Drunk airforce sergeant kills friend in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao, was in illicit relationship with his wife
15/03/2023 21:07 - admin
A man was killed by a friend who was having an illicit relationship with his wife in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao. The accused has been arrested.

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Uttar Pradesh (India): An Airforce sergeant killed his friend, who was a doctor, in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao on Tuesday night. The accused suspected that the victim knew about his illicit relationship with his wife and will get him killed.

The deceased, identified as Gaurav, who was a doctor, got to know about the illicit relationship between his friend Mudit and his wife, after which Mudit shot him dead on Tuesday.

As per the reports by our correspondent, Gaurav had left home to meet Mudit in Ahirwan. But when he did not come back at night, his wife Priyanka started searching.

On Tuesday night, the wife of the deceased doctor reached Chakeri police station with her maternal uncle Ravendra Pratap and registered a missing case.


The police nabbed Mudit and started interrogating him. He revealed that he killed Gaurav as he was aware of his affair with Priyanka.

Chakeri ACP Amarnath said that Mudit first took the doctor to his official residence and made him drink alcohol. He killed the doctor in an inebriated state.

He opened fire at the doctor and attacked his head and chest with heavy objects. The accused left Gaurav to die on the road and fled the spot.

Mudit revealed that he was afraid that Gaurav would get him killed and hence he shot him dead.

- India Today