connection between your body and mind.”

She added, “Practicing yoga nude can give me a sense of freedom and an even stronger connection to my body. I can feel different sensations stronger, like the air on my skin, while moving from a pose to another.”

Yoga girl further stated, “It was just a very ordinary Sunday when I tried to do these kinds of photos for the first time. I thought they were artistic and showed the human body in a not sexual way.” She aims to spread body positive message with her stunning pictures.

She also added, “In the past, I was very insecure with my body and I wanted to change parts of it all the time. Yoga has helped me in finding self-acceptance and loving my body. It doesn't matter how you look, everyone can find faults with their body because all of this starts in our minds. I want to say that you are beautiful exactly the way you are.”

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