Ulrika Jonsson strips NAKED in her most outrageous shoot yet as she pays tribute to Kendall Jenner's sexy sunbathe strip
29/06/2022 21:40 - admin
There can be nothing more liberating than sunbathing naked. As a native Swede, WE have a very well-adjusted attitude to nudity and bodies.

Ulrika says: 'I would dearly like to start a movement to free the body'

Kendall Jenner lay resplendently in her latest Instagram post, butt-naked on a sun-lounger for all the world to see

I grew up with parents who were stark b****ck naked at every given opportunity, especially in the heat of the summer because, fundamentally, that is how us humans are supposed to be.

Our bodies should not be inhibited by clothing or trapped by beachwear.

It may have something to do with the fact the Swedes are forced to spend nine months of the year in the cold, covered in multiple layers.


A body is a body is a body. There is nothing innately sexual about exposing your torso — it’s not suggestive or provocative, simply freeing and enabling.

So, I look at Kendall Jenner, lying there resplendently in her latest Instagram post, butt-naked on a sun-lounger for all the world to see, and I think: “Good on ya, doll.”

Like some kind of elongated, recumbent ladder, with legs that would stretch along the entirety of the earth’s horizon, and her peachy skin on show. If ever there was a defiant break-up shot, this is surely it.

Kendall has reportedly just split from her boyfriend of two years, Devin Booker, and the strategically timed Insta post screams: “Look what you’re missing, mate!”

This is classic break-up behaviour. Inside, this girl may be crumbling, but us women dust ourselves down and spruce ourselves up.

It’s part of our recovery and part of our healing. It’s rediscovering that part of yourself that knew how to be confident and defiant, full of self-belief and proud of who you are and what you’ve become.

Because the best way to get over heartache is to celebrate yourself. It’s a time to show off your wares and let the rest of the world know that, while you may have been a dedicated follower of love, romance and loyalty, you are most definitely on a different sun-lounger now.

You are single and you are most definitely ready to mingle.

Men, who for the most part seem to me to be emotionally stunted, tend to deal with things by going out on the lash or booking themselves a lads’ holiday in the hope of mending their broken hearts.

At 54, I’m double her age. But I like Kendall’s style and, of course, she should be celebrating her 5ft 10in model body at the age of 26. I don’t suppose I entirely did at her age.

I was too hung up on the absence of perfection and living in England, which at that time was a frigid country when it came to matters of nudity.

I would dearly like to start a movement to free the body.

I think it would liberate us all (including my poor neighbours).

But also my children, who find me walking around the house naked from time to time, scream in abject horror and run for the hills.

At which point I follow them, reminding them very loudly that this naked body gave life to them. Which is why I find it absolutely no problem replicating Kendall’s pose — it’s the natural way for me to catch a tan.

Granted, wouldn’t it be nice to see all older women in the same pose — with a body marked by the passage of time — in order that we start to standardise a vision of a more mature perfection?

And for those who feel aggrieved that the Kendall creature looks too sublime, you’d do well to remember that she may be beautiful, unblemished and pure . . . but the girl can’t chop a cucumber for love nor money.

Ulrika says she did not celebrate her body enough when she was Kendall's age

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