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SUNDAY FUNDAY - August Bank Holiday boozers in high spirits as they hit the town... but some overdo it
Date 31/08/2020 18:13  Author admin  Hits 286  Language Global
Media may not have shone - but it didn't stop Brits from making the most of the August bank holiday weekend.

Although temperatures in West Yorkshire plunged to single figures overnight, revellers in Leeds took the opportunity to enjoy a late-summer night out.

Party-goers making the most of the bank holiday weekend headed out in Leeds last night

Despite plunging temperatures overnight, many revellers donned party dresses for the night

It's one of the coldest late August bank holidays on record - but that didn't stop revellers from heading out on the town

But the night proved a bit too much for some

This girl drank from a bottle of Echo Falls rosé as she walked through the city centre

One man was spotted leaning against a wall after the night got a bit too much

Many of those who enjoyed the evening in pubs and bars spilled onto the streets and into takeaways after closing time.

This weekend would have been Leeds Festival - and despite the chilly weather and nightclubs being closed, party-goers were clearly determined not to miss the fun altogether.

Dance floors and nightclubs are not allowed under Covid-19 rules with revellers encourage to dance beside their tables.

These girls in white dresses made the most of their evening out

Temperatures didn't rise far above the mid-teens in Leeds yesterday - but hardy party-goers shunned their coats

One girl lost a shoe during the the night

Girls braved the chilly weather in shorts and heels

One girl was seen holding a can of fruity Strongbow as she walked through the city with her friends

Leeds Festival was due to take place this weekend - and it looks like would-be festival-goers were determined not to miss the fun altogether

Although clubs are still shut as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it didn't stop Leeds locals from having a good night

Despite the chilly weather, Brits boozed the night away, without feeling the normal Monday morning guilt.

August Bank Holiday is the last English bank holiday of the year, apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

It's also the weekend of London's Notting Hill Carnival - which usually attracts over one million people to the city.

However, it has been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cops fear that there will be many illegal raves across the UK to replace the August Bank Holiday party tradition.

And yesterday police broke up two illegal parties in Kent and Wales.

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