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12/01/2021 17:14 Comments 0 Comments
WhatsApp clarifies again on updated privacy policy amid row. Says "update doesn't affect privacy of messages with friends or family". Lists information "NOT shared with Facebook".
12/01/2021 13:37 Comments 0 Comments
Indian television actress Nia Sharma slays it every time she dons the bikini and monokini. And she did it again when she was in Goa last month.
11/01/2021 15:50 Comments 0 Comments
The X Factor's Lucy Spraggan has proudly shown off her new boobs exclusively to The Sun - cheekily admitting that she is desperate to visit a lesbian sex club now she's confident in her body.

The 29-year-old star shot to fame on the 2012 series of the ITV reality show, and has undergone a huge image transformation since then.
10/01/2021 18:56 Comments 0 Comments
"After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence," Twitter's official "Safety" account tweeted.
10/01/2021 15:32 Comments 0 Comments
Hong Kong police made the arrests on Wednesday in dawn raids, the biggest crackdown since China imposed a security law in 2020, which opponents say is aimed at quashing dissent in the former British colony.
10/01/2021 15:25 Comments 0 Comments
Vatican City last week said it expected to receive enough COVID-19 vaccine doses in the following days to inoculate all of its residents and its workers who live beyond its walls in Rome.
10/01/2021 13:19 Comments 0 Comments
Jennifer Lopez showed off her famous butt in a black thong swimsuit as she did some paddleboarding on quite the tropical getaway.

The 51-year-old - better known as JLo - and fiancé Alex Rodriguez were set to tie the knot this past summer but postponed it due to the coronavirus.
08/01/2021 17:36 Comments 0 Comments
Japan says the issue was settled under a 1965 treaty that normalised diplomatic ties, and the two countries agreed to "irreversibly" end the dispute in a 2015 deal.
08/01/2021 17:22 Comments 0 Comments
Authorities believe the woman, aged in her 20s, was infectious from January 2. She tested positive after showing symptoms on Wednesday.
08/01/2021 17:09 Comments 0 Comments
Jennifer Lopez shows her cheeky side as she takes a break on the beach.

The singer, 51, captioned this social media snap “Beach bum” as she kicked back after bringing in the new year on US TV.
07/01/2021 18:37 Comments 0 Comments
Trump’s acknowledgement came after a day of chaos and destruction on Capitol Hill as a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol building and unleashed unprecedented scenes of mayhem as it tried to halt the peaceful transition of power.
07/01/2021 13:52 Comments 0 Comments
A 50-year-old woman was brutally gangraped and murdered in Uttar Pradesh's Badaun district on Sunday. The victim's family has alleged police apathy, before and after her death.
04/01/2021 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
Demonstrators gathered on Sunday in central Tahrir square in response to calls by the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF). They waved the Iraqi and PMF flags and chanted anti-American slogans while carrying the portraits of Soleimani and Muhandis.
04/01/2021 18:50 Comments 0 Comments
Salma Hayek was called the "most beautiful woman in the world" by fans as she stripped down to a bikini to celebrate the New Year.

The 54-year-old actress rang in 2021 with sun, sand and sparkling seas on an exotic vacation.
03/01/2021 19:23 Comments 0 Comments
The CDC reported its tally of cases of the respiratory illness known as COVID-19, caused by a new coronavirus, as of 4 pm ET Friday versus its previous report published on Dec. 31.
01/01/2021 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
Alexis Ren went completely nude while hitting the beach. The Instagram model was recently seen swimming and doing the splits in the sand during the wild beach romp.
01/01/2021 16:48 Comments 0 Comments
The poor and mainly Muslim region has seen previous attacks on security officials and an insurgency since Moscow fought two wars with separatists after the 1991 Soviet Union breakup.
01/01/2021 16:30 Comments 0 Comments
The woman allegedly asked her daughter to stay silent and "cooperate" when the latter informed her that she was being sexually abused. The accused woman and her boyfriend were arrested by the police on Wednesday (December 30).
07/10/2020 19:14 Comments 0 Comments
The new area of the amusement park in the western city of Osaka was originally planned to open in July this year ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, with huge droves of tourists expected.
07/10/2020 19:08 Comments 0 Comments
Aava Murto, from Vaasky in southern Finland, said she was having an "exciting day" as she faced media on the steps of parliament after meeting with the chancellor of justice.
07/10/2020 16:43 Comments 0 Comments
For her, it was a moment of pure joy. She had been homeless for 2 years, and this job was godsend for her. “When I got outside I didn’t know that the cameras caught me,” she said.
06/10/2020 18:07 Comments 0 Comments
Nobel Prize for Physics: The physicists were selected "for their discoveries about one of the most exotic phenomena in the universe, the black hole," the Nobel Committee said.
04/10/2020 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
The umrah, the pilgrimage that can be undertaken at any time, usually attracts millions of Muslims from across the globe each year but it was suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.
04/10/2020 19:02 Comments 0 Comments
The text of encyclical will be published on Sunday, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, who lived from 1182-1226 and devoted himself to a life of poverty.
03/10/2020 17:45 Comments 0 Comments
South Korea's Yonhap news agency said it was the first time Kim Jong Un had sent well wishes to a world leader who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
03/10/2020 17:21 Comments 0 Comments
An offence has been registered against a 45-year-old armyman for allegedly sexually torturing his minor daughter in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
01/10/2020 17:43 Comments 0 Comments
Alexander De Croo's French-speaking socialist rival Paul Magnette confirmed that the parties had chosen the 44-year-old finance minister as premier. He is to be sworn in on Thursday by Belgium's king.
30/09/2020 17:58 Comments 0 Comments
Marked by angry interruptions and bitter accusations, the first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden erupted in contentious exchanges Tuesday night over the coronavirus pandemic, job losses and how the Supreme Court will shape the future of the nation’s health care.
30/09/2020 17:47 Comments 0 Comments
Fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces entered its 4th day on Wednesday, with fresh casualties reported in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.
30/09/2020 15:46 Comments 0 Comments
She bared all to mark her 39th birthday — and to show she still has what it takes.

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Nicola McLean is married to footballer Tom Williams, 40, and the couple live in Bucks with their sons, Rocky, 14, and Striker, ten.
29/09/2020 16:24 Comments 0 Comments
Aussie surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey has opened up on the "terrifying" abuse she was made to endure while breaking into the industry as a young woman.

The 25-year-old reveals that her experiences in the 'misogynistic' world of pro surfing played a part in her decision to empower herself by starting an x-rated website.
28/09/2020 17:25 Comments 0 Comments
Actress Naina Ganguly Photos,,, Actress Naina Ganguly Photos,,, Actress Naina Ganguly Photos,,, Actress Naina Ganguly Photos.
26/09/2020 17:21 Comments 0 Comments
Social media companies have been facing growing pressure to stop carrying ads that spread false information and could steer election results.
26/09/2020 16:46 Comments 0 Comments
Australia Pilot Whales: In Australia's biggest whale beaching, 470 whales were first spotted on a wide sandbank during an aerial reconnaissance of rugged Macquarie Harbour in Tasmania state on Monday.
26/09/2020 16:40 Comments 0 Comments
Ukraine Plane Crash: Ukraine's SBU security service said it was a training flight but the cadets of the Kharkiv National Air Force University were not involved in piloting the plane.
26/09/2020 13:31 Comments 0 Comments
The unidentified accused also threatened the brother of the victim when he objected to the misconduct by the co-passenger near civil hospital in Ahmedabad.
25/09/2020 17:52 Comments 0 Comments
Police said the accused first drugged his wife and sister-in-law and later killed them using sharp-edged weapons.
24/09/2020 19:09 Comments 0 Comments
An Indian-origin police official in Singapore has been sentenced to two years in jail after pleading guilty to four counts, including two for corruption in the form of seeking sexual favours from women under investigation.
24/09/2020 17:18 Comments 0 Comments
A Dalit girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by four upper-caste men in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh on September 12.
23/09/2020 19:15 Comments 0 Comments
Valentina Batres Guadarrama of Mexico stepped away in the middle of a Zoom meeting.
22/09/2020 15:21 Comments 0 Comments
Bibi, watching her husband, Aminullah, set off for a three-month stint on the front line, has a simple plea: she hopes the men in power don’t make her a widow for a fourth time.
21/09/2020 18:35 Comments 0 Comments
Tourist Guide Alleges Gang-Rape In Delhi Five-Star Hotel: Cops. The survivor named six people including a woman after which the main accused was arrested, they added.
21/09/2020 18:23 Comments 0 Comments
Four armed men allegedly gang-raped a woman in presence of her children and husband and robbed the family of gold ornaments and Rs20,000 cash.
21/09/2020 17:41 Comments 0 Comments
AUSSIE surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey has surprised fans by opening an adults-only website.

