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Elizabeth Hurley, 55, shows off her amazing body again as she twirls for the camera on her 'pretend holiday'
Date 31/01/2021 15:14  Author admin  Hits 151  Language Global
Elizabeth Hurley showed off her amazing body again as she twirled for the camera on her "pretend holiday".

Hurley, 55, sent fans into a spin with her latest video on Instagram.

Elizabeth Hurley has been giving fans a glimpse of her 'pretend holiday' by sharing throwback pics and videos on Instagram

She captioned the sizzling clip: "Day 3 of my #pretendholiday and I’m having a wonderful time frolicking on the beach at @chevalblancrandheli in the #Maldives"

One fan commented: "I will never get over how beautiful you are"

Another joked: "Who filmed this one? Piers Morgan wants to know."

The fan made the comment following Piers' remarks on Good Morning Britain last week.

Stunning Liz imagined herself on holiday when she posted this video

The actress frolicked on the beach

The 55-year-old star lashed out at the actress a "creepy" for asking her 18-year-old son Damian to take her bikini snaps.

But Liz took to her Twitter page to insist that it wasn't the teen behind the lens of her most recent braless photos.

Piers isn't buying it, and continued his attack on GMB.

He said: "I just want to apologise to Elizabeth Hurley, I am very sorry - I called her thirsty because the moment the snow came out she took all her clothes off and ran outside to pose topless.

"They're lovely pictures, Loose Women had a go at me for criticising the way she looks - she looks fantastic, that was not the argument!

The supermodel stunned in a sexy new bikini snap

Elizabeth nearly broke the internet this week with a viral topless photo

"The point is, I thought they were taken by her son Damian, who is 18 and is a photographer who she regularly says takes all her pictures."

Co-host Susanna Reid asked: "Why did you call that creepy?"

Piers argued: "That would be really creepy, getting your teenage son to take your topless pictures in the snow - it's creepy and weird.

"The apology is coming… She says it wasn't her son, apparently - according to her tweet - Liz Hurley has an amazing mother who takes brilliant photographs.

"How long did you keep your mother in the freezing snow at the age of 80 to take these? Just putting that out there.

"I'm not so sure… Do we buy this? Would your first thought when you see snow be: 'I'm going to run outside, grab my mother - who is apparently a secret world class photographer - and get her to take endless topless pictures of me in the snow'?

"You wouldn't do that because that would be creepy as hell, I think Ms Hurley has dug herself an even bigger grave with this one, it wasn't creepy because it was your teen son - it was your mother who does your topless outdoor pictures… Weird."

He continued: "I'm not buying a word of this, I reckon it was Damian, like he does all of her pictures, and I reckon she freaked out when she saw all the negative reaction to it being Damian, because it's creepy, she's now chucked her mum under the bus."

- The Sun
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