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Mum Demands Woman In Bikini Cover Up Because Her Sons Are Staring
Date 21/07/2020 13:36  Author admin  Hits 672  Language Global
A TikTok user was left baffled when a mum demanded she cover up her bikini-clad body because her sons were staring.

Aurea, from Mexico, was filming a video at the public beach of Freedom Lake, LaGrange in New York City when she was approached by the unidentified mother.

The TikTok user caught the encounter on camera as she continued to film while the mother approached, saying: ‘You see those group of boys over there? Those are my boys. They’re staring at your ass which is hanging out in the middle of a public place.’

Aurea, who was wearing a pink, thong-style bikini at the time, seemed unsure how to respond to the comment and later noted that the woman wasn’t wearing a face mask when she approached her to talk.

The mum, who has been dubbed a ‘Karen’, asked Aurea whether she needed a pair of shorts and said she had an extra pair if she needed to use them. It’s unclear why the mum had an extra pair of shorts, though it’s possible she’s always prepared when it comes to stopping people from showing too much skin.

The TikTok user asked the woman to clarify what she meant, to which she responded: ‘I mean get your ass covered, that’s what I mean.’

Aurea asked the woman whether there was a rule that said she needed to cover up her body, and she argued that Aurea was violating the ‘nudity’ rule, claiming she couldn’t be ‘nude’ on the beach as it is a public place.

When she posted footage of the scene online, Aurea pointed out she wasn’t nude and said staff members at the beach had later assured her there was no problem with her swimsuit.

The video has racked up more than 3.1 million views since Aurea uploaded it, and many people have pointed out that if the mum didn’t want her sons to stare, she should tell them not to.

One person commented:

Teach her boys to not stare at a girl minding her own [business].

Another wrote:

People can wear whatever they want maybe people should teach boys how to control themselves instead of attacking the females.

Another video taken at the beach shows the TikTok user posing in front of the camera while a group of boys can be seen in the background. It’s unclear if the boys in the video were the sons of the woman who confronted her.

- Daily Mail, Unilad
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