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08/05/2023 22:05 Comments 0 Comments
Dozens of people have been killed in ethnic clashes in the north-eastern Indian state of Manipur with mobs attacking homes, vehicles and churches, officials say.
21/04/2023 21:39 Comments 0 Comments
Regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov declared a state of emergency after the explosion.
09/04/2023 21:08 Comments 0 Comments
Here is the full text of Pope Francis' Easter Vigil homily, delivered on April 8 in St. Peter's Basilica.
08/04/2023 22:02 Comments 0 Comments
On Good Friday, Pope Francis presided over the Liturgy of the Passion of the Lord in St. Peter’s Basilica. Please find below the full text of the homily by Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap., preacher of the papal household.
07/04/2023 21:45 Comments 0 Comments
Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 young men and women, inmates at a juvenile prison in Rome, during a Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday.
15/03/2023 21:30 Comments 0 Comments
A 27-year-old woman was harassed by her husband and in-laws as they indulged in acts of black magic, which included the use of her menstrual blood.
15/03/2023 21:07 Comments 0 Comments
A man was killed by a friend who was having an illicit relationship with his wife in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao. The accused has been arrested.
15/03/2023 21:02 Comments 0 Comments
Delhi Police said they have written to the Japanese embassy after a video showing a group of men harassing, groping and manhandling a Japanese woman on Holi surfaced on social media. Police said three boys, including a juvenile, have been apprehended.
12/02/2023 21:35 Comments 0 Comments
The nurses decided to protect the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit instead of vacating the building when the earthquake tremors were felt.
10/02/2023 21:17 Comments 0 Comments
But as crews entered a fifth day of peeling back flattened buildings, Turkish media reported rescues of young children, long after the expiration of the 72-hour window when survivors are considered most likely to be found.
10/02/2023 20:40 Comments 0 Comments
Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said earlier on Friday that Russia had fired more than 50 missiles at Ukraine and most of them were shot down.
04/01/2023 21:26 Comments 0 Comments
They began queueing before dawn to view the German theologian's body, which was transferred early in the morning from the monastery in the Vatican grounds where he died on Saturday aged 95.
05/12/2022 21:12 Comments 0 Comments
The incident took place in Kurla in the early hours of Wednesday, the official said, adding the accused and the survivor stay in the same locality.
30/11/2022 21:34 Comments 0 Comments
A spokesman for the jihadist group said Hashimi, an Iraqi, was killed "in combat with enemies of God", without elaborating on the date of his death or the circumstances.
18/10/2022 21:35 Comments 0 Comments
Born into a family of Iranian origin in the suburbs of Stockholm, the young woman inherits the climate and environment portfolio, and beat the previous record of 27 years old for youngest minister.
02/10/2022 21:23 Comments 0 Comments
Homes, restaurants and businesses in Florida were ripped apart when Ian roared ashore as a powerful Category 4 hurricane.
02/10/2022 21:14 Comments 0 Comments
The tragedy on Saturday night in the eastern city of Malang, which also left over 180 injured, was one of the world's deadliest sporting stadium disasters.
13/09/2022 21:31 Comments 0 Comments
The Police arrested a self-styled godman for raping a woman from the time she was a minor in the name of rituals.
30/08/2022 21:38 Comments 0 Comments
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif called the flooding "the worst in the history of Pakistan".
20/08/2022 21:19 Comments 0 Comments
Indonesia monkeypox case: Indonesian health ministry spokesperson Mohammad Syahril said the patient had a "high awareness and knowledge of the disease".
09/07/2022 21:38 Comments 0 Comments
"I believe it is undeniable that there were problems with the guarding and safety measures for former prime minister Abe," Tomoaki Onizuka, head of the Nara prefectural police, told reporters.
06/07/2022 21:40 Comments 0 Comments
"I really don't think that anybody in this country wants politicians to be engaged in electioneering now," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a committee of Members of Parliament.
29/06/2022 21:40 Comments 0 Comments
There can be nothing more liberating than sunbathing naked. As a native Swede, WE have a very well-adjusted attitude to nudity and bodies.
29/06/2022 20:43 Comments 0 Comments
Thai officials found two white porcupines, two armadillos, 35 turtles, 50 lizards and 20 snakes in the two pieces of luggage.
29/06/2022 20:12 Comments 0 Comments
A woman and her 6-year-old daughter were allegedly gangraped by a man and his friends inside a moving car in Haridwar's Roorkee.
21/06/2022 21:31 Comments 0 Comments
People have their own lists of places where they can experience sunsets. But in New York, people stopped traffic to capture the beautiful moment.
21/06/2022 21:10 Comments 0 Comments
The huge turnout easily surpassed the previous record, set in Moscow in 2017 when 3,000 people showed up for boxing class.
21/06/2022 20:48 Comments 0 Comments
Yoga day is being celebrated all over the world. Bollywood celebs are also second to none in this matter. All the stars are giving credit of fitness and positivity to yoga by posting their pictures on Yoga Day. Meanwhile, the picture of actress Sonali Sehgal has raised the temperature of social media.
13/06/2022 21:20 Comments 0 Comments
An elderly man was arrested for raping a 48-year-old woman in the Bhupalpur area of Udaipur, Rajasthan.
09/06/2022 20:22 Comments 0 Comments
Blanca Blanco in Bikini (in Malibu) Photos.
07/06/2022 21:26 Comments 0 Comments
Five men allegedly barged into a pregnant woman’s house, thrashed and tied up her husband before sexually assaulting her in Pakistan’s Punjab province.
01/06/2022 20:36 Comments 0 Comments
Jennifer Lopez looked sensational in a series of sizzling bikini snaps. The 52-year-old singer and actress showed off her toned tummy and enviable legs as she posed by the pool.
26/05/2022 20:36 Comments 0 Comments
The framework of open markets that has shaped the last three decades of commerce and geopolitics looks increasingly wobbly as trade spats fan economic nationalism, a pandemic exposes the fragility of global supply networks and a war in Europe could reshape the geopolitical landscape.
26/05/2022 19:59 Comments 0 Comments
China-Solomon Islands Relations: The security agreement between Beijing and Solomon Islands was above board.
24/05/2022 21:19 Comments 0 Comments
The most common symptoms of coronary heart disease are chest pain and breathlessness. It increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.
23/05/2022 21:24 Comments 0 Comments
Monkyepox cases: Close contacts of the infected person are being identified and provided with health information and advice.
17/05/2022 21:19 Comments 0 Comments
The dog. 'Baby Girl', has found a new family in less than a fortnight.
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01/05/2022 20:54 Comments 0 Comments
Police said an FIR of the gangrape was registered on Saturday based on the complaint of the survivor.
28/04/2022 19:59 Comments 0 Comments
Russia-Ukraine War: "We need to be prepared for the long term...There is absolutely the possibility that this war will drag on and last for months and years," the alliance's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.
25/04/2022 21:13 Comments 0 Comments
France elections: Macron, who pledged to work harder as a unifying force in a divided country, said his second mandate would be different after his sometimes high-handed manner alienated many voters during his first term in office.
19/04/2022 20:47 Comments 0 Comments
Russia-Ukraine War: The Russian-flagged Pegas, with 19 Russian crew members on board, was seized near Karystos on the southern coast of Evia, which lies just off the Greek mainland near the capital Athens.
17/04/2022 20:59 Comments 0 Comments
Amanda Holden showed off her rock hard abs in a pink bikini as she relaxed by the pool.
17/04/2022 20:21 Comments 0 Comments
Julia Bradbury has opened up about undergoing a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
17/04/2022 20:04 Comments 0 Comments
NEIGHBOURS star Sarah Ellen can help fans find the perfect trend. The Aussie actress and model poses in two colourful Seafolly swimwear outfits.
24/03/2022 20:55 Comments 0 Comments
The ruling caps the end of a hugely expensive three-year custody battle in London between Mohammed and his former wife, Princess Haya bint al-Hussein.
24/03/2022 20:33 Comments 0 Comments
"In response to North Korea's ICBM launch, our military jointly fired missiles from ground, sea, air," said South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff.
10/03/2022 20:26 Comments 0 Comments
US Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters in Warsaw that Russia is weaker than NATO due to what Vladimir Putin has done.
09/03/2022 20:43 Comments 0 Comments
Britain will also increase its supplies of rations, medical equipment and other "non-lethal" military aid to Ukraine.
08/03/2022 20:25 Comments 0 Comments
A harrowing photo shows a blood-drenched toddler blitzed by Vladimir Putin's bombs - while drunk Russian soldiers shot dead a girl, ten, in front of her uncle.
06/03/2022 20:53 Comments 0 Comments
Horror pictures show the moment a column of refugees came under attack by a Russian artillery barrage in Ukraine.
28/02/2022 14:53 Comments 0 Comments
A Ukrainian rail hub was swamped by desperate families fleeing to Poland yesterday — as brave fighters piled on to trains heading the other way to join the war against Russia.
27/02/2022 20:23 Comments 0 Comments
Vladimir Putin has put Russia's nuclear forces on alert as he is reportedly prepared to lose 50,000 troops to capture Ukraine.

