Jealous girlfriend bans her man from watching Game of Thrones because there are 'too many topless scenes'
05/05/2019 17:30 - admin
The bloke has been urged to dump his 'immature' girlfriend over her demands.

A JEALOUS girlfriend has banned her boyfriend from watching Game of Thrones - because she thinks there are too many topless scenes.

The bloke, who's thought to be from Norway, took to Reddit to ask for advice, revealing the couple weren't talking after having a row about the popular programme.

A bloke has been urged to dump his girlfriend after she banned him from watching Game of Thrones

He explained his girlfriend has only ever seen one episode of GOT and he "woke up to her ranting about the series" after she watched it.

According to the lad, his girlfriend moaned "there's nothing but t**s in the series" and claimed that was "the only reason" he wanted to watch it.

When the boyfriend reasoned his girlfriend was "jealous of me watching a tv series", she hit back "no, I'm jealous of the t**s".

He added: "She won't talk to me now. Am I in the wrong here?"

She claimed there were too many topless scenes in the cult series - despite being a fan of Magic Mike herself

His post has been flooded with comments calling the girlfriend immature and urging the lad to break up with her.

To add insult to injury, the anonymous bloke reckons his girlfriend is guilty of "double standards", because "she has made me watch Magic Mike with her before".

Commenting on the post, people said: "Dude, run" and "There's nothing that makes this behaviour worth it."

Others said: "I will never understand this kind of petty jealousy in relationships".

One shocked Redditor wrote: "She needs to grow up. Do not cave in or alter your behaviour for this. Do not humour this. Or where does it end?"

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