The blonde beach babe, 25, revealed a subscription-based channel akin to the growing OnlyFans website.
21/09/2020 17:04 Comments 0 Comments
WWE legend APOLOGISED to Roman Reigns for his performance in his 'retirement match'.
21/09/2020 16:15 Comments 0 Comments
SWIMMER Elena Krawzow became the first Paralympian to star on a Playboy cover.

Krawzow - who has only three per cent vision - posed topless for the German version of the famous magazine.
21/09/2020 13:16 Comments 0 Comments
Boozy freshers are seen struggling to stay on their feet as they hit the town in Leeds and Sheffield – as signs of a second wave spark national lockdown fears.

Hundreds of students were seen out in the two cities last night to mark the start of the new university term.
19/09/2020 17:23 Comments 0 Comments
French Minister for European Affairs said sanctions should be among the options the 27-member bloc considers employing if Turkey continues to endanger the security and sovereignty of a member state.
19/09/2020 16:51 Comments 0 Comments
Matt Wright was trying to clear logs from a river path in Australia's Northern Territory when the crocodile approached him.
19/09/2020 16:26 Comments 0 Comments
They work 50 hours at a stretch and sleep on gymnasium floors. Exploding trees shower them with embers. They lose track of time when the sun is blotted out by smoke, and they sometimes have to run for their lives from advancing flames.
18/09/2020 18:25 Comments 0 Comments
Rescuers on the Gulf Coast used boats and high-water vehicles Thursday to reach people cut off by floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, even as a second round of flooding took shape along rivers and creeks swollen by the storm’s heavy rains.
17/09/2020 19:17 Comments 0 Comments
One of the many passengers, who were shocked to see the man with a bizarre face gear, initially thought that he was wearing a "funk face mask" before noticing the snake slithering over the bus railing.
15/09/2020 18:53 Comments 0 Comments
Following uproar over the rape of a woman on a Pakistan highway last week, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan said convicted rapists should be chemically castrated.
15/09/2020 17:17 Comments 0 Comments
In a new case of SIM card swapping fraud, scammers reportedly duped a Pune-based chartered accountant of Rs 2.2 lakh from her bank account.
14/09/2020 18:29 Comments 0 Comments
A man who is in jail under the Arms Act allegedly raped his friend's wife and daughter and blackmailed them for months in Gurugram.
14/09/2020 18:18 Comments 0 Comments
A case has been registered against a 60-year-old man and three others, aged between 18 and 28 years, for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in Punjab’s Patiala.
13/09/2020 18:55 Comments 0 Comments
Tropical Storm Sally formed Saturday off south Florida amid forecasts it would reach hurricane strength early in the week before striking the northern Gulf Coast with high winds and a possible life-threatening storm surge.
12/09/2020 18:39 Comments 0 Comments
John Sykes built his life around his cabin in the dense woods of Northern California. He raised his two children there, expanded it and improved it over time and made it resilient to all kinds of disaster except fire.
12/09/2020 18:17 Comments 0 Comments
Bahrain has become the latest Arab nation to agree to normalize ties with Israel as part of a broader diplomatic push by President Donald Trump and his administration to fully integrate the Jewish state into the Middle East.
12/09/2020 18:07 Comments 0 Comments
China has announced new restrictions on the activities of US diplomats working in mainland China and Hong Kong, in what it called a justified response to similar measures imposed on Chinese diplomats in the US last year.
11/09/2020 18:13 Comments 0 Comments
Most of the hacking attempts by Russian, Chinese and Iranian agents were halted by Microsoft security software and the targets notified, he said. The company would not comment on who may have been successfully hacked or the impact.
10/09/2020 18:42 Comments 0 Comments
The police official claimed that two armed men found the woman alone, took her and her children to a nearby field at gunpoint and gang-raped her.
09/09/2020 18:44 Comments 0 Comments
A bombing in the Afghan capital on Wednesday targeted the convoy of the country’s first vice president, killing 10 people and wounding more than a dozen others, including several of the vice president’s bodyguards, the Interior Ministry said.
09/09/2020 17:53 Comments 0 Comments
Tens of thousands of rapes are reported in India every year, but some stand out for being deeply disturbing.
08/09/2020 18:00 Comments 0 Comments
The victims also alleged that their stepmother also showed them porn videos apart from drugging them on the pretext of improving their health.
07/09/2020 17:17 Comments 0 Comments
A powerful typhoon damaged buildings, flooded roads and knocked out power to thousands of homes in South Korea on Monday after battering islands in southern Japan, killing one person and injuring dozens of others.
06/09/2020 18:02 Comments 0 Comments
As unrest continues in Portland amid 100 straight days of protests, authorities released additional court documents late Friday detailing the moments before the slaying of a right-wing protester last weekend.
06/09/2020 17:44 Comments 0 Comments
Charles Dance’s stunning female beach companion is believed to be a glamorous Italian film producer who is working on the actor's next release.

The Jewel In The Crown star, 73, is dating Alessandra Masi, 53, according to reports in MailOnline.
06/09/2020 17:29 Comments 0 Comments
Heidi Klum showed off her incredible figure on Saturday, posing topless to water her garden in a sexy snap posted to Instagram.

With her wet hair slicked back and throwing a seductive look at the camera, the star, 47, wore nothing but a pair of tiny snake skin print bikini bottoms for the photo.
04/09/2020 18:44 Comments 0 Comments
Padma Lakshmi turned 50 on Tuesday.
02/09/2020 19:21 Comments 0 Comments
The measure would force Facebook to choose between “either removing news entirely or accepting a system that lets publishers charge us for as much content as they want at a price with no clear limits.
02/09/2020 19:12 Comments 0 Comments
"She walked almost all the way from the tail to the emergency exit row, opened the door and went out."
01/09/2020 18:30 Comments 0 Comments
Boozy Brits made the most of the long Bank Holiday weekend by hitting the town again last night.

With nightclubs still shut, revellers toasted the end of the celebratory bank holiday by hitting packed pubs and bars across the UK.
Tags UK
31/08/2020 18:13 Comments 0 Comments
Media may not have shone - but it didn't stop Brits from making the most of the August bank holiday weekend.

Although temperatures in West Yorkshire plunged to single figures overnight, revellers in Leeds took the opportunity to enjoy a late-summer night out.
30/08/2020 19:11 Comments 0 Comments
Maant police station in charge Bheem Singh Javla said a case had been registered against the conductor/helper and further investigations are underway.
28/08/2020 18:21 Comments 0 Comments
One of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike the U.S., Laura barreled across Louisiana on Thursday, shearing off roofs, killing at least six people and maintaining ferocious strength while carving a destructive path hundreds of miles inland.
28/08/2020 18:02 Comments 0 Comments
Speculation about the prime minister’s health has been swirling for weeks but reached fever pitch in recent days after he made two separate trips to hospital for unspecified medical checks.
28/08/2020 17:13 Comments 0 Comments
Halle Berry shared a message of “self-love” while posting a stunning photo of of herself topless.