The Russian tyrant is said to be "furious" that his forces have not been able to subdue the Ukrainians and blamed the West's sanctions for the move.
27/02/2022 14:24 Comments 0 Comments
The victim's lover, along with two others, was arrested after he admitted to the crime he committed over suspicion of her having another relationship with a different man, the police said.
26/02/2022 19:37 Comments 0 Comments
Terrifying video shows the moment a missile smashes into an apartment block in Kyiv.
25/02/2022 20:52 Comments 0 Comments
Russia-Ukraine crisis: Russian troops also lost about 516 armoured combat vehicles, 10 aircraft and seven helicopters as of 13 GMT, the Ukrainian minister said.
25/02/2022 14:40 Comments 0 Comments
A woman in Kanpur killed her husband with the help of her lover after being caught red-handed by the victim.
25/02/2022 14:31 Comments 0 Comments
A Maharashtra hospital ward boy has been arrested for molesting an elderly woman patient in Dombivli.
24/02/2022 20:45 Comments 0 Comments
The Gostomel airfield, which is alongside the Antonov airport, is immediately on the northern edge of Kyiv, and the fighting there is the closest that Russian forces had got to the capital on the first day of their invasion.
20/02/2022 20:42 Comments 0 Comments
Greek Ferry Fire: The Greek coast guard rescued 280 out of 292 passengers and crew who were onboard when the blaze broke out on the Italian-flagged Euroferry Olympic early on Friday.
18/02/2022 20:22 Comments 0 Comments
News of the drills come as Russia announces the pullback of troops from around Ukraine, a force that had driven concerns in the West -- particularly Washington -- that Moscow was planning an imminent attack.
14/02/2022 20:57 Comments 0 Comments
Among the countries that have called on their nationals to leave Ukraine are the US, Germany, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
09/02/2022 20:54 Comments 0 Comments
Exploitative faith healers, whose practices are rooted in mystic Sufi lore, are common across Muslim-majority Pakistan despite the disapproval of some schools of Islam.
01/02/2022 20:09 Comments 0 Comments
Despite frantic searches, the families could not locate the two. The girl's family, which was financially and socially better, was against the relationship.
28/01/2022 20:24 Comments 0 Comments
In her first official address, Honduran President Xiomara Castro denounced "the social and economic tragedy confronting Honduras" and promised to make work of improving education, healthcare, security and employment.
26/01/2022 21:01 Comments 0 Comments
The United States and its EU allies accuse Russia of seeking to upend European stability by threatening an invasion of Ukraine.
10/01/2022 20:42 Comments 0 Comments
A 48-year-old woman was allegedly sexually harassed by her son's friend in the Bag-Sewania area of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
10/01/2022 20:18 Comments 0 Comments
Since marrying into Britain's most famous family in 2011, the former Kate Middleton has emerged to become one of the most popular royals -- and a figure central to its future.
09/01/2022 14:55 Comments 0 Comments
Two men reportedly thrashed a 30-year-old woman to death when she objected to them for peeping into her house.
04/01/2022 20:23 Comments 0 Comments
Indonesia Floods: Torrential rains have hammered Indonesia for days, causing rivers to burst their banks and sending water levels surging in residential areas, the national disaster agency said.
04/01/2022 20:16 Comments 0 Comments
Israel's LGBTQ+ community had demanded for years to be allowed to pursue surrogacy, which is already accessible to heterosexual couples and single women.
03/01/2022 20:28 Comments 0 Comments
The grandmother has been detained for her role in the matter which was reported on December 25 after the child had gone "missing", the Noida Police said.
01/01/2022 19:50 Comments 0 Comments
Pope Francis wove his New Year's homily around themes of motherhood and women and used it to make one of his strongest calls yet for an end to violence against them.
01/01/2022 19:30 Comments 0 Comments
Kim Jong Un, who took power just over a decade ago after the death of his father Kim Jong Il, said at the party meeting that battling the pandemic was one of the main goals for the coming year.
01/01/2022 19:17 Comments 0 Comments
Israel's national health providers began administering fourth vaccine shots against COVID-19 on Friday to individuals with compromised immune systems.
01/01/2022 18:55 Comments 0 Comments
The woman said that she came in contact with the accused through a matrimonial website and shared her private photographs with him after a couple of meetings.
31/12/2021 20:12 Comments 0 Comments
The effort comes almost exactly one year after Israel began a massive vaccination drive on the back of a data-sharing accord with US pharmaceutical firm Pfizer.
31/12/2021 15:42 Comments 0 Comments
The incident is from Karnataka's Tumakuru when a group of men barged into a house of a family from the OBC community three days after Christmas.
27/12/2021 19:15 Comments 0 Comments
Megan Barton-Hanson stunned in a new topless snap - showing ex-boyfriend James Lock what he's missing.
27/12/2021 19:08 Comments 0 Comments
Glammed up Brits hit the clubs on Boxing Day night amid fears it could be one of the last opportunities to get dressed up for a while amid New Year lockdown concerns.
26/12/2021 19:03 Comments 0 Comments
Police are analysing CCTV footage but haven't yet been able to identify the criminals.
26/12/2021 18:17 Comments 0 Comments
The attackers - who claimed to be from the Bajrang Dal - said they would not allow Hindus to celebrate Christmas because December 25 was also 'Tulsi Diwas'
25/12/2021 20:27 Comments 0 Comments
The incident comes at a time when Muslims offering prayers in certain open spaces in Gurgaon have been repeatedly disrupted by right-wing vigilantes.
24/12/2021 20:54 Comments 0 Comments
Austria said on Wednesday it will tighten restrictions again from Dec. 27 to slow the spread of the Omicron variant.
24/12/2021 20:38 Comments 0 Comments
The boat carrying migrants ran aground on an islet north of the Greek island of Antikythera on Thursday evening.
24/12/2021 20:12 Comments 0 Comments
Jesus Christ's message of love and compassion continues to inspire the entire humanity even today, President Kovind said.
24/12/2021 19:56 Comments 0 Comments
A video that captured the commotion shows the men questioning the school authorities, why Hindu festivals were not being celebrated.
17/12/2021 20:16 Comments 0 Comments
A deadly storm in the Philippines has uprooted trees, destroyed buildings, and caused over 300,000 people to flee their homes and seek emergency shelter.
15/12/2021 19:57 Comments 0 Comments
Covid In South Korea: South Korea posted 7,850 cases for Tuesday, with the number of patients in serious condition also reaching a fresh high at 964.
15/12/2021 19:47 Comments 0 Comments
Keechant Sewell, who will also be only the third Black person in the post, will have to restore community trust in a police department that has faced accusations of harboring violent, racist and corrupt officers in its ranks.
15/12/2021 19:36 Comments 0 Comments
Hong Kong World Trade Centre Fire: Firefighters were battling the blaze with two water jets, the government said, employing ladders and breathing apparatus in the effort to rescue those trapped.
12/12/2021 19:58 Comments 0 Comments
Romance ain't dead yet, but sometimes it can take you for quite the ride.

