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Frozen 2 | Check out the official trailer for Frozen 2 now, and see the film in theaters November 22
Malaysian Woman Violently Beats, Chokes Baby Girl in a Viral Video, Police Probe Underway
An excessively graphic video doing rounds on social media shows a woman who seems like a caretaker or mother severely thrashing a little baby girl has left people aghast. This video believed to have been shot in Kuala Lumpur shows a woman getting violent with a little kid, so much so that it almost seems like the child might choke to death because of her thrashing.

The sick 1-minute-and-36-second footage is sending chills through the spine has caught the attention of Malaysian police. The Malaysian police have urged anyone who has any kind of information about the video to contact them. At one point in the video, the woman can be seen hanging the child by its t-shirt, long enough to have it choked up. It is still unknown who took the video of the whole incident, but the video has surely left the people traumatise.
FINAL JOURNEY - Heartbreaking moment elephants carry dead calf and gather round to mourn
This is the moment a family of elephants mourn the death of one of their calves in a "funeral procession".

Heartbreaking footage shows an adult carrying the body of an infant with its trunk, while almost a dozen others follow, as if in a mourning ceremony.

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BEACH BABE - She gets wet and wild in skimpy swimsuit for beach shoot

Lucie Donlan
Instagrammer who strips off around the world reveals the best places to take naked photographs is ICELAND

INDIA: Villagers In Assam Kill Leopard, Gouge Its Eyes Out, Chop Off Paws
A leopard was killed by villagers in Assam. They also gouged its eyes out and chopped off the paws.

About two years ago, in a similar incident, a mob of nearly 100 people in Dibrugarh killed a leopard and ate its meat.

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Demonstrators, photographed by Spencer Tunick, bare nipples outside Facebook in censorship protest
Over 100 anti-censorship activists stripped nude outside Facebook and Instagram’s New York headquarters Sunday to protest the social media company’s nudity guidelines.

“Instagram, the most popular platform for artists who share their work online, and its parent company, Facebook, both ban photographic representations of the nude body”.
INDIA: 25-year-old man arrested for sexually exploiting over 50 women on social media
[Kottayam] --- Police have arrested a man for allegedly sexually exploiting over 50 women on social media and blackmailing them with their morphed obscene pictures.

Pradeep Kumar, a resident of Ettumanoor, Areeparambu was arrested here on Friday May 31 based on a complaint filed by a woman.

According to the police, Pradeep used to obtain the women's phone numbers, get to know their personal issues and then communicate with their husbands after creating a fake Facebook accounts posing as a female.

He would then send screenshots of the chats their husbands had with the fake female account and forward them to their wives, convincing them that their husbands were having extramarital relationships. This would create a discord between the targeted couples.

Thereafter, Pradeep would develop friendship with the wives and invite them for video chats. He started blackmailing and sexually exploiting them with their morphed indecent pictures.

He used to reportedly chat with the women in a code language to make sure that the victims themselves were chatting with him on social media platorms, and would use abusive language if they did not use the code language. He used to threaten the women that he would send the obscene pictures to their husbands if they did not follow his instructions. Several such pictures have been recovered from his laptop by the police.
ANNABELLE COMES HOME | English Language Movie | In Theaters - June 26
Aladdin | English Language Movie | Running Successfully

NUDE AWAKENING - Model sparks outrage by sharing 'degrading' naked mirror selfie with his girlfriend
An Instagram model has sparked outrage by sharing a naked mirror selfie with his girlfriend, which has been slammed as "degrading".

The pair aren't wearing a stitch of clothing, with nothing but some carefully placed hands to cover modesty.

The pic racked up 615,000 likes - but not everyone's impressed.

“This is honestly disgusting and I feel so sorry for this girl,” one of Instagram followers commented.
MOB JUSTICE - Furious crowds strip female suspected shoplifters naked, batter them, then cut their hair
A furious mob have been filmed tearing the clothes off two women suspected of shoplifting, beating them and and cutting their hair.

Footage of the incident was taken by onlookers in the town of Tapachula in the south-western Mexican state of Chiapas and shared on social media.
ROOM AT THE TOPLESS - House plastered with nearly 1,000 topless snaps of Page 3 girls up for sale in Rotherham
A semi up for sale at auction leaves little to the imagination for prospective buyers as the walls are covered with photos of topless models.

