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  - STARVING TO DEATH - Emaciated lions pictured in horrifying conditions at world's worst zoo in Sudan as activists demand they're saved
  - Sudan sentences 27 to death for torturing, killing protester
  - Sudan urges UN to withdraw all peacekeepers by June 2020
  - Sudanese protesters sign power-sharing deal with military
  - Sudan extends ceasefire with southern rebels
  - Sudan's protesters claim victory for their 'revolution'
  - Civil disobedience campaign empties streets of Sudan's capital
  - Pope appeals for peace, dialogue in Sudan
  - Sudanese protests: Death toll in military crackdown at 60
  - Sudan protest groups calls for strike starting next Tuesday
  - Sudan protesters demand civilian rule, military council says ready to comply
  - Extraordinary moment Pope Francis kneels to kiss the feet of rival South Sudan leaders as he begs them to avoid a return to civil war
  - Sudan declares state of emergency, dissolves government

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