For one woman, that ride was all the way to Mexico, for what she thought would be the most romantic trip of her life.
09/12/2021 20:18 Comments 0 Comments
Four students of a government school in Rajasthan's Alwar district accused nine teachers and the principal of gangrape and molestation.
09/12/2021 19:50 Comments 0 Comments
On the night of November 17, seventeen Class 10 girls in UP's Muzaffarnagar were allegedly sedated and molested by the school owner. They had been called to school on the pretext of a CBSE practical exam.
05/12/2021 20:26 Comments 0 Comments
"The tail was covered with seven pairs of osteoderms ... producing a weapon absolutely different from anything we know in any dinosaur," said the researcher during a presentation of the discovery at the University of Chile.
29/11/2021 20:11 Comments 0 Comments
Omicron Variant: The World Health Organization on Friday declared the recently-discovered B.1.1.529 strain of Covid-19, first detected in southern Africa, to be a variant of concern and renamed it Omicron.
29/11/2021 20:02 Comments 0 Comments
The 54-year-old will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Stefan Lofven after a total of 101 members of parliament voted for her, while 75 abstained and 173 voted against.
29/11/2021 19:54 Comments 0 Comments
Russia, the United States, France and China have all been experimenting with so-called hypersonic glide vehicles -- defined as reaching speeds of at least Mach 5.
29/11/2021 19:39 Comments 0 Comments
The crowd of up to 5,000 people surrounded the police station in Charsadda town in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Sunday night, also setting fire to more than 30 cars.
25/11/2021 19:55 Comments 0 Comments
Covid In Germany: Since the start of the pandemic, 100,119 people have died with the virus in Germany, data from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases showed.
25/11/2021 19:40 Comments 0 Comments
But Magdalena Andersson said she had told the speaker of parliament she hoped to be appointed prime minster again as the head of a single-party government.
24/11/2021 20:24 Comments 0 Comments
Sweden's Magdalena Andersson will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Stefan Lofven after a total of 117 members of parliament voted for her, while 57 abstained, 174 voted against and one was absent.
20/11/2021 20:14 Comments 0 Comments
Kelly Bensimon, 53, warmed up her Instagram followers by posting a sizzling hot new Instagram reel where she proudly showed off her washboard abs.

Known for her avid love of fitness and exercise, Kelly happily flaunted her impressive body by lounging on the beach in a skimpy white bikini top and unbuttoned jeans.
20/11/2021 19:12 Comments 0 Comments
Chaos broke out after a protest in Rotterdam against the coronavirus restrictions and government plans to restrict access for unvaccinated people to some venues.
18/11/2021 19:04 Comments 0 Comments
Moscow has in recent years touted the development of weapons that it hopes will give it the edge in any arms race with the United States at a time of growing tensions with the West.
18/11/2021 18:41 Comments 0 Comments
The bill is a response to a public outcry against a recent spike in incidents of rape of women and children in the country and growing demands for effectively curbing the crime.
17/11/2021 20:11 Comments 0 Comments
Women on 10 Qatar Airways flights from Doha, including 13 Australians, were subjected to the examinations late last year.
07/11/2021 20:38 Comments 0 Comments
A drone laden with explosives targeted the residence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in Baghdad early on Sunday in what the Iraqi military called "an attempted assassination".
30/10/2021 19:47 Comments 0 Comments
Thousands of party-goers descended on the streets of the UK on Friday night for the start of the Halloween weekend.

Revellers on Broad Street, Birmingham, were in particularly extravagant costumes, from creepy clowns and Friday the 13th killers to skimpily-clad Playboy bunnies.

Inevitably a few opted for Squid Game masks, a nod to the violent Korean drama on Netflix that has been watched by 142 million households.
29/10/2021 20:14 Comments 0 Comments
Pope Francis earlier this month joined nearly 40 religious leaders in an appeal to government leaders at COP26 for "urgent, radical and responsible action".
29/10/2021 20:05 Comments 0 Comments
The 78-year-old sees himself as the spokesman for democracy in the face of authoritarian regimes, notably China.
29/10/2021 19:29 Comments 0 Comments
Moon Jae-in told Pope Francis that a papal visit to Pyongyang would help revive the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.
26/10/2021 20:00 Comments 0 Comments
Breastfeeding My Boyfriend viewers were left 'grimacing' after hearing the sound of an adult man suckling milk from his partner's breasts.
25/10/2021 20:31 Comments 0 Comments
Happy birthday, Mallika Sherawat
19/10/2021 20:09 Comments 0 Comments
It was not immediately clear why he was holding onto the basket as it took off, police said.
19/10/2021 19:13 Comments 0 Comments
This is the moment a woman was left in nothing but her underwear after attempting to perform the iconic Dirty Dancing lift.
19/10/2021 18:03 Comments 0 Comments
Angela Simmons was seen cooling off in the ocean of the Miami shore this weekend as she enjoyed a fall vacation.

The veteran of the MTV reality TV show Run's House looked curvy in a colorful string bikini as she made her way knee-high in the water with her long raven hair being pushed back by the wind.
15/10/2021 19:13 Comments 0 Comments
Rhian Sugden has stripped off all her clothes to pose completely naked in a provocative photoshoot.

The glamour model, 35, shows off her jaw-dropping curves as she sultrily gazes down the camera in new shots for May Contain Girl.
14/10/2021 20:17 Comments 0 Comments
The three will blast off at 12:23 a.m. on Saturday from the launch centre in northwestern China's Gobi desert, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) said at a press conference Thursday.
14/10/2021 20:08 Comments 0 Comments
It may have been one of the most star-studded premieres in recent memory. But Draya Michele managed to steal the spotlight.
12/10/2021 19:08 Comments 0 Comments
Panicked shoppers are clearing the shelves for Christmas – even though there are still 74 days left.
12/10/2021 18:01 Comments 0 Comments
Kylie Jenner stripped off and drenched herself in fake blood for her latest makeup collection.
10/10/2021 20:07 Comments 0 Comments
The United Nations wants countries to commit to protecting 30% of their land by 2030, a pledge already agreed to by the United States and others.
09/10/2021 20:07 Comments 0 Comments
Friday's day trip to the sandy shores of the capital's Qargha reservoir was a welcome break for the fighters after months of conflict and weeks of security duty since the Taliban took power in mid-August.
02/10/2021 20:03 Comments 0 Comments
Japanese Princess Mako became engaged to Kei Komuro, 29, in 2017, and the two initially captivated the public.
02/10/2021 19:53 Comments 0 Comments
Analysts say the Qatar polls, with results expected the same day, will not lead to power shifting from the ruling family and are a largely symbolic nod to democracy.
30/09/2021 19:42 Comments 0 Comments
Japan Princess Mako: Details have not yet been confirmed, but the couple will opt out of a one-off payment of a million dollars.
30/09/2021 19:23 Comments 0 Comments
A 20-year-old student was gang-raped at an abandoned hospital building in Telangana's Nizamabad district. Five men have been arrested for their involvement in the crime, police said.
30/09/2021 19:10 Comments 0 Comments
The husband was declared dead by the hospital as soon as they reached there.
30/09/2021 18:53 Comments 0 Comments
A pregnant woman was allegedly gangraped in Patna and left unconscious on a railway track. The police have arrested two accused in the case.
28/09/2021 19:24 Comments 0 Comments
Vichai Tiyasan has been motoring over waterlogged lands to drop off dry food and essential items in Sukhothai, one of 30 provinces impacted by floods.
28/09/2021 19:14 Comments 0 Comments
Abdul Kuddus Munsi was sent to live with his uncle when he was about 10, but lost touch with his family after running away.
28/09/2021 17:10 Comments 0 Comments
 Esha Gupta's vacation throwback appears to be from one of her beach holidays.
23/09/2021 13:29 Comments 0 Comments
Horrific photos have emerged of the squalid and fetid migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas that is currently home to thousands of Haitian migrants who've flocked to the US in the latest border crisis to hit Joe Biden.

Desperate migrants, many of them families with young children, are being forced to sleep on the dirty ground or - if they're fortunate - cardboard boxes folded out flat.
22/09/2021 18:44 Comments 0 Comments
With less than 100 days until Christmas, some keen festive enthusiasts are already working out how to decorate their home.