The property was owned by a man in his 60s who died earlier this year. The house is covered in almost 1,000 pictures, although none feature in the kitchen or living room.
French tourist's appeal to find missing camera full of topless pics she lost in Isle of Skye service station
A French tourist has appealed to Brits to help her find her missing camera - full of topless pictures.

The blonde beauty begged for people to keep an eye out for her missing LUMIX GX80 in a service station near Sligachan on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Porn star turned sports reporter Mia Khalifa has shared footage of her breast surgery
Mia Khalifa - who was once Pornhub's most-matched actress before quitting the adult entertainment industry - claimed getting hit in the boob "saved her life".

The 26-year-old required a four-hour long "fat grafting" operation in Los Angeles to fix her damaged implant, performed by plastic surgeon expert Dr Jay Calvert.
INDIA: Differently-Abled Woman Raped For More Than Two Months In Maharashtra
In another heinous crime, a 20-year-old challenged woman was allegedly raped for months by an unidentified man Maharashtra’s Palghar district. The crime came to light when doctors found out that she the victim was pregnant, the police said.
INDIA: Man Arrested For Raping Seven Cows At A Shelter In Ayodhya; Claims He Was Drunk
A man was arrested in Ayodhya for raping several cows at a shelter in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The accused has been identified as Rajkumar. He was caught red handed by the shelter authorities and volunteers.
'I saw my life flash before my eyes as my abusive ex beat and strangled me until I blacked out', Naked Beach host Ayesha Perry-Iqbal reveals
Plus-Size model Ayesha Perry-Iqbal has revealed for the first time how she suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her ex - who would regularly beat and strangle her until she thought she was going to die.

Ayesha, 28 - who hosted Channel 4 show Naked Beach - said she's decided to share her harrowing story in a bid to raise awareness of domestic violence - and how it can affect anyone.

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Taiwan approves same-sex marriage in first for Asia, news trends in China
Same-sex marriage supporters kiss outside the Legislative Yuan Friday, May 17, 2019, in Taipei, Taiwan after the legislature passed a law allowing same-sex marriage in a first for Asia.

The vote Friday allows same-sex couples full legal marriage rights, including in areas such as taxes, insurance and child custody.
YouTuber who snogged his half-sister repulses the internet again by kissing his MUM on the lips
A YouTuber who stunned the internet when he filmed himself making out with his sister on camera has now done a video kissing his MUM.

Prankster Chris Monroe, from California, uploaded the second shocking video on May 4 called Kissing My Actual Mom Prank.

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Man Flashes at a Girl in an ATM in Mumbai, She Gets him Arrested
[INDIA] --- A 38-year-old man was arrested on charges of molestation for flashing a girl inside a State Bank of India ATM on Sunday in Mumbai. According to the media, the accused, Sandeep Kumbharkar, was nabbed after the girl complained against him to a Navghar police patrolling team.

The incident happened at 3 AM in an ATM where the accused was helping the complainant with some money as she was unable to pay the auto rickshaw. On the pretext of taking money out of an ATM machine, the accused touched her inappropriately and even flashed at her.

In a sudden fit of courage, the girl confronted the accused and shot a video on her mobile phone which she later posted on social media. The video has now gone viral.

Recalling the event on social media, the complainant said:

"I’m once again at the ATM trying to withdraw money, and the man enters the ATM once again. But this time, he moves in closer and touches my shoulder and thigh, again, asking if I need help. I instantly back off and yell at him to stay away from me, and that I don’t need his help. I go back to trying to withdraw money again, and he’s still there. When I hear him, he’s calling out to me and blatantly asking me to look at his hard dick that he had pulled out of his denim’s zipper area. I quietly start my video recorder and turn the camera right at him. That’s when he freaks out and runs out of the ATM."

The minute he flashed, the complainant started filming him. She then ran outside the ATM to look for a PCR van. The accused meanwhile started running himself. The cops after watching he video followed the man and nabbed him.

The complainant went to the police station the next day and officially filled an FIR against him. She wrote in her social media post that the accused was crying the next day claiming that he was ‘drunk’.