She captioned the Instagram post: “Self-love is never selfish."
25/08/2020 18:39 Comments 0 Comments
Regional military commander Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan said at least five soldiers and four civilians were killed in the first attack when a bomb attached to a motorcycle exploded at noon near two parked army trucks in front of a grocery and a computer shop in Jolo town in Sulu province.
25/08/2020 18:33 Comments 0 Comments
The collection of 425 complete gold coins, most dating to the Abbasid period around 1,100 years ago, was a “extremely rare” find, Israel Antiquities Authorities archaeologists Liat Nadav-Ziv and Elie Haddad said in a joint statement.
24/08/2020 17:26 Comments 0 Comments
Police have arrested the alleged rape survivor and her husband for allegedly taking Rs 7.25 lakh from the accused to settle the case, said the police.
22/08/2020 18:19 Comments 0 Comments
The victim claims that she was threatened and sexually abused and exploited by 139 people over the past several years at different places.
22/08/2020 18:13 Comments 0 Comments
A 28-year-old woman and her lover were arrested on Thursday for allegedly killing the former's live-in partner in Tamil Nadu's Cuddalore district.
22/08/2020 15:11 Comments 0 Comments
All the six accused, identified through video footage, were arrested from their houses.
21/08/2020 16:04 Comments 0 Comments
A meeting of a Brazilian city council held on Zoom became the talk of the town for an issue which was not at all included in the agenda, thanks to a participant who apparently forgot to turn off the camera before deciding to have sex.
21/08/2020 15:32 Comments 0 Comments
At least 7 people were arrested for gangraping a woman in Himachal Pradesh (India). The incident was reported from Kangra, where the woman was first offered a lift on their vehicle on Thursday and was later gangraped.
19/08/2020 12:28 Comments 0 Comments
Azamgarh Rape Case: The teen, whose family had returned from Mumbai during the lockdown, had been missing since Saturday.
19/08/2020 12:17 Comments 0 Comments
The girl was found unconscious on Saturday and is currently undergoing treatment at the district hospital, they added.
18/08/2020 18:49 Comments 0 Comments
Two youths were arrested for alleged gang rape of a 45-year-old widow at their rented accommodation.
17/08/2020 18:37 Comments 0 Comments
Hate Speech Row: In the police complaint filed on Sunday, the Facebook executive has demanded an "immediate arrest" of all those named by her; she has also sought police protection.
17/08/2020 18:19 Comments 0 Comments
At least 16 people, including a police officer, were killed and dozens others injured after the Somalian security forces ended a five-hour siege by the al-Shabab terror group at a beachside hotel in the capital city of Mogadishu, a government official said on Monday.
15/08/2020 18:18 Comments 0 Comments
Bone-dry vegetation fueled three wildfires near Los Angeles amid warnings Friday that the risk of new blazes erupting was high as temperatures spike and humidity levels drop during a statewide heat wave.
14/08/2020 17:57 Comments 0 Comments
Seventy-five years after the end of World War II, more than 1 million Japanese war dead are scattered throughout Asia, where the legacy of Japanese aggression still hampers recovery efforts.
13/08/2020 17:47 Comments 0 Comments
Gauff defeated Sabalenka 7-6(4), 2-6, 6-4 in a match that lasted for two hours and 48 minutes on Center Court on Wednesday.
13/08/2020 17:04 Comments 0 Comments
Kristyna Pliskova delivered the biggest upset of the tournament so far as she ousted No.2 seed Petra Martic 6-1, 7-5 in one hour and 22 minutes.
11/08/2020 17:07 Comments 0 Comments
Speaking at a government meeting Tuesday, Putin said that the vaccine has undergone proper testing and is safe.
09/08/2020 17:28 Comments 0 Comments
The gigantic explosion in Beirut on Tuesday tore through homes, blowing off doors and windows, toppling cupboards, and sent flying books, shelves, lamps and everything else. Dozens were trapped under the wreckage and those who survived still cannot believe that they did.
09/08/2020 15:47 Comments 0 Comments
Anxious residents of the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius stuffed fabric sacks with sugar cane leaves Saturday to create makeshift oil spill barriers as tons of fuel leaking from a grounded ship put endangered wildlife in further peril.
09/08/2020 15:28 Comments 0 Comments
Two men accused of beating Gaffar Ahmed Kacchawa, pulling his beard and asking him to "go to Pakistan" were arrested within six hours, the police said.
09/08/2020 13:25 Comments 0 Comments
New Zealand, with a population of five million, has won widespread praise for its effective handling of the coronavirus since closing its borders on March 19.
09/08/2020 13:03 Comments 0 Comments
The Japanese city of Nagasaki on Sunday marked its 75th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing, with the mayor and dwindling survivors urging world leaders including their own to do more for a nuclear weapons ban.
24/07/2020 19:44 Comments 0 Comments
The FIR in Delhi's Covid centre rape case has revealed that a man filmed the incident while his a fellow patient assaulted the minor girl.
24/07/2020 19:08 Comments 0 Comments
The move comes with TikTok seeing strong momentum, especially among young smartphone users.
24/07/2020 18:48 Comments 0 Comments
Next week, the multi-hyphenate mogul — whose Fenty Beauty brand is valued at $3 billion by Forbes — is set to launch Fenty Skin. AKA, RiRi’s superstar glow, bottled.
21/07/2020 19:12 Comments 0 Comments
The Japanese rocket carrying the probe developed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Centre in southern Japan right on schedule at 6:58 am local time (2158 GMT Sunday).
21/07/2020 15:13 Comments 0 Comments
A protester in Portland put on a stark display in front of cops as she sat with her legs apart on Friday night.

In a video posted on Twitter, the naked protester was seen walking along the sidewalk before laying down in the road, kicking up her feet and doing multiple yoga and ballet poses.
21/07/2020 13:36 Comments 0 Comments
A TikTok user was left baffled when a mum demanded she cover up her bikini-clad body because her sons were staring.
21/07/2020 13:18 Comments 0 Comments
A Palestinian man scaled the high walls of a hospital to see his mother for one last time before she succumbed to coronavirus.
19/07/2020 20:17 Comments 0 Comments
Loose Women's Saira Khan looked incredible at 50 as she did an intense workout at a Cornish caravan park.

The TV star is in the best shape of her life and is encouraging other women to do the same.
19/07/2020 19:42 Comments 0 Comments
Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli had originally planned to marry in May, but the novel coronavirus lockdown forced them to reschedule and have a low-key ceremony.
18/07/2020 20:39 Comments 0 Comments
The woman is a COVID-19 suspect and has tested negative as of now.
18/07/2020 20:19 Comments 0 Comments
Supreme Court judge Justice R Banumathi who is said to retire on 19 July, said in her farewell speech that while she is a Hindu she believes in the gospel of Jesus.
17/07/2020 19:55 Comments 0 Comments
China became the first major economy to grow since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, recording an unexpectedly strong 3.2% expansion in the latest quarter after anti-virus lockdowns were lifted and factories and stores reopened.
17/07/2020 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
The reigning Miss Swimsuit UK has been stripped of her title after she posted online that “All Lives Matter” and questioned if George Floyd was innocent.

All trace that Jasmine Archer-Jones, 23, won the 2019 title has been quietly removed from the pageant’s website following her Facebook rant.
12/07/2020 19:56 Comments 0 Comments
The U.S. Navy has welcomed its first Black female Tactical Aircraft pilot. “MAKING HISTORY!” the U.S. Navy tweeted Thursday in response to a post that Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle had completed naval flight school and would later this month receive the flight officer insignia known as the “Wings of Gold.”
11/07/2020 19:32 Comments 0 Comments
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has returned to power, winning 83 of the 93 seats contested in Friday's General Election, even as the Opposition registered minor gains.
28/06/2020 16:38 Comments 0 Comments
Coming just over a year after Taiwan became the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, the event cements the island’s status as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly places in the region.
28/06/2020 16:29 Comments 0 Comments
The vote is a critical moment for a nation that until recently was hailed as a model of transformation from communism to a thriving democracy.
25/06/2020 20:02 Comments 0 Comments
Japan’s National Security Council made its decision Wednesday, and now the government will need to enter negotiations with the US. about what to do with payments and the purchase contract already made for the Aegis Ashore systems.
25/06/2020 19:41 Comments 0 Comments
Visitors are not allowed to go any higher than the second floor of the tower, and anyone over the age of 11 is required to wear a face covering.
24/06/2020 20:08 Comments 0 Comments
State media cited a military official as saying the attack targeted posts in rural areas of Hama province. Air defenses were activated and reportedly intercepted a number of the incoming missiles.
23/06/2020 19:01 Comments 0 Comments
Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, confirmed that he was done with wrestling during the final episode of his docuseries “Undertaker: The Last Ride,” saying he is happy not stepping in the ring again.
22/06/2020 16:48 Comments 0 Comments
As per a research, South Korea could be possibly reporting as much as 800 new cases a day a month from now if it fails to stem current trends in transmissions.
22/06/2020 15:51 Comments 0 Comments
The annual 10-day festival in the southwestern city of Yulin usually attracts thousands of visitors.
20/06/2020 20:56 Comments 0 Comments
The northern region of Lombardy, Italy’s financial and industrial capital, was the hardest-hit region in the onetime European epicenter of the pandemic.
20/06/2020 20:35 Comments 0 Comments
Critics warn that the new registration regulations will downgrade services to thousands of vulnerable and traumatised people that were, in many cases, already barely adequate.
18/06/2020 19:32 Comments 0 Comments
The Alhambra Palace in the southern Spanish city of Granada reopened its doors to visitors on Wednesday as the country is slowly returning to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.
18/06/2020 18:39 Comments 0 Comments
UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said 164 countries have either partially or totally closed their borders to fight Covid-19.
18/06/2020 18:23 Comments 0 Comments
French football star Adil Rami used to have sex with Pamela Anderson TWELVE times a night, says one pal.