And if you're one of them, then John Lewis has helpfully revealed seven key trends that it expects to see fill our Instagram feeds this winter.
21/09/2021 18:31 Comments 0 Comments
Ex Emmerdale and Coronation Street star Denise Black has stripped completely naked as she admitted that she is "proud" of her body.
21/09/2021 18:05 Comments 0 Comments
Amanda Holden has revealed that she plans to "let herself go" at 70 - but vowed she'll never "lose her sexuality".
21/09/2021 16:50 Comments 0 Comments
Boozed-up students kick-started Freshers' Week with a raucous night out - before some ended up passed out on the pavement.

Paramedics were on hand to treat drunken students who had over-indulged as they got into the spirit of life at university in Birmingham on Monday night.
21/09/2021 16:02 Comments 0 Comments
Camila Cabello sent temperatures soaring in a thong bikini as she hit the beaches of Miami on Monday. 

The Cinderella actress, 24, put on a very cheeky display as she basked in the sunshine wearing an itsy bitsy yellow swimsuit.
20/09/2021 19:38 Comments 0 Comments
Images on Twitter showed slow-moving lava creeping down the mountainside, pockets of flame erupting as it rumbled ever closer towards a group of homes standing just metres away.
18/09/2021 19:37 Comments 0 Comments
Haitians have been migrating to the US in large numbers from South America for several years, many of them having left the Caribbean nation after a devastating earthquake in 2010.
17/09/2021 18:25 Comments 0 Comments
A 60-year-old woman was killed by a 19-year-old boy in Rajasthan's Hanumangarh after a failed rape attempt. The teenager then raped the woman's body.
13/09/2021 19:32 Comments 0 Comments
The man killed his mother-in-law after she refused to give him details about his wife.
12/09/2021 19:40 Comments 0 Comments
Women's rights in Afghanistan were sharply curtailed under the Taliban's 1996-2001 rule, though since returning to power last month they have claimed they will implement a less extreme rule.
04/09/2021 19:51 Comments 0 Comments
The ASEAN has been trying to end violence in Myanmar and open a dialogue between the military rulers and their opponents following the overthrow of Aung San Suu Kyi in February.
01/09/2021 18:46 Comments 0 Comments
Caprice Bourret displayed her incredible figure in a bright green bikini as she enjoyed a trip to the beach during her holiday in Ibiza on Wednesday.

The model, 49, looked radiant as she soaked up the sun on the idyllic Spanish island, adding to her look with gold necklaces.
01/09/2021 17:46 Comments 0 Comments
The UN agency's report showed an accelerating trend, with the number of weather disasters increasing nearly fivefold from the 1970s to the most recent decade.
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01/09/2021 17:28 Comments 0 Comments
Taliban Takeover: With Kabul's airport inoperable, private efforts to help Afghans focus on arranging safe passage across Afghanistans borders with Iran, Pakistan and central Asian states.
01/09/2021 17:16 Comments 0 Comments
Pope Francis, who was elected pontiff in 2013, underwent surgery on July 4 and spent 11 days in hospital. He had been suffering from a severe case of symptomatic diverticular stenosis, a narrowing of the colon.
01/09/2021 17:05 Comments 0 Comments
Wag Charlotte Russell shows off her latest strip — but her footballer fella is unlikely to get anywhere near one himself tonight.
30/08/2021 19:28 Comments 0 Comments
A group of people threatened a Muslim dosa seller and vandalised his cart in Mathura because his business was named after a Hindu deity. An FIR has been lodged by the local police in the matter.
30/08/2021 18:54 Comments 0 Comments
"By the grace of God Almighty, the soldiers of the Caliphate targeted Kabul International Airport with six Katyusha rockets," the group's Nasher News said on its Telegram channel.
29/08/2021 19:45 Comments 0 Comments
Two men have been arrested by the Ujjain Police for forcing a scrap dealer from a minority community to chant 'Jai Shri Ram' in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain.
28/08/2021 19:12 Comments 0 Comments
"The unmanned airstrike occurred in the Nangahar Province of Afghanistan. Initial indications are that we killed the target," said Captain Bill Urban of the Central Command.
27/08/2021 19:53 Comments 0 Comments
Here is a round-up of the reaction to Thursday's attack on a mammoth airlift operation put in place after the Taliban's power grab in Afghanistan.
27/08/2021 19:42 Comments 0 Comments
"The incredibly difficult and risky conditions meant we were not able to evacuate more Swedes and local employees," Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde told reporters.
27/08/2021 15:31 Comments 0 Comments
Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has asked Karnataka DGP and Inspector General of Police Praveen Sood to visit Mysuru and hold a meeting with the local investigating officers to expedite the probe.
27/08/2021 15:19 Comments 0 Comments
Popular actress Mouni Roy, who enjoys a significant fan following on social media, dropped throwback photos from her Maldives vacation.
25/08/2021 19:05 Comments 0 Comments
Demi Moore showcased her incredible bikini body as she relaxed on holiday in Croatia on Monday. The Striptease actress, 58, exuded confidence as she displayed her washboard abs and ample cleavage in a black bikini top, while taking in the scenic sights.
25/08/2021 18:30 Comments 0 Comments
Bloodied and beaten by the Taliban - this was the fate of one man claiming to be an Australian citizen as he tried to reach Kabul airport today as the Islamists defied Joe Biden's demand to let evacuation flights continue unimpeded with just hours left to get civilians out of the country.
24/08/2021 19:50 Comments 0 Comments
The higher load means the virus spreads far more easily from person to person, increasing infections and hospitalisations, a South Korean official said.
24/08/2021 19:29 Comments 0 Comments
Lisa Snowdon wowed fans as she showed off her incredible bikini body while stripping off to get a spray tan.
24/08/2021 18:55 Comments 0 Comments
A mother tired of keeping her age gap relationship a secret has finally gone public and confessed that she's dating her son's friend.
23/08/2021 19:39 Comments 0 Comments
Aid agencies say it is critical that medical and food supplies reach some 300,000 people displaced in Afghanistan over the past two months.
23/08/2021 19:33 Comments 0 Comments
Afghanistan: Earlier, the districts of Bano, Deh Saleh, Pul e-Hesar in Baghlan province were taken by local militia groups on August 15.
22/08/2021 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
Grace was blowing maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour (201 km per hour), a Category 3 hurricane on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, when it slammed into the coast near the resort of Tecolutla in Veracruz state in the early morning.
22/08/2021 18:00 Comments 0 Comments
Putin criticised an idea of some Western countries to send refugees from Afghanistan to neighbouring Central Asian countries while their visas to the United States and Europe are being processed.
22/08/2021 17:48 Comments 0 Comments
Defence Minister General Bismillah Mohammadi, who has vowed to resist the Taliban, said in a tweet that the districts of Deh Saleh, Bano and Pul-Hesar in the neighbouring province of Baghlan to the north of Panjshir had been taken.
20/08/2021 19:22 Comments 0 Comments
Ismail Sabri Yaakob was named prime minister Friday after the collapse of Muhyiddin Yassin's administration this week.
20/08/2021 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
The person is not in a life-threatening condition and will soon be flown out of Afghanistan, a German government spokeswoman said on Friday.
18/08/2021 18:21 Comments 0 Comments
Taliban Takeover: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai was accompanied by the old government's main peace envoy, Abdullah Abdullah, in the meeting.
17/08/2021 19:48 Comments 0 Comments
A 65-year-old woman was allegedly raped by five men, including four minors, in Madhya Pradesh's Singrauli.
16/08/2021 19:40 Comments 0 Comments
The death count has been climbing all weekend as rescue and recovery workers pick through debris left behind by the subsiding waters in the hardest-hit areas.
15/08/2021 19:39 Comments 0 Comments
A tweet from the Afghan Presidential palace account said firing had been heard at a number of points around Kabul but that security forces, in coordination with international partners, had control of the city.
14/08/2021 19:26 Comments 0 Comments
"I'm... deeply disturbed by early indications that that the Taliban are imposing severe restrictions on human rights in the areas under their control, particularly targeting women and journalists," Antonio Guterres said.
14/08/2021 17:44 Comments 0 Comments
"In the current situation, the remobilisation of our security and defence forces is our top priority, and serious steps are being taken in this regard," Afghan President Ahsraf Ghani said in a televised speech.
14/08/2021 15:58 Comments 0 Comments
Melanie Sykes showcased her incredible figure as she returned to Venice, where she met her Italian toyboy lover Riccardo Simionato, 23, last year.
10/08/2021 19:49 Comments 0 Comments
The bridge, which allows boats to pass underneath by raising the road which crosses it, got stuck shortly before 2:45pm (1345 GMT), a spokeswoman for the City of London police force said.
10/08/2021 19:37 Comments 0 Comments
The Swissmedic regulatory authority, which has already approved the Pfizer-BioNTech jab for over-12s, said results from an ongoing study showed Moderna had 93 percent efficacy in the young age group.
09/08/2021 19:21 Comments 0 Comments
Helen Flanagan looked incredible in yellow lace lingerie as she proudly showed off her post-baby body five months after giving birth.
09/08/2021 18:47 Comments 0 Comments
A Brit woman was raped as she lay unconscious on a street in tourist hotspot Majorca as cops quiz a German man.