"He was crying and pleading, but I knew I had to take action against him. So, along with my dad, I filed an FIR against him. He claimed to be drunk at the time, which does not excuse his actions at all. What he did, was scary and terrifying. This was a locality wherein I felt safe. But he has ruined it for me. I can’t walk the streets feeling the same sense of safety. AND THIS IS MY HOME!" - Complainant on her social media post.

The complainant hopes to take up the issue in the court.
Katie Price shows off her boobs in racy shoot in Majorca after revealing surgery scars at Porn Idol event
Katie Price showed off her boobs during a racy photo shoot in Majorca.

The cash-strapped star posed in a hot-pink shirt and shades - and she gave the camera a good look at the results of her latest surgery.
Moment bear falls off cliff and dies in river after it is pelted with rocks by Indian villagers chasing it from their homes
This is the distressing moment a brown bear was chased out of an Indian village and pelted with rocks before falling off a cliff to its death.

Grizzly smartphone footage shows the terrified animal clinging to the cliff edge as a stone smashes into its head - sending it tumbling down into a river below.

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Female Instagrammer travels the world to pose naked in exotic locations tells how she was busted for her antics
Packing is some times the worst part of travelling - but it's not something that Instagrammer Sarah Jane has to worry about.

For the fun-loving 33-year-old enjoys nothing more than going to exotic locations to pose naked for social media pictures.

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Line Of Duty star Polly Walker's steamy film history revealed as she goes naked in sexy scenes
Line Of Duty actress Polly Walker’s steamy film history has been revealed – included a series of naked scenes.

The 52-year-old is best known now for playing the glam but bent lawyer Gill Biggeloe, but in the past she had some even steamer roles.

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SHARING OUR SCARS - My daughter's bravery during spinal operation gave me the courage to have surgery too
PROUD mum Tanya Kater and her little girl show off matching scars from life-changing ops to fix their twisted spines.

After struggling for most of her life with excruciating pain from scoliosis — curvature of the spine — Tanya, 32, found the courage to go under the knife thanks to daughter Olivia, now eight.

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STRIP & DIP - Students strip off and skinny dip in freezing sea as traditional May Day celebrations take place across the country
STUDENTS were seen stripping off and skinny dipping in the freezing North Sea as traditional May Day celebrations took place across the country.

Brave souls were all smiles in St Andrews, Scotland, as they held hands to prepare for the bracing cold.

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Jealous girlfriend bans her man from watching Game of Thrones because there are 'too many topless scenes'
A JEALOUS girlfriend has banned her boyfriend from watching Game of Thrones - because she thinks there are too many topless scenes.

The bloke, who's thought to be from Norway, took to Reddit to ask for advice, revealing the couple weren't talking after having a row about the popular programme.

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Why I love gardening naked - nothing beats being nude when you're on your knees with a pair of shears in your hands
PRUNING the bushes, mowing the lawn and weeding the flower beds don't sound like particularly racy activities - but this weekend gardening is set to get a lot saucier.

Gardeners across the country will be picking up their tools - and dropping all their clothes - for the now-iconic World Naked Gardening Day.

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Inside the controversial sex island where men get 'unlimited sex' with up to 100 escorts
A CONTROVERSIAL party island where men are offered "unlimited" sex with up to 100 models is set to welcome punters back this summer.

Blokes can book a place for £4,600 - and the organisers claim guests will be allocated two "beautiful" women each day.

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Line of Duty star Polly Walker seen stripped naked in steamy drama
LINE of Duty star Polly Walker looks immaculate in her police-regulation power suits as lawyer Gill Bigelow - but she wore a great deal less in steamy drama Rome.

The 52-year-old actress ditched her toga when she appeared in the racy historical hit as Julius Caesar's manipulative niece.

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Woman who began injecting heroin aged 15 releases pictures of herself in the grip of addiction and now clean - and the difference is amazing

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Dora and the Lost City of Gold | English Language Movie | In theatres August 2, 2019

16/06/2019 20:27 Comments 0 Comments
Model Olivia Culpo’s full of sheer joy - after being named the world’s sexiest woman. The American, 27, wore a silk gown on the cover of men’s magazine Maxim after topping its Hot 100 list.
16/06/2019 17:53 Comments 0 Comments
The protesters, including young families as well as the elderly, formed a sea of black along roads, walkways and train stations across Hong Kong's financial centre to vent their frustration and anger at Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam.
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