The former AC Milan and Marseille centre-back, 34, had a two-year relationship with the Baywatch beauty before they split in 2019.
18/06/2020 18:11 Comments 0 Comments
Pamela Anderson, 52, has stripped totally naked for a sizzling new handbag advert.

Pammy looked unfurgettable as she posed in the buff and nearly revealed all in the raunchy new photoshoot.
17/06/2020 20:03 Comments 0 Comments
New Zealand on Wednesday said the Defence Force will now oversee the country’s quarantine facilities and strengthen border requirements, after a slip up allowed two people with coronavirus to move around the country.
17/06/2020 19:52 Comments 0 Comments
The airborne offensive into Iraq’s border region of Haftanin, some 15 kilometers (9 miles) from the Turkey-Iraq border, was launched following intense artillery fire into the area, said the Defense Ministry in Ankara.
16/06/2020 20:23 Comments 0 Comments
Her followers have been avidly tracking the progress of her bush. Yet Lizzie Cundy turned her attention from her hedgerow to her lawn as she continued to flex her green fingers in lockdown.

The 52-year-old WAG seemed in great spirits as she documented herself taking care of her 'landing strip' by mowing the grass.
16/06/2020 20:06 Comments 0 Comments
Teenage French climbing champion Luce Douady has died at the age of 16 after she fell from an Alpine cliff.
16/06/2020 19:21 Comments 0 Comments
North Korea blew up an inter-Korean liaison office building just north of the heavily armed border with South Korea on Tuesday in a dramatic display of anger that sharply raises tensions on the Korean Peninsula and puts pressure on Washington and Seoul amid deadlocked nuclear diplomacy.
15/06/2020 21:08 Comments 0 Comments
President Moon Jae-in’s efforts to defuse rising animosities came after North Korea threatened Friday to destroy an inter-Korean liaison office located in North Korea and take unspecified military steps against South Korea.
12/06/2020 21:12 Comments 0 Comments
A bizarre advert has caused a stir after it showed two naked pornstars telling a mother that her son had been searching for porn online, in a bid to get parents to open up about sex.

The advert is part of the Keep it Real Online series - a New Zealand government campaign designed to protect children from online harm.
09/06/2020 20:48 Comments 0 Comments
Tomas Ojea Quintana, UN special rapporteur on human rights in the DPRK, said an increasing number of families eat only twice a day, or eat only corn, and some are starving.
08/06/2020 21:16 Comments 0 Comments
Mimicking an excited puppy, K9 roams around the popular Central World mall in downtown Bangkok, drawing the attention of delighted children eager to get gel from a bottle attached to its back.
04/06/2020 20:04 Comments 0 Comments
Women engaging in sex work have always been more vulnerable to violence but a surge in physical attacks and killings of sex workers in Kenya since Covid-19 restrictions came into force has sent a chill through the community.
04/06/2020 16:53 Comments 0 Comments
The wild elephant had left the forests of Silent Valley in Palakkad district, meandering into a nearby village in search of food. According to forest officials, the elephant is suspected to have eaten the cracked-filled pineapple, allegedly placed by some locals.
03/06/2020 19:27 Comments 0 Comments
Sixteen civilians, five of them children, were killed overnight in a fresh massacre in the eastern DR Congo province of Ituri, a local official and a UN source said on Wednesday.
03/06/2020 19:16 Comments 0 Comments
The citywide curfew, which is in place through Sunday and was moved earlier from the previous night, was instated to prevent the widespread damage and destruction that has filled the city’s streets over the last two nights after largely peaceful dayside protests.
31/05/2020 15:55 Comments 0 Comments
The two-tiered policy, which revised information the Greek government issued Friday, will be applied during June 15-30, although officials left open the possibility of maintaining entry restrictions after the end of June.
29/05/2020 21:10 Comments 0 Comments
Maduro accuses the United States of seeking to oust him to control Venezuela's oil resources.
24/05/2020 15:11 Comments 0 Comments
Saturn the alligator was gifted to the Soviet Union three years after the bombing of Berlin.
24/05/2020 13:21 Comments 0 Comments
Coronavirus restrictions don't stop Machira in a country where traditional church services have been suspended. The man who calls himself a "children's preacher" calls out Bible lessons between songs.
23/05/2020 16:39 Comments 0 Comments
Izumi Nakamitsu told an informal meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Friday that ``there have also been worrying reports of attacks against health care organizations and medical research facilities worldwide.''
23/05/2020 16:27 Comments 0 Comments
It was the TV drama that made Meghan Markle a star — and now Suits has been declared one of the raunchiest-ever shows.

Viewers who watched while hooked up to a heart rate monitor saw their pulses rise by 12 beats per minute.
23/05/2020 16:08 Comments 0 Comments
Liz Hurley brings plenty of sex-factor 50 as she turns up the heat in a scorching snap.

The Austin Powers actress, 54, shows off her envious figure in just a skimpy yellow bikini while standing in the middle of a field and holding a bottle of sun cream.
21/05/2020 16:33 Comments 0 Comments
The United States, like most countries, has no official diplomatic ties with Taiwan, but is bound by law to provide the democratic island with the means to defend itself. China routinely denounces U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.
20/05/2020 15:08 Comments 0 Comments
Israeli troops are striking Hezbollah targets in neighboring Syria and drilling for what could be an invasion of Lebanon.
19/05/2020 16:44 Comments 0 Comments
A strip club has re-opened for business with a "masks on, clothes off" party — despite the owner admitting there was a "risk" of catching coronavirus.

The Den, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, provided ample amounts of hand sanitiser for customers and required dancers to wear face masks after opening up after lockdown.
19/05/2020 16:25 Comments 0 Comments
Their rebellion has claimed more than 20,000 lives and left more than 7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.
18/05/2020 13:30 Comments 0 Comments
Tokyo-based SoftBank announced Ma's resignation Monday, ahead of releasing financial results. It did not say why he was leaving.
17/05/2020 16:20 Comments 0 Comments
A Nudist couple tied the knot in the buff in front of 40 naked wedding guests - and even the officiator was in his birthday suit.

Nigel, 59, and Rachel Seymour, 30, met on a naturist holiday in 2017, and following a whirlwind romance the couple got engaged six months later.
17/05/2020 15:45 Comments 0 Comments
While most of us live in pyjamas nowadays, it seems some people are going one step further and ditching their clothes altogether.