Hero bystanders stepped in to help the woman after the horror unfolded in Playa de Parma this morning.
09/08/2021 18:38 Comments 0 Comments
China may have finished second in the Olympic medal table at Tokyo 2020 - but it wasn't for lack of trying as its sporting machine puts gold and glory as the ultimate goal.

Being pipped by the US with 39 golds to 38 on the final weekend, China has a sprawling state-backed operation which puts young athletes through brutal training regiments to prepare them for the world stage.
05/08/2021 18:24 Comments 0 Comments
The rape, murder and forced cremation of a 9-year-old girl in Delhi Cantonment has triggered a nationwide cry for justice with political parties, students, activists demanding the strictest possible punishment for the accused.
05/08/2021 16:57 Comments 0 Comments
The KG Nagar police have cracked a case in which an autorickshaw driver was allegedly murdered by his wife and his friend, who were reportedly in an illicit relationship.
03/08/2021 19:10 Comments 0 Comments
Senior Afghan Army General Sami Sadat told residents to get out as soon as they could.
03/08/2021 18:59 Comments 0 Comments
The German tourist faces charges for killing and torturing animals, a crime that can carry up to a year in jail in Crotia.
03/08/2021 18:48 Comments 0 Comments
The incident took place at the Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital (MYH) on July 28 and an FIR was registered against the 32-year-old accused on Monday night, the police said.
02/08/2021 18:45 Comments 0 Comments
Up against an opponent, who had beaten her nine times so far in the last 15 meetings, Sindhu showed great determination to outplay Bing Jiao.
01/08/2021 19:14 Comments 0 Comments
Camila Mendes brought the heat to South Beach as she filmed her new Netflix movies Strangers on Friday afternoon.
31/07/2021 19:51 Comments 0 Comments
Heidi Klum, 48, paraded her phenomenal physique in a lavender bikini on Thursday, during a jaunt on a luxury boat with husband Tom Kaulitzher, 31.
30/07/2021 19:41 Comments 0 Comments
PV Sindhu defeated Japan's Akane Yamaguchi in straight games in the quarterfinals of the women's singles badminton event at the Tokyo Olympics to enter the semi-finals on Friday.
30/07/2021 19:17 Comments 0 Comments
Heidi Klum, 48, has been living it up in France with her husband Tom Kaulitzher, 31. And the German supermodel was giving fans an insight into her wild holiday on Friday as she took to Instagram to share a racy topless snap as well as experimenting with Instagram filters while sporting a bold bikini.
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Paulina Porizkova is showing off her incredible abs in a throwback bikini photo that was taken during her Costa Rican vacation, after showing off her grueling workout routine the day before.
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A woman and paramour allegedly murdered her mother-in-law and later dumped the body on the railway tracks to pass off the crime as an accident.
27/07/2021 19:07 Comments 0 Comments
Late on Saturday, the accused abducted the elderly woman in her sleep and took her to a deserted spot, where they allegedly gang-raped her.
26/07/2021 16:22 Comments 0 Comments
RAFAEL VAN DER VAART'S stunning ex-wife Sylvie Meis has once again shown off her incredible bikini body while on holiday.
24/07/2021 16:56 Comments 0 Comments
Helena Christensen hits all the right notes posing in lingerie next to her piano.
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Britney Spears went topless in a racy new Instagram photo that shocked fans as she continues to fight dad Jamie in her conservatorship battle.
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It’s clear why model Lara Worthington has a growing fanbase — as she poses by the sea in a bikini with a leaf motif.
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COVID-19: "We will probably have another variant arrive during the winter," Jean-Francois Delfraissy, French government's scientific council head said.
23/07/2021 13:49 Comments 0 Comments
The accused used Talk Life app to establish contact with women from poor economic backgrounds belonging to South Asian countries and offered them money in exchange for their nude photos and videos.
23/07/2021 13:23 Comments 0 Comments
An eight-year-old boy was kidnapped and murdered by his mother's 21-year-old boyfriend in Bhiwandi taluka of Maharashtra's Thane district.
22/07/2021 19:33 Comments 0 Comments
"A Saudi official denied the recent allegations reported in media outlets that an entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia used software to monitor phone calls," the official SPA news agency reported.
21/07/2021 17:51 Comments 0 Comments
China flood: Rainstorms submerged Zhengzhou's metro, killing 12 people and injuring five, while city officials said hundreds were rescued from the subway.
20/07/2021 19:50 Comments 0 Comments
The husband of actor Shilpa Shetty has been arrested after allegedly luring a woman into making a porn film with the promise of an acting job.
20/07/2021 19:13 Comments 0 Comments
Arabella Chi shows she has plenty of strings to her bow as she takes a dip in the Med.
19/07/2021 19:51 Comments 0 Comments
The first batch of Indian athletes arrived on Sunday morning and checked in to the Games village after fulfilling the COVID-19 related protocol requirements.
19/07/2021 19:33 Comments 0 Comments
What once drew some 2.5 million Muslims from all walks of life from across the globe, the hajj pilgrimage is now almost unrecognisable in scale.
19/07/2021 15:29 Comments 0 Comments
Paralympian Olivia Breen was left 'speechless' after being told her sprint briefs were 'too short and inappropriate'.
18/07/2021 17:09 Comments 0 Comments
Chelsea star Jorginho was pictured kissing his girlfriend Catherine Harding as the pair enjoyed a romantic holiday in Mykonos.
17/07/2021 15:39 Comments 0 Comments
Demi Moore gets in the spirit with her eldest daughter on holiday.
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A separate in vitro laboratory trial to determine Sinovac's effectiveness against the Delta variant showed that the neutralizing antibodies reduced four-fold compared to those produced against the original Covid-19 strain.
16/07/2021 18:53 Comments 0 Comments
Joe Biden reiterated that he decided against sanctioning the company behind the Nord Stream 2 pipeline because the project was near completion, a decision that drew criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.
16/07/2021 18:39 Comments 0 Comments
The Bootleg fire has charred more than 227,000 acres (91,860 hectares) of desiccated timber and brush in and around the Fremont-Winema National Forest since erupting on July 6 about 250 miles (400 km) south of Portland.
14/07/2021 19:27 Comments 0 Comments
In a shocking video, an official of a temple in Karnataka's Dakshina Kannada district is seen objecting to Hindu boys playing with Christian friends at a playground in the premises of the place of worship.
13/07/2021 15:59 Comments 0 Comments
Lauren Goodger is having sex “all the time” with her hunky boyfriend, eating curries and bouncing on her birthing ball to help bring on her baby girl.
12/07/2021 17:12 Comments 0 Comments
The police have arrested a woman and her brother-in-law in Viramgam of Ahmedabad rural for allegedly murdering her eight-year-old son to hide their relationship.
12/07/2021 15:12 Comments 0 Comments
Nadia Sawalha stripped to a teeny tiny bikini as she showed her support for England in Euro 2020 final.
12/07/2021 15:07 Comments 0 Comments
WE’VE seen a range of daring swimwear on Love Island but nothing comes close to a risqué catwalk show where the models wore bikinis made from TAPE.
11/07/2021 18:25 Comments 0 Comments
It was the second such large explosion in the city this month. A blast targeting a teashop killed at least 10 people last week.
11/07/2021 18:06 Comments 0 Comments
Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Berlin for a topless bicycle ride as they demand gender rights equality and raise awareness of a French mother who was kicked out of a city park for sunbathing without a top on.
09/07/2021 18:22 Comments 0 Comments
In the last week, the Taliban have overrun areas bordering five countries - Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Pakistan - as foreign forces end their two-decade intervention and the domestic security situation deteriorates.
09/07/2021 18:12 Comments 0 Comments
Eighteen firefighting units were struggling to douse the fire at the factory building of Hashem Foods Limited.
08/07/2021 19:26 Comments 0 Comments
The combustion unleashed a shock wave through the skyscraper-studded city of Dubai, causing walls and windows to shake in neighborhoods as far as 25 kilometers away from the port.
08/07/2021 19:17 Comments 0 Comments
These women, speaking publicly for the first time, talked about sexual violations that they said had been committed in police stations, prisons and hospitals in Egypt.
20/06/2021 16:24 Comments 0 Comments
"We are now closer than ever to an agreement but the distance that exists between us and an agreement remains and bridging it is not an easy job," Abbas Araqchi, Iran's delegation chief said.
20/06/2021 15:49 Comments 0 Comments
In the picture, Khushi can be seen wearing a lilac-coloured, high-waisted bikini along with a matching cape. She completed the look with loose curls and an elegant pair of sunglasses.
18/06/2021 17:17 Comments 0 Comments
The top US diplomat Antony Blinken will attend the Second Berlin Conference on Libya and meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.
18/06/2021 16:19 Comments 0 Comments
"This will be the last weekend when we wear masks outdoors because next June 26 we won't have to wear masks in outdoor public spaces," Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said.
18/06/2021 16:04 Comments 0 Comments
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that Israel will send 1 million Pfizer vaccine doses to Palestine that are "about to expire".
04/06/2021 18:18 Comments 0 Comments
The British regulator's approval follows that of the European Medicines Agency and US Food and Drug Administration last month for the younger cohort to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech jab.
04/06/2021 16:50 Comments 0 Comments
It was a rare farewell. When Pallat Brahmadathan (Elephant) came to bid farewell to his master Omanachettan (Mahout), who had cared him for nearly a quarter of a century, all those who assembled in the premises wept.
01/06/2021 17:53 Comments 0 Comments
The report predicts that Lebanon's economy will shrink by close to 10 percent in 2021 and stresses there is "no clear turning point in the horizon".
31/05/2021 18:46 Comments 0 Comments
These 5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of the Earth's ecosystems, Juhi Chawla said.
31/05/2021 13:31 Comments 0 Comments
Barabanki's Chief Medical Officer BKS Chauhan has issued a press note, claiming the baby was brought dead to the hospital.
31/05/2021 13:21 Comments 0 Comments
Assam Health Minister Keshab Mahanta said ambulances should be made available to Covid-negative patients for returning home.
30/05/2021 15:43 Comments 0 Comments
Brazil Protests: At the outset of pandemic, Jair Bolsonaro dismissed Covid as "a little flu" and as the death toll has risen steadily he has gone on to infuriate people in other ways, opposing stay-at-home measures and masks, touting ineffective medications, refusing offers of vaccines.
30/05/2021 15:24 Comments 0 Comments
On camera, two men - one of them in a PPE suit - are seen lifting a body on the bridge over river Rapti.
28/05/2021 15:56 Comments 0 Comments
The parliamentary speaker announced Thursday that Assad garnered 95.1 percent of the votes cast, trouncing two virtually unknown challengers.
28/05/2021 15:49 Comments 0 Comments
The two inactivated vaccines developed by Sinopharm's vaccine-making unit China National Biotec Group Co. prevented symptomatic infections by 72.8% and 78.1%, largely in-line with what the state-owned drugmaker previously announced.
28/05/2021 15:24 Comments 0 Comments
Rahul Gandhi, addressing a virtual press conference, said the second wave of COVID-19 is the "PM's responsibility".
27/05/2021 18:02 Comments 0 Comments
Congo Volcano Eruption: "Right now we can't rule out an eruption on land or under the Kivu lake which could happen very soon and without warning" said General Constant Ndima.
27/05/2021 17:58 Comments 0 Comments
The companies hope to launch their vaccine by the end of 2021 -- one year after Pfizer and Moderna jabs were approved by regulators.
27/05/2021 17:51 Comments 0 Comments
"Standing here today, with humility and respect, by your side, I have come to recognise our responsibilities": Macron at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.
27/05/2021 17:00 Comments 0 Comments
Ramdev's remarks about allopathy had triggered an outcry from doctors across the country and he was forced to "withdraw" them this week.
27/05/2021 16:23 Comments 0 Comments
Geordie Shore stars Chloe Ferry and Bethan Kershaw are living it up in the sun in Portugal.

