Advert shows naked pornstars telling mum her son has been looking for porn online in bizarre safety campaign
12/06/2020 21:12 - admin
A bizarre advert has caused a stir after it showed two naked pornstars telling a mother that her son had been searching for porn online, in a bid to get parents to open up about sex.

The advert is part of the Keep it Real Online series - a New Zealand government campaign designed to protect children from online harm.

The strange ad shows two porn stars on the doorstep of the boy's house much to the surprise of his mum

The video is part of the government initiative Keep it Real Online

Other adverts within the series have focused on online bullying, inappropriate content and grooming.

The government introduced the campaign as they claim it's very easy for children to access porn in the digital age - either by accident or "intentionally out of curiosity".

The ad shows two porn stars, Sue and Derek unexpectedly visiting a house, much to the surprise of the boy's mother Sandra and explain that they are there because her son Matty had looked them up online to "watch" them

The pair added the boy watches them on several devices including his "laptop", "iPhone", "PlayStation" and "smart TV projector".

"We just perform for adults, but your son's just a kid," Sue says.

"We don't even talk about consent, do we? We just get straight to it."

"No, and I'd never act like that in real life", Derek replies.

Sue says hi to Matty who was so stunned that he dropped his bowl of food.

"Ok Sandra, stay calm, you know what to do here", she says trying to reassure herself.

"Alright Matty, it sounds like it's time to have a talk about the difference between what you see online, and real relationships", she says.

Shocked mum Sandra looks at the sheepish Matty when he sees the porn stars


The advert has received widespread praise on social media, especially for its combination of education and humour.

One user was jealous that the Italian government had not followed in New Zealand's footsteps.

The adverts are produced by Auckland-based creative agency Motion Sickness and the impact, so far, has been positive.

"We've been blown away by the response so far. Obviously the issues we are tackling within the campaign are sensitive, so to see the campaign land so well with parents has been amazing," creative director Sam Stuchbury told Campaign Brief magazine.

"In each scenario our parent is confronted with their worst online nightmare, right on their doorstep. But the most important thing is to stay cool, calm and collected.

"The same skills they use in real life, such as open communication and level headedness, still apply to these new digital issues," said head of strategy Hilary Ngan Kee.

Ms Kee emphasised that it was important to include humour.

"As Kiwis, we often use humour to help us deal with difficult subjects.

"In some ways it gives us back the power. If we can laugh at something, then perhaps it's not so scary, perhaps we can tackle it a bit better than we originally thought we could", she said.

Matty was horrified when he saw the porn stars turn up on his doorstep

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