With Brits stuck indoors due to the lockdown more people are stripping off at home to bake, exercise, sunbathe - and even work.
12/05/2020 16:41 Comments 0 Comments
Under the bill, those who use the anthem for commercial purposes, or publicly and intentionally insult the anthem, such as booing it during soccer games, could face fines of up to 50,000 Hong Kong dollars ($6,450) and up to three years in prison.
09/05/2020 15:41 Comments 0 Comments
The Korean Central News Agency says Kim in the message to Xi “congratulated him, highly appreciating that he is seizing a chance of victory in the war against the unprecedented epidemic.”
08/05/2020 15:19 Comments 0 Comments
The majority of 255 legislators attending the session approved the government plan and the majority of Cabinet ministers proposed by Mustafa al-Kadhimi, officially inaugurating him as Iraq's sixth premier since 2003 and ending five months of a leadership void.
08/05/2020 14:55 Comments 0 Comments
"We are risking a backslide that will be intolerable," said Dr Ian Lipkin of Columbia University's Center for Infection and Immunity.
07/05/2020 16:18 Comments 0 Comments
Thousands of people were left outraged after a driver mowed down a flock of ducklings and their mum.
07/05/2020 13:25 Comments 0 Comments
Zimbabwe would get $5 million from the World Bank’s global financing facility trust and another $2 million would be diverted from funds meant to help the country recover from a devastating cyclone in 2019.
07/05/2020 13:18 Comments 0 Comments
The quake measured a preliminary magnitude 6.8 and was centered below the sea at a depth of 107 kilometers (67 miles), the U.S. Geological Survey said.
04/05/2020 16:38 Comments 0 Comments
Trump responded to a Nebraska man who recovered from COVID-19 by saying: "We think we are going to have a vaccine by the end of this year.''
04/05/2020 16:04 Comments 0 Comments
Health experts have warned of a potential second wave of infections unless testing is expanded dramatically once the lockdown's are relaxed. But pressure to reopen keeps building after the weeks long shutdown of businesses plunged the global economy into its deepest slump since the 1930s and wiped out millions of jobs.
01/05/2020 16:10 Comments 0 Comments
South Korea's caseload has been slowing in recent weeks after it recorded hundreds of new cases every day between late February and early March.
30/04/2020 20:42 Comments 0 Comments
Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants including thousands of unaccompanied children are living in squalid conditions in overcrowded camps on several Greek islands after arriving from the nearby Turkish coast.
30/04/2020 12:53 Comments 0 Comments
Rishi Kapoor, the veteran Bollywood actor and member of the prominent Kapoor family, passed away in Mumbai.
29/04/2020 17:06 Comments 0 Comments
Irrfan Khan dies at 53: In a career spanning over three decades, Irrfan Khan acted in over 50 Indian films. His international movies included The Namesake, The Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi and Jurassic World among more.
29/04/2020 16:26 Comments 0 Comments
The World Bank and the IMF have announced immediate relief measures, including freeing up billions in debt payments and expectations for help from China are high across resource-rich Africa, but Beijing has remained silent.
29/04/2020 15:40 Comments 0 Comments
Neumünster Zoo in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, has drawn up a slaughter list of its animals as part of its coronavirus emergency plan.
29/04/2020 13:13 Comments 0 Comments
The government blamed the Taliban for the attack, which took place a day after the country's defense minister and the commander of US forces in Afghanistan visited the facility.
29/04/2020 13:04 Comments 0 Comments
Tuesday's blast was one of the deadliest to hit a region under the control of Turkish-backed forces. Ankara frequently blames the YPG for the attacks, while the militia says it does not target civilians.
23/04/2020 18:30 Comments 0 Comments
The outbreak on the Italian-operated Costa Atlantica surfaced Tuesday when officials from Nagasaki and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, which is in charge of repairs and maintenance on the ship, announced that a crew member developed a cough and fever.
23/04/2020 18:21 Comments 0 Comments
"It goes without saying that when medication or a vaccination is found, tested, released and is ready for use, it must be available all around the world and affordable for the whole world", said Angela Merkel.
23/04/2020 17:58 Comments 0 Comments
Taiwan's early prevention and detection efforts have so far made it a model for how to contain the outbreak, with 427 confirmed cases to date, of which 253 have recovered.
23/04/2020 17:31 Comments 0 Comments
Additional SP (South) Mahendra P Chauhan informed that five out of the six accused have been arrested, while one is absconding. “The incident happened on Tuesday and we got a complaint from the victim’s mother on Wednesday. In the medical examination, rape has been confirmed,” Chauhan said.
22/04/2020 18:45 Comments 0 Comments
Former model, who inspires many with her amazing yoga poses, prefers to remain anonymous. Her Instagram is flooded with some mind-blowing pictures of different yoga postures.
22/04/2020 17:17 Comments 0 Comments
View Hot Photo of Indian Actress and Play boy model Sherlyn Chopra.
20/04/2020 13:24 Comments 0 Comments
With the coronavirus lockdowns preventing families around the world from visiting zoos, one European tourist park is considering drastic action to keep its animals fed.
17/04/2020 17:33 Comments 0 Comments
Russian officials said they took stringent measures to protect the crew amid the pandemic. The recovery team and medical personnel assigned to help the crew out of the capsule and for post-flight checks had been under close medical observation for nearly a month, including tests for the coronavirus.
14/04/2020 20:03 Comments 0 Comments
Last week, more than 5 million people cast their votes early. President Moon Jae-in too arrived at a polling station wearing a mask.
14/04/2020 19:47 Comments 0 Comments
On April 21, 2019, the attackers carried out bomb blasts at three churches and three luxury hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, killing 259 persons and injuring at least 500.
13/04/2020 19:28 Comments 0 Comments
The Afghan government released its first 100 Taliban prisoners last week and Jawed Faisal, a spokesman for Afghanistan's national security adviser, said the government has thus far released 300 Taliban prisoners overall from government custody.
13/04/2020 19:20 Comments 0 Comments
Francis drew a comparison between the Gospel account of the women who found Jesus' tomb empty on the day Christians believe he rose from the dead and the uncertain state of the world today because of the coronavirus pandemic.
11/04/2020 16:05 Comments 0 Comments
Christians across the world commemorated Jesus Christ's crucifixion without the solemn church services or processions, marking Good Friday in a world locked down by the coronavirus pandemic.
11/04/2020 15:42 Comments 0 Comments
Riyadh, Moscow and its allies, which make up the informal OPEC+ group, had forged a pact to curb crude production by the equivalent of 10% of global supplies in marathon talks on Thursday and said they wanted others to cut a further 5%.
10/04/2020 21:41 Comments 0 Comments
The pope began his off-the-cuff homily by honouring the memory of priests who gave their lives in service to others, singling out those who died after tending to sick people in Italy's hospitals.
10/04/2020 21:34 Comments 0 Comments
Meanwhile, religious leaders worldwide Thursday urged people to celebrate Good Friday and Easter from the safety of their homes.
10/04/2020 21:29 Comments 0 Comments
The election is on April 15 but officials are hoping that people will take advantage of early voting to reduce the numbers crowding polling locations that day.
07/04/2020 18:41 Comments 0 Comments
Several volunteers of non-government organizations (NGOs) have come forward to feed dogs, cows and birds facing starvation due to lockdown announced to contain spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
07/04/2020 18:24 Comments 0 Comments
Jaipur police devised an arrangement of 15,000 chapatis per day for the stray animals and birds of the city so they don't have to starve to death.
07/04/2020 18:23 Comments 0 Comments
Animal rights activists, state and district administrations in collaboration with NGOs and citizen groups have been undertaking the task of feeding stray cattle and dogs facing starvation due to the 21-day coronavirus lockdown in the country.
07/04/2020 15:35 Comments 0 Comments
Three Brit boys were busted at a drug-fuelled party despite the coronavirus lockdown according to Thai cops.
06/04/2020 19:04 Comments 0 Comments
The Taliban warned of more violence if the US and the Afghan government continue alleged violations of the deal.
06/04/2020 18:22 Comments 0 Comments
The fires were within the 2,600-square-kilometer Chernobyl Exclusion Zone established after the 1986 disaster at the plant that sent a cloud of radioactive fallout over much of Europe.
02/04/2020 20:03 Comments 0 Comments
Messages from the Islamic extremist groups show concern about the virus mixed with bravado, asserting that it is punishment for non-Muslims while also urging followers to repent and take care of themselves.
30/03/2020 19:55 Comments 0 Comments
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said it detected the projectiles flying from the North Korean eastern coastal city of Wonsan into the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan on Sunday morning.
30/03/2020 19:45 Comments 0 Comments
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has previously said that society in Singapore "is not that liberal on these matters".
28/03/2020 21:17 Comments 0 Comments
The official Emirati news agency said Syrian President Bashar Assad and Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan discussed efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak and reviewed preventive measures to fight it.
26/03/2020 20:47 Comments 0 Comments
Apart from the athletes' headaches of maintaining their health and fitness for an additional year, there's the delicate matter of renegotiating contracts of the individual endorsement deals.
26/03/2020 20:33 Comments 0 Comments
While Angelina Jolie is contributing to the No Kid Hungry organisation to keep underprivileged children from going hungry during the COVID-19 outbreak, Kylie Jenner made the donation to LA area hospitals to buy necessary equipment.
26/03/2020 20:15 Comments 0 Comments
The soldiers were ambushed on Monday in the island village of Boma in the swampy Lake Chad zone in the west of the country, where the armies of Chad, Nigeria and Niger have been fighting the Islamist militants for years.
24/03/2020 20:05 Comments 0 Comments
During the Angelus prayer on Sunday, he urged the faithful to come together.
23/03/2020 20:53 Comments 0 Comments
What started as a one-person operation about a week ago has mushroomed into a small army of home sewing Belgian mask makers.
23/03/2020 20:04 Comments 0 Comments
Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said the earthquake was the biggest in Zagreb in the last 140 years. At least four weaker temblors followed the initial quake.
17/03/2020 20:55 Comments 0 Comments
WrestleMania becomes the latest event to be significantly altered in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
15/03/2020 20:19 Comments 0 Comments
Edith Blais and Italian Luca Tacchetto went missing while travelling through Burkina Faso, a country where jihadist groups with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State are active and have kidnapped Westerners in the past.
14/03/2020 16:29 Comments 0 Comments
In a viral video clip, hundreds of monkeys were seen fighting each other over a banana, as the number of tourists plummeted in the city of Lopburi, in Thailand.
11/03/2020 21:23 Comments 0 Comments
The rejection had been expected because the proposal was opposed by the military, which under the constitution adopted when it held power, holds enough parliamentary seats to block any constitutional change.
09/03/2020 20:36 Comments 0 Comments
Television footage showed Ghani taking an oath at the Presidential palace in Kabul at a ceremony attended by a number of foreign diplomats, including US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad.
06/03/2020 13:46 Comments 0 Comments
The 23-year-old model was photographed over the weekend walking in the Vivienne Westwood Paris Fashion Week show.
05/03/2020 20:08 Comments 0 Comments
Jennifer Lopez showed off her curves in a backless white swimsuit while relaxing on a Miami beach.

The singer, 50, smiled at the camera as she enjoyed some much needed down time in the sun.
05/03/2020 19:55 Comments 0 Comments
New Bond girl Ana de Armas bares all as she goes topless in new movie The Night Clerk.

The actress – who will appear in No Time To Die as a CIA agent - stars as promiscuous hotel guest Andrea in the thriller.
02/03/2020 15:17 Comments 0 Comments
Mayor Francis Zamora of the Philippine capital's San Juan area said a gunman shot one person at a shopping mall in an upscale section of Manila.
29/02/2020 16:09 Comments 0 Comments
"I will tell you that my first step I take will be a step of faith," tightrope walker Nik Wallenda said. "It's not as though I'm fearless. It is more about me overcoming that fear."
27/02/2020 16:35 Comments 0 Comments
Watanabe is survived by his five children, 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild, Mainichi said.
27/02/2020 15:47 Comments 0 Comments
The extraordinary decision by Saudi Arabia stops foreigners from reaching the holy city of Mecca and the Kaaba, the cube-shaped structure the world's 1.8 billion Muslims pray toward five times a day.
27/02/2020 15:41 Comments 0 Comments
China deployed ducks, whose natural diet includes insects, to fight a similar infestation in its northwestern region of Xinjiang two decades ago, reportedly with considerable effectiveness.
26/02/2020 21:44 Comments 0 Comments
In an emotional essay on vanityfair.com, Maria Sharapova wrote “I’m new to this, so please forgive me. Tennis – I’m saying goodbye.”
26/02/2020 17:01 Comments 0 Comments
Delhi violence: At least 20 people have died and over 250 have been injured in the clashes in northeast Delhi since Sunday.
26/02/2020 16:01 Comments 0 Comments
On his way home, Mohammad Zubair was accosted by a mob wielding wooden sticks and iron rods. He said he was beaten up viciously, even though he begged the men to stop, before the pain took over and he fell unconscious.
24/02/2020 16:30 Comments 0 Comments
Elizabeth Hurley danced on the beach in a fun Instagram video posted on Sunday while soaking up the sun at the Cheval Blanc Randheli resort in the Maldives.
24/02/2020 16:05 Comments 0 Comments
The fate of Malaysia's ruling coalition had been in doubt after weekend talks between some of its members and opposition groups on forming a new government that would exclude Mahathir's anointed successor Anwar Ibrahim.
24/02/2020 15:37 Comments 0 Comments
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group claimed responsibility for the rocket barrages.
21/02/2020 18:54 Comments 0 Comments
Iranians are voting for a new parliament, with turnout seen as a key measure of support for Iran's leadership at the time of a sanctions-linked economic downturn and diplomatic isolation.
21/02/2020 18:46 Comments 0 Comments
Afghan, international and Taliban forces will observe the reduced violence period beginning at midnight (1930 GMT), an Afghan official and Taliban leaders said earlier.
20/02/2020 19:43 Comments 0 Comments
The fighting in Yemen has killed thousands of civilians and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis, leaving millions suffering from food and medical care shortages and pushing the country to the brink of famine last year.
20/02/2020 19:18 Comments 0 Comments
The video shows the man with his arm around his son and relaying every development on the pitch to him.
17/02/2020 19:23 Comments 0 Comments
Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu outlawed the loosely regulated motorbikes and rickshaws, citing safety and security concerns.
17/02/2020 18:35 Comments 0 Comments
A new breed of social media savvy strip-club bartenders are raking in as much as $5,000 in a single night in New York gentlemen’s clubs.
17/02/2020 18:02 Comments 0 Comments
Jennifer Lopez revealed she is “relaxed and recharged” two weeks after her Super Bowl performance.
17/02/2020 17:49 Comments 0 Comments
A shameless couple have caused outrage in Burma after uploading footage to Pornhub of themselves having sex in a sacred temple.
15/02/2020 20:37 Comments 0 Comments
Live frogs are being crammed together in tubs and sold in food markets in east Asia, destined for painful deaths, an investigation has found.
13/02/2020 20:58 Comments 0 Comments
The video post has been flooded with replies from netizens wishing "speedy recovery" to the couple. "Hope they both recover very soon!" tweeted a user, while another wrote, "This is true love so beautiful to see! Wishing them a speedy recovery."
12/02/2020 16:02 Comments 0 Comments
In August 2018, the residents of Knox County, Tennessee elected a new mayor Glenn Jacobs.
12/02/2020 15:29 Comments 0 Comments
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s daughter is officially entering the family business.
10/02/2020 20:29 Comments 0 Comments
Pope Francis said research has shown that criminal organizations use the "most modern means of communications to snare their victims with deception".
10/02/2020 20:22 Comments 0 Comments
The relentless war in Libya has turned the country into a major conduit for migrants fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.
06/02/2020 17:13 Comments 0 Comments
Brazil's far-right government is drawing protests from indigenous groups with two new moves involving their lands.
04/02/2020 17:25 Comments 0 Comments
Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said Turkish forces had hit 54 targets in Idlib in retaliation and "neutralised" 76 Syrian government soldiers, the state-owned Anadolu agency reported.
01/02/2020 16:45 Comments 0 Comments
Thirsty Brits hit the town last night to celebrate Brexit and the end of dry January.

Hundreds of sozzled revellers took to city centres across the country to party away a month of sobriety.
01/02/2020 16:15 Comments 0 Comments
Nearly 12,000 people have been infected in China, according to local health authorities, and more than 130 cases reported in at least 25 other countries and regions.
01/02/2020 16:07 Comments 0 Comments
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the historic moment as the dawn of a new era for the UK in his address to the nation just before Brexit.
30/01/2020 17:12 Comments 0 Comments
"We need to reshape BBC News for the next decade in a way which saves substantial amounts of money,'' Fran Unsworth, BBC's director of news and current affairs said. ``We are spending too much of our resources on traditional linear broadcasting and not enough on digital."
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27/01/2020 17:08 Comments 0 Comments
President Xi Jinping has called the outbreak a grave situation and said the government was stepping up efforts to restrict travel and public gatherings while rushing medical staff and supplies to the city at the center of the crisis, Wuhan, which remains on lockdown with no flights, trains or buses in or out.
27/01/2020 16:40 Comments 0 Comments
Cardi B is not afraid of wearing revealing outfits and her husband, the rapper Offset, doesn't have any complaints when it comes to her fashion choices.

The rapper wore a floor-length dress with a plunging neckline - more like non-existent - and her husband couldn't keep his hands off her assets while posing for the cameras.
27/01/2020 16:01 Comments 0 Comments
Megan Barton-Hanson and girlfriend Chelcee Grimes couldn't keep their hands - or lips - off one another as they frolicked on the beach in the Maldives.

The couple, who began dating last year, looked smitten while soaking up the sun at the luxury Heritance Aarah resort.
26/01/2020 20:48 Comments 0 Comments
“Taal volcano's condition in the two weeks ... has generally declined into less frequent volcanic earthquake activity, decelerated ground deformation ... and weak steam and gas emissions at the main crater,” the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said.
24/01/2020 16:58 Comments 0 Comments
Health officials fear the transmission rate could accelerate as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel at home and abroad during week-long holidays for the Lunar New Year, which begins on Saturday.
24/01/2020 15:56 Comments 0 Comments
Pregnant Lauryn Goodman managed to avoid getting any tan lines on the beach in Barbados - by donning a very unusual bikini.

The 27-year-old Instagram star, whose sister is Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe, showed off her growing baby bump in the extraordinarily skimpy green skimwear.
22/01/2020 16:58 Comments 0 Comments
The mass killing was carried out by a "terrorist group" the government has said in a statement. Violence in the West African country has surged recently as the fight against militants shows no signs of abating.
22/01/2020 16:07 Comments 0 Comments
The heavily indebted state has been without effective government since Saad al-Hariri quit as premier in October, prompted by protests against politicians who have collectively led Lebanon into the worst crisis since the 1975-90 war.
20/01/2020 20:56 Comments 0 Comments
Shocking photos have emerged of five caged African lions who have lost so much weight their bones are now showing through their skin.

The emaciated big cats are stranded behind bars at Al-Qureshi animal park in an upmarket district of Sudan's capital Khartoum.
19/01/2020 21:15 Comments 0 Comments
In total, 62 cases of the novel coronavirus have been identified in the city of Wuhan, where the virus appears to have originated.
18/01/2020 20:40 Comments 0 Comments
Xi and Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi signed 33 agreements shoring up key projects that are part of the flagship Belt and Road Initiative, China’s vision of new trade routes described as a “21st century silk road”.
18/01/2020 20:06 Comments 0 Comments
David Benoit has revealed his plans to wrestle using his murdering father Chris Benoit’s name as he explained how he believed his late dad will one day be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame.

Chris was widely-regarded as the best technical wrestler in the business during the early 2000s and held the world title twice.
18/01/2020 20:00 Comments 0 Comments
This passenger certainly looks like she believes in travelling light - after she was spotted doing a shocking striptease through Miami International Airport.

The unidentified exhibitionist is first seen wandering around the busy terminal barefoot in just a matching blue bra and panties.
18/01/2020 19:53 Comments 0 Comments
A Spanish actress suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction last night while celebrating a win at a prestigious awards show.

Celia Freijeiro’s dress fell down to reveal her boobs while she cheered on the red carpet of the Feroz Awards in Madrid.
15/01/2020 20:52 Comments 0 Comments
She may be turning 49 in a few months, but Claire Sweeney proved age is nothing but a number as she enjoyed a winter getaway to Barbados.

The mum-of-one looked incredible as she showed off her enviable figure whilst taking a dip in the ocean.
15/01/2020 20:35 Comments 0 Comments
The fuel, described by fire officials as a vapor, caused minor skin and lung irritation to 56 children and adults but nobody was taken to the hospital and the only decontamination required was soap and water, officials said.
13/01/2020 16:11 Comments 0 Comments
Thousands of kilos of sweet potato and carrots are being dropped by aircrafts to feed starving animals trapped in Australia's bushfires.

The New South Wales government commissioned the service called ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’, which aims to send thousands of veggies down from the skies to feed the state’s stranded colonies of brush-tailed rock-wallabies.
12/01/2020 17:12 Comments 0 Comments
Tsai won another four-year term by a landslide, and her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) also gained a majority in parliament.
12/01/2020 16:53 Comments 0 Comments
The jetliner, a Boeing 737, went down on the outskirts of Tehran shortly after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport for the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.
11/01/2020 15:32 Comments 0 Comments
Taiwan has developed its own identity since separating from China during civil war in 1949 but has never declared formal independence. Beijing still claims sovereignty over the island of 23 million people and threatens to use force to seize control if necessary.
10/01/2020 17:12 Comments 0 Comments
Local reports said that the whole incident took place over approximately 10 minutes and both cat and boy were unhurt.
09/01/2020 17:16 Comments 0 Comments
He said the tensions risked "compromising the gradual process of rebuilding in Iraq, as well as setting the groundwork for a vaster conflict that all of us would want to avert".
07/01/2020 20:42 Comments 0 Comments
Initial videos posted online showed people lying lifeless on a road, others shouting and trying to help them.
06/01/2020 20:00 Comments 0 Comments
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself prayed over the caskets of Soleimani and others slain in the attack.
03/01/2020 19:12 Comments 0 Comments
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that US President Donald Trump "deserves all the credit for acting swiftly, forcefully and decisively" following the killing of Iran's top general earlier on Friday.
03/01/2020 16:45 Comments 0 Comments
The daughter of a man gravely wounded in an attack on a Hanukkah celebration north of New York City made an emotional plea Thursday to end hatred and anti-Semitism, saying she hopes her father regains consciousness “to a changed world.”
03/01/2020 16:23 Comments 0 Comments
There are concerns that Turkish forces could aggravate the conflict in Libya. But Ankara says the deployment may be needed for Turkey to safeguard its interests in Libya and in the eastern Mediterranean.
03/01/2020 16:13 Comments 0 Comments
Naturist Donna Price does some lady gardening after moving home to do it nude. Donna, 55, and hubby John, 69 relocated to rural Lincs, from Kent, for more privacy.
02/01/2020 21:14 Comments 0 Comments
Sona Mohapatra was recently trolled for sharing her bikini photos online. The musician remained unfazed by the negativity and continued to share photos of herself in a swimsuit.
31/12/2019 19:55 Comments 0 Comments
A Sudanese court on Monday sentenced 27 members of the country’s security forces to death by hanging for torturing and killing a detained protester during the uprising against longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir earlier this year.
31/12/2019 19:45 Comments 0 Comments
Dozens of angry Iraqi Shiite militia supporters broke into the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad on Tuesday after smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area, prompting tear gas and sounds of gunfire. An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw flames rising from inside the compound and at least three U.S. soldiers on the roof of the main embassy building.
28/12/2019 18:20 Comments 0 Comments
Most of those killed were university and other students returning to class, Mayor Omar Mohamud Mohamed said at the scene. Police said two Turkish nationals were dead.
27/12/2019 18:14 Comments 0 Comments
Jennifer Lopez showed off her incredible figure in a skin-tight gym outfit as she went for a pre-Christmas workout on Tuesday. The pop diva, 50, flashed her rock-hard abs and flaunted her stunning curves in the red latex sports bra and leggings.
27/12/2019 17:10 Comments 0 Comments
The plane was heading for the capital, Nur-Sultan, and "lost altitude during takeoff and broke through a concrete fence" before hitting a small building.
26/12/2019 20:03 Comments 0 Comments
On Christmas, Mouni Roy teased her fans with a red, hot bikini from her vacation. The sexy picture of hers has set the Internet on fire.
26/12/2019 19:02 Comments 0 Comments
While the weather outside is frightful in other parts of the country, it's bikini weather in Malibu on Christmas Eve for Brooke Burke.
26/12/2019 18:42 Comments 0 Comments
Kanye West's "Jesus Is Born" is based around his gospel project, Sunday Service. It released on Wednesday.
26/12/2019 17:42 Comments 0 Comments
The violence, which erupted in the town of Arbinda in Sahel region near the country's border with Mali, lasted for several hours, according to a military statement. Seven members of the security forces who responded also were killed.
26/12/2019 13:51 Comments 0 Comments
The fire destroyed more than 200 homes and affected more than 1,000 people, Agriculture Minister Antonio Walker said Wednesday evening.
25/12/2019 21:07 Comments 0 Comments
Pope Francis ushered in Christmas celebrations for the world's 1.3 billion Catholics on Tuesday, saying the celebration of Jesus's birth reminded humanity how "God continues to love us all, even the worst of us".
23/12/2019 21:19 Comments 0 Comments
Christian leaders in Jerusalem had urged the Israeli government to lift travel restrictions for Christians in Gaza.
21/12/2019 20:57 Comments 0 Comments
Notre Dame kept Christmas going even during two world wars — a beacon of hope amid the bloodshed. Yet, an accidental fire in peacetime finally stopped the cathedral from celebrating Midnight Mass this year, for the first time in over two centuries.
21/12/2019 20:48 Comments 0 Comments
A San Francisco woman is offering a $7,000 reward and has hired a plane to fly over the city to search for her blue-eyed miniature Australian Shepherd stolen from outside a grocery store last weekend.
21/12/2019 18:40 Comments 0 Comments
Malin Andersson wowed fans with a before and after video of her posture while wearing lacy red lingerie. The 26-year-old Love Island star regularly attempts to combat the unrealistic images that are shown on social media with candid, body-positive posts.
21/12/2019 18:12 Comments 0 Comments
The video shows kids at the Kolkata shelter sharing their Christmas wishlist. The Indian cricket team captain is then seen distributing the gifts to the children as per their wishlist.
18/12/2019 20:31 Comments 0 Comments
Children all over the world are looking forward to Christmas, but Prince Oscar of Sweden had an extra dose of excitement today when he went to pick out a Christmas tree with his parents.
16/12/2019 20:22 Comments 0 Comments
A human rights group says at least 11 people are dead in the latest of a series of rebel attacks in eastern Congo, bringing to 43 the number killed in the assaults.
16/12/2019 17:15 Comments 0 Comments
Thousands of airline passengers were in for a festive treat - when their flight crew began singing choreographed Christmas carols.
14/12/2019 15:48 Comments 0 Comments
Hundreds of birds were found dead on a north Wales road. As per the North Wales Police, 225 starlings were discovered with blood on their bodies in a lane on Anglesey.
14/12/2019 14:33 Comments 0 Comments
The explosion just after midnight at Mahendranagar town also injured another police officer and the son and daughter of the house owner, a local businessman who ran a medicine store.
14/12/2019 14:27 Comments 0 Comments
Police believe one of the missing bodies was sighted in the water close to the island by rescue teams on Tuesday, the day after the eruption.
14/12/2019 14:10 Comments 0 Comments
Carrie Lam is due to discuss the political and economic situation in the China-ruled city with Beijing officials during a four-day visit. She will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, local media have said.
13/12/2019 16:34 Comments 0 Comments
The tussle came a day after Germany's Ursula von der Leyen, the new head of the bloc's executive European Commission, proposed a 100-billion-euro ($110 billion) investment plan for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, declaring it Europe's "man on the moon moment".
13/12/2019 16:19 Comments 0 Comments
For Britain, which has lurched from crisis to crisis since the 2016 Brexit referendum, its future seemingly shrouded in perpetual uncertainty, the election provided a rare moment of piercing clarity.
12/12/2019 16:37 Comments 0 Comments
The Democratic-controlled chamber voted by 377-48, easily sending the conference report on the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, to the Republican-controlled Senate, which is expected to pass it by the end of next week.
11/12/2019 21:22 Comments 0 Comments
Padma Lakshmi, 48, of Top Chef flaunts her fabulous bikini body in a scarlet two-piece.
11/12/2019 21:11 Comments 0 Comments
The 31-year-old Instagram influencer flaunted her figure in a black bathing suit with studded accents on Tuesday afternoon.
10/12/2019 17:26 Comments 0 Comments
Results are expected to be released on Thursday after the non-binding vote, held from Nov. 23 to Dec. 7, under a peace pact struck in the aftermath of a decade-long war between Bougainville's rebel fighters and PNG forces that ended in 1998.
10/12/2019 17:12 Comments 0 Comments
French President Emmanuel Macron girded for one of the toughest weeks of his presidency as his government prepares to present a redesign of the convoluted French pension system.
10/12/2019 16:41 Comments 0 Comments
Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki bares all on the beach ahead of her retirement from the sport. The Danish ace, 29, shows of her athletic physique posing in her swimwear in the sunny Turks & Caicos Islands for a Sports Illustrated shoot.
09/12/2019 20:20 Comments 0 Comments
Dogs destined for the slaughterhouse have been filmed tied up in sacks with their mouths bound in Indonesia - prompting officials to order an end to the cruel trade.
09/12/2019 15:37 Comments 0 Comments
The KCNA report did not specify what was tested, but the site has previously been used to launch rockets into space as well as test missile engines.
07/12/2019 18:49 Comments 0 Comments
The FBI says it's not ready to release the identity of the Saudi aviation student who killed three people at the Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.
07/12/2019 18:25 Comments 0 Comments
The British general election will take place on December 12. Voting will be conducted between 7 am to 10 pm.
07/12/2019 17:52 Comments 0 Comments
The former Made In Chelsea star, 30, showed off her sensational figure as she confidently posed in a very high cut swimsuit.
07/12/2019 16:00 Comments 0 Comments
Hindu worshippers are beheading thousands of buffalo in Nepal as part of the “world’s largest animal sacrifice” event. The Gadhimai festival started in the early hours of December 3 morning as a priest killed a goat, rat, chicken, pig and pigeon and then offered blood from his own body.
05/12/2019 19:53 Comments 0 Comments
One post carries a drawing of the 73-year-old physician who had been in Afghanistan since 2008, taking the lead in water projects in rural areas. His services to the people earned him the nickname ''Uncle Murad.''
05/12/2019 19:00 Comments 0 Comments
The British Love Island star, 24, who has been attending a Pilates retreat with Gabby, wowed in the skimpy two-piece swimwear set as she splashed water all over her body.
05/12/2019 18:32 Comments 0 Comments
A veterinary student has become an online sensation after she stripped off and filmed herself riding her horse naked. Georgie Grace, 19, from Coventry, photographed herself riding her horse, Blue, wearing only her boots and helmet on November 22.
03/12/2019 20:55 Comments 0 Comments
The cause of death has not been reported though the agency requested fans to avoid rumours. As wished by Cha In-ha's family, the funeral will be held privately.
02/12/2019 19:26 Comments 0 Comments
Francis, who has said he wants to visit Iraq next year, told tens of thousands of people in St. Peter's Square that he was praying for the dead and wounded and invoking God for peace in the country.
29/11/2019 20:44 Comments 0 Comments
The talks would include Japan's tighter rules since July on the export of three high-tech materials to South Korea and its removal of Seoul from its so-called "white list" of countries with fast-track trade status, the ministry said.
29/11/2019 20:01 Comments 0 Comments
Christmas has arrived for the royal family with staff putting up some spectacular trees at Windsor Castle today. Festive photographs show the traditional 15ft Nordmann Fir trees from Windsor Great Park being erected in the Crimson Drawing Room, and a 20ft version in St George's Chapel.
29/11/2019 18:12 Comments 0 Comments
She has never shied away from flaunting her toned figure on Instagram. And Emily Ratajkowski proved that to be