The pals jetted to the Algarve after the country confirmed it was open to British visitors and the UK added it to its 'Green List'.
27/05/2021 15:56 Comments 0 Comments
Amanda Holden posed totally naked on a bed of money this morning ahead of giving away £1million.

The 50-year-old Britain's Got Talent star posted the mind-blowing shot on Instagram - telling fans the cash is real.
27/05/2021 15:19 Comments 0 Comments
The man's response has left the Internet in splits.
26/05/2021 17:15 Comments 0 Comments
Laurence des Cars currently runs the Musee d'Orsay, the Paris landmark museum dedicated to 19th-century art, where she is already the first-ever woman boss.
26/05/2021 17:01 Comments 0 Comments
WhatsApp says messages on its platform are end-to-end encrypted, so to comply with the law it would have break encryption for those who send and receive messages.
26/05/2021 13:58 Comments 0 Comments
IMA Uttarakhand has slapped a Rs 1,000 crore defamation notice on yoga guru Ramdev over his recent remarks on allopathy medicine that stirred a major controversy.
25/05/2021 19:11 Comments 0 Comments
A Mother has been slammed for repeatedly kissing her young daughter on the lips on a train in a TikTok video.

But others have rushed to defend her after the clip went viral and sparked a debate whether or not the smooches were appropriate.
24/05/2021 17:29 Comments 0 Comments
"As a government, our focus in terms of urgency is on urgent, imminent issues," submitted Tushar Mehta, adding that law officers are also dealing with pandemic-related cases.
24/05/2021 15:35 Comments 0 Comments
UP Police have filed a counter case - of their own volition - against the victim, Mohammed Shakir, who has been accused of 'mischief by killing an animal'
23/05/2021 18:35 Comments 0 Comments
The crime occurred on April 1 but came to light on Wednesday (May 19) when the woman filed a complaint against the three accused.
23/05/2021 17:55 Comments 0 Comments
Former military analyst Ellsberg posted online the classified portion of a top-secret document on the crisis that had been only partially declassified in 1975.
23/05/2021 16:59 Comments 0 Comments
Police said the woman, in her complaint, stated that the incident happened when her husband had gone for training.
21/05/2021 16:50 Comments 0 Comments
Myanmar's army took power alleging fraud in a November election that was swept by the party of Suu Kyi, who fought for democracy for decades before tentative reforms began a decade ago.
21/05/2021 16:42 Comments 0 Comments
Internet Explorer-based websites and applications will work with Edge at least until 2029, Microsoft said.
21/05/2021 16:35 Comments 0 Comments
A senior conservation official in Balochistan province, said the pair were first spotted by rangers in the Hazarganji Wildlife Park six months ago.
20/05/2021 15:47 Comments 0 Comments
Six villages and two monasteries were evacuated after the fire broke out on Wednesday evening.
20/05/2021 15:13 Comments 0 Comments
The woman and her daughter were going out to buy groceries amid the Covid restrictions when the incident that was shot on mobile video happened.
20/05/2021 13:54 Comments 0 Comments
Adline Castelino is 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe 2020: It is great to see India shine, says Celina Jaitly
19/05/2021 18:37 Comments 0 Comments
Three youths allegedly gangraped a 21-year-old woman in front of her male friend in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.
19/05/2021 17:23 Comments 0 Comments
The Tianzhou-2 cargo craft will blast off on a 14-tonne Long March 7 rocket carrying food and space suits for the "Tiangong" space station.
19/05/2021 16:24 Comments 0 Comments
After the strikes, rescue workers pulled the five-month-old from the arms of his dead mother early Saturday, one of his tiny legs fractured in three places.
18/05/2021 18:54 Comments 0 Comments
The presence of the chemicals used in the drugs -- Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-51) -- were high on weekends and in sewage treatment facilities in Gangnam, a new research showed.
18/05/2021 18:43 Comments 0 Comments
South China Sea Dispute: Tensions between Manila and Beijing over the waterway -- which China claims almost entirely -- flared in March after hundreds of Chinese boats were spotted inside the Philippines' Exclusive Economic Zone.
18/05/2021 15:52 Comments 0 Comments
This is the gruesome moment New York Mets star Kevin Pillar was smashed in the face with a 94mph fastball.

