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  - Want to attend Pope's Mass in Abu Dhabi? register online before January 20, 2019

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  - Covid-19: Pope urges Christians to unite in prayer on March 25
  - Pope Francis to web companies: guard against human traffickers' bait
  - Pope appeals to US and Iran to pursue dialogue, self-restraint
  - Pope defends migrants, calls for peace in Christmas message
  - Pope Francis condemns Iraq's 'harsh' crackdown on protesters
  - Pope in Nagasaki: No to atomic weapons, deterrence doctrine
  - Pope Francis to reunite with cousin on visit to Thailand
  - Catholic bishops back ordination of married men as priests in Amazon region, a milestone
  - Married men to be ordained priests? On agenda at Pope Francis-led synod
  - Pope Francis makes 13 cardinals as he molds a future in his likeness
  - Pope highlights HIV-AIDS in visit to Mozambique hospital
  - Pope, urging prayers, calls Amazon forest vital for our Earth
  - Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican before government talks to 'ease sanctions'
  - Pope appeals for peace, dialogue in Sudan
  - Pope warns of new ideologies as he beatifies Romania martyrs
  - Pope Francis urges Hungarians, Romanians to put troubles behind them
  - Pope Francis, in Romania, Warns of Populism's Dangers
  - Pope visits Romania 20 years after John Paul's historic trip
  - Pope urges foreign media to use power of press to seek truth
  - Sri Lanka blasts: Pope condemns Easter attacks as 'cruel violence'
  - Pope Francis cites plight of migrants, children on Good Friday
  - Extraordinary moment Pope Francis kneels to kiss the feet of rival South Sudan leaders as he begs them to avoid a return to civil war
  - Pope in UAE for historic trip after call for Yemen relief
  - Pope Francis to visit United Arab Emirates in February
  - Pope Francis indicates willingness to visit North Korea
  - Pope honours victims of Soviet and Nazi crimes in Baltics

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