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  - Turkish lawmakers authorise sending troops to fight in Libya
  - Militant attack kills 9 troops at Khalifa Haftar's army base
  - Explosions in Libya capital after late night air strike
  - Rival Libyan forces say they have captured Tripoli airport
  - Libyan official: 75 bodies of IS militants found near Sirte
  - Libya: Clashes leave 115 dead, 383 injured in Tripoli, says health ministry
  - Libyan coastguard says 100 migrants may have drowned near Tripoli
  - Twin car bombs kill at least 27, injure over 30 in east Libya city of Benghazi
  - Egypt's President el-Sissi says Iraq, Syria militants headed to Libya
  - Libya peace deal must survive shift from Chateau to battlefield
  - 141 killed in south Libya airbase attack
  - US strikes in Libya kill more than 80 Islamic State terrorists
  - Survivors report 240 dead in 2 Mediterranean shipwrecks off Libya, says UN refugee agency
  - More than 4,000 migrants rescued off Libya: Italian coast guard
  - ISIS executes two for 'witchcraft', 'spying' in Libya

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