The batter crumpled to the floor in a heap after the stomach turning pitch and was rushed to hospital with blood pouring from his face.
Tags MLB
18/05/2021 15:50 Comments 0 Comments
Lauryn Goodman wore nothing but her bikini bottoms as she cradled son Kairo in a sunny holiday snap.

The media personality shared a picture of herself from behind, admiring the stunning coastal view.
18/05/2021 15:34 Comments 0 Comments
An MP in Covid-ravaged India has been blasted for her "disturbing" claim that drinking cow urine every day prevents her from catching the virus.

Controversial politician Pragya Thakur hailed it a "life-saver" - despite doctors repeatedly telling people not to use cow excrement as a way to treat coronavirus as the country continues to be battered by a deadly second wave.
18/05/2021 13:19 Comments 0 Comments
The storage period in fridges of unopened vials of the vaccine, which initially had to be stored in super-cooled freezers, had been lengthened from five days, the European Medicines Agency said.
18/05/2021 13:13 Comments 0 Comments
The COVID-19 pandemic meant it was not possible to hold such a large event as planned on Aug. 17-20, they said.
18/05/2021 13:00 Comments 0 Comments
"Six failed launch attempts were identified from Lebanon that did not cross into Israeli territory," the Israeli army said in a statement.
17/05/2021 19:09 Comments 0 Comments
A 35-year-old Income Tax commissioner from Puducherry has been accused of raping a woman doctor and impregnating her, later forcing her to abort her child. The accused has been booked by the Nagpur police.
17/05/2021 19:00 Comments 0 Comments
The woman told the police that there was a delay in filing a complaint as she was unwell.
17/05/2021 13:28 Comments 0 Comments
Authorities announced that primary, secondary schools and junior colleges would shift to full home-based learning from Wednesday .
17/05/2021 13:24 Comments 0 Comments
The vaccine "achieved strong rates of neutralizing antibody responses, in line with those measured in people who have recovered from COVID-19," the companies said in a statement.
17/05/2021 13:21 Comments 0 Comments
Doctors say there is no evidence to prove cow dung can cure COVID-19.
17/05/2021 13:21 Comments 0 Comments
Khatron Ke Khiladi 11's contestant Nikki Tamboli is setting the internet ablaze with her latest monokini photo. The blue monokini gives the perfect beach vibes and Nikki Tamboli's beach body is unmissable in it.
17/05/2021 13:19 Comments 0 Comments
Myanmar's Miss Universe contestant, Thuzar Wint Lwin is among dozens of Myanmar celebrities, actors, social media influencers and sports people who have voiced opposition to the coup, in which elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi was overthrown and detained.
17/05/2021 12:28 Comments 0 Comments
Andrea Meza, 26, finished first ahead of the Brazilian and Peruvian finalists in the 69th installment of Miss Universe, held in Hollywood, Florida.
16/05/2021 16:46 Comments 0 Comments
Benjamin Netanyahu said: "The party that bears the guilt for this confrontation is not us, it's those attacking us".
16/05/2021 16:17 Comments 0 Comments
Houston Police Department (HPD) Major Offenders Commander Ron Borza said that they got the tiger and "he is healthy".
16/05/2021 16:05 Comments 0 Comments
Suez Canal Authority (SCA) announced this week that it was planning to extend a second canal lane that opened in 2015 by 10 km to make it 82 km long, and would widen and deepen a single lane stretch at the southern end of the canal.
16/05/2021 15:59 Comments 0 Comments
Al Jazeera broadcast footage showing the building collapsing to the ground after the Israeli air strike, sending up a huge mushroom cloud of dust and debris.
16/05/2021 15:50 Comments 0 Comments
Leaders like P Chidambaram and Abhishek Manu Singhvi, too, criticised the Narendra Modi government over the arrests for putting up posters.
15/05/2021 17:56 Comments 0 Comments
Israel "destroyed Jala Tower in the Gaza Strip, which contains the Al-Jazeera office and other international press offices," Al-Jazeera said in a tweet.
15/05/2021 17:44 Comments 0 Comments
Seventy-two of its booked passengers were barred from flying after 48 tested positive for Covid-19 and others were deemed close contacts.
15/05/2021 17:35 Comments 0 Comments
China has now sent astronauts into space, powered probes to the Moon and landed a rover on Mars, the most prestigious of all prizes in the competition for dominion of space.
15/05/2021 17:30 Comments 0 Comments
India Covid-19 Cases: WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pointed out that the emergency-like situation was not restricted to India.
14/05/2021 18:22 Comments 0 Comments
"We have taken the precaution of shutting down all our IT systems in order to protect them from this attack and to allow us (to) fully assess the situation with our own security partners," the Health Service Executive said on Twitter.
14/05/2021 18:08 Comments 0 Comments
Indonesia experiences frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions due to its position on the Pacific "Ring of Fire".
14/05/2021 18:03 Comments 0 Comments
Starting on Sunday, group sizes in public will reduce to two from five people in Singapore.
14/05/2021 17:56 Comments 0 Comments
The animal is called Tlatolophus galorum. Its tail was discovered first, in the General Cepeda area of the northern state of Coahuila in 2013.
14/05/2021 17:49 Comments 0 Comments
As hostilities entered their fifth day, with no sign of abating, the Israeli military said in a statement shortly after midnight that air and ground forces were attacking the Hamas-run enclave. Rocket barrages from Gaza swiftly followed.
14/05/2021 17:41 Comments 0 Comments
The 43-year-old woman who was admitted to the Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre had complained about the incident to a doctor, police said.
14/05/2021 13:04 Comments 0 Comments
According to the criminal complaint, “with an uncontrollable urge to hurt someone”, the accused Pushkar Sharma grabbed his mother from behind, choked and stabbed her until she collapsed on the floor.
13/05/2021 19:09 Comments 0 Comments
US President Joe Biden says that “Israel has a right to defend itself” amid a barrage of rockets fired by Hamas and other Palestinian groups from Gaza.
13/05/2021 19:03 Comments 0 Comments
As India battles with the second wave of coronavirus, NITI Aayog member VK Paul on Thursday said that the Sputnik V vaccine will be available in the market by next week.
12/05/2021 18:54 Comments 0 Comments
The Israeli military said 15 of the dead were militants. During the same period, Gaza militants fired more than 200 rockets toward Israel, injuring six Israeli civilians in a direct hit on an apartment building.
10/05/2021 19:03 Comments 0 Comments
Israeli police faced off with Palestinian protesters Sunday in another night of clashes in east Jerusalem.
10/05/2021 18:50 Comments 0 Comments
Aside from efficacy numbers, the Chinese manufacturer has released very little public data about its two vaccines – one developed by its Beijing Institute of Biological Products and the other by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products.
05/05/2021 19:27 Comments 0 Comments
Relentless wind and rain have pummeled large swaths of the South, spawning tornadoes, sparking a flash flood emergency in Alabama and damaging homes from Texas to Virginia.
05/05/2021 18:57 Comments 0 Comments
Those efforts were suspended early Tuesday, however, because of safety concerns for those working near the precariously dangling car. A crane was brought in to help shore it up.
28/04/2021 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
Firefighters, rescuers from Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service said they were alerted to the scene on Merkela street in the heart of Riga about 5 am.
28/04/2021 18:59 Comments 0 Comments
Muslims make up about 9% of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people, with Buddhists accounting for more than 70%. Ethnic minority Tamils, who are mainly Hindus, comprise about 15%.
28/04/2021 18:34 Comments 0 Comments
A woman's family was reportedly forced to transport her dead body on the back of a motorbike as India's Covid-19 crisis worsens.
27/04/2021 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
A hospital ward boy was arrested for allegedly attempting to rape a female Covid patient at a Covid care centre in Gwalior on Sunday.
25/04/2021 19:27 Comments 0 Comments
Albanian voters have started casting ballots in parliamentary elections on Sunday amid the virus pandemic and a bitter political rivalry between the country's two largest political parties.
25/04/2021 18:50 Comments 0 Comments
India’s crematoriums and burial grounds are being overwhelmed by the devastating new surge of infections tearing through the populous country with terrifying speed, depleting the supply of life-saving oxygen to critical levels and leaving patients to die while waiting in line to see doctors.
25/04/2021 18:08 Comments 0 Comments
She's never shied away from flaunting her incredible figure. And Elizabeth Hurley was proudly flaunting her svelte physique in a plunging blue bikini as she posed for another sizzling Instagram throwback snap on Saturday.

The actress, 55, slipped into the bright two-piece to promote her self-titled swimwear range.
24/04/2021 13:12 Comments 0 Comments
Donna D'Errico looked stunningly youthful at 53 in a new Instagram series she posted on Thursday. The platinum blonde did not look a day older than when she starred on Baywatch as busty lifeguard Donna Marco in the 1990s.

In her new album she showed off her sensationally toned figure in a barely-there white bikini while twirling around a Neapolitan umbrella.
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A Naked Attraction beauty ditched her office job to become a porn star after stripping nude on the show.

Melissa Edden took part in the Channel 4 series two years ago while working in an office job.
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Rhian Sugden showed off her new glowing tan as she prepared to return to modelling after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

The former Page 3 girl, 34, shared the stunning snap with her 449k followers on Instagram.
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Lottie Moss may have been hoping to catch the attention of some guys by sharing this photo, captioned: “Lounging around the house.”

Despite looking amazing in the pink lingerie, the model confessed she hasn’t had much luck when it comes to her love life.
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Charlotte McKinney throws her arms up in the air and shows off her stunning frame in this sexy lingerie snap.

The model and actress, 27, made a splash as one of the leads in the 2017 Baywatch remake.
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AN actress has been jailed for 90 days in Ghana for posing nude with her son on his seventh birthday.

US rap star Cardi B joined international uproar at the "harsh" sentence handed down to Rosemond Brown, better known as Akuapem Poloo.
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With international tensions running high, Russians are proving they are ready and fit for a new Cold War.

Some 1,772 hardy souls stripped off to bikinis and swim shorts for a downhill race in icy Siberia.
16/04/2021 19:37 Comments 0 Comments
"We are now getting nine grams per hour," Ali Akbar Salehi of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said on state television.
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"When it comes to this possible meeting, the readiness of Finland to organise it has been presented to both Washington and Moscow," a spokesman for the president's office told AFP by email.
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But the findings "paint an alarming picture of the state of bodily autonomy for millions of women and girls" who don't have the power to make choices about their bodies and their futures without fear or violence, it said.
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NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels said the alliance had agreed to withdraw its roughly 7,000 forces from Afghanistan, matching Biden's decision to begin a final pullout by May 1.
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Emily Ratajkowski showed off her incredible figure just five weeks after welcoming her son, Sylvester.

The 29-year-old model posed in a teeny thong bikini from her swimwear line Inamorata for a series of raunchy videos on her Instagram Stories.
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Elizabeth Hurley showcased her sensational figure in a hot pink bikini on Instagram yesterday.

The 55-year-old wowed fans with her latest social media post as she modelled a new two-piece from her swimwear range, Elizabeth Hurley Swim.
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The card, with a glossy image of the ill-fated ship on the front, was written by Jack Phillips to his sister, Elsie Phillips, in March 1912 while awaiting the ship’s first sea trials, according to RR Auction in Boston.
13/04/2021 19:05 Comments 0 Comments
Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the ocean release was the "most realistic" option and that disposing of the water is "unavoidable" for the decommissioning of the Fukushima plant, which is expected to take decades.
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As England started to reopen today I opted for a few pints in my local pub rather than the gym.

But seeing these photos of 53-year-old David Guetta with bulging abs, I’m starting to think I could have put my time to better use.
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The bare bones are in place for the world’s tallest tribute to Jesus at 141ft high. The Christ the Protector statue is under construction in Encantado, Brazil.
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Actress Janhvi Kapoor on Thursday evening posted fresh snapshots of her holiday in Maldives, posing by the sea at sunset in a hologram monokini.
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The ‘Butt Squad’ detained for the lewd photoshoot in Dubai had a dry run six weeks ago in the snow of the Carpathian Mountains.

At least half a dozen of the women known to have been on the notorious picture in the United Arab Emirates were also at a February birthday bash at Ukrainian winter resort Bukovel.
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“For all those women worried about “log kya kahenge”, DO NOT waste your time thinking what others make of you, what you make of you is the best version there ever could be, function from the place where what you think and feel is more important.
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A young chimp and a baby bear paws their busy day to share a cuddle.

Curious Can welcomed the month-old cub called Boncuk to his new home at Turkey’s Gaziantep Zoo.
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A model from Ukraine who posed for a nude photoshoot on a Dubai balcony was caught out through a distinctive tattoo on her bum.

The family of Yana Graboshchuk, 27, say they thought she was on holiday and her involvement in the raunchy shoot came as a shock to them.
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The US military's Central Command said it was "aware of media reporting of an incident involving the Saviz in the Red Sea."
07/04/2021 13:21 Comments 0 Comments
The incident took place when the woman was going to a hospital in an autorickshaw. The woman informed the cops, following which the accused was arrested.
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The winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant is allegedly recovering from a head injury after a last-minute struggle over her new crown on Sunday, when another beauty queen ran up on stage and tried to strip her of her victory.
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Dubai citizens could face jail and a £1,000 fine for sharing a clip of a group of models standing nude on a balcony in broad daylight.

Footage taken from a next door building shows over a dozen women on the balcony of one of the city’s skyscrapers being filmed by a man.
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The train derailed near the Taroko Gorge scenic area on the first day of a long holiday weekend when many people were using Taiwan’s extensive rail system.
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Bella Hadid looks a sheer delight in a revealing top on the catwalk.

The US model, 24, wore a see-through number with blue arm-length gloves and a dark skirt from French fashion firm Mugler for its virtual spring 2021 show.
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A Woman has revealed how rockclimbing in the buff makes her feel 'empowered' and says the activity is 'not porn but art'.

Laura Jasorka, 37, who works in a casino in New Jersey, said that she has been naked climbing for years and loves posting pictures in the nude.
29/03/2021 13:05 Comments 0 Comments
The clip shows the young girl - tied with ropes - being paraded with accused as some men walking around them chant slogans.
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Madonna squeezed into a tiny, barely-there bra and stockings as she posed up a storm in sexy Instagram selfies.

The 62-year-old star looked sensational as she showed off her trim figure in the raunchy get-up.
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As Myanmar’s military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade Saturday in the country’s capital, soldiers and police elsewhere killed scores of people while suppressing protests in the deadliest bloodletting since last month’s coup.
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A cellular video obtained by The Associated Press showed body parts scattered near a burning motorbike at the gates of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province.
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WWE star Dana Brooke posted a stunning bikini shot to Instagram on Friday revealing her killer body.

The 32-year-old posted the glamorous tropical picture taken by Brent Allen, wearing a pink flower and a very revealing bikini.
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Kirsty Gallacher is dating ex-boxing champ Johnny Nelson, The Sun on Sunday can reveal.

The former Sky Sports presenter is said to be head over heels with fighter-turned-TV-pundit Johnny after romance blossomed when they met at the TV station.
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Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power has vowed to strip fully naked on Instagram - and says "if you've got it, flaunt it."

The reality TV star was trolled for always getting her kit off, but today said she wanted to go even further on social media to show off her body.
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A 31-year-old man hid under a cot for more than six hours before killing his wife's lover in Bengaluru's  Byadarahalli.
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According to updates from police, the female teacher was sexually abusing the student by sending him inappropriate chats and making physical intimacy with him.
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Man Thrashed In Delhi, Forced To Chant Anti-Pak Slogans. Accused Arrested. Ajay Goswami, the accused in the case was also named in a case linked to Delhi riots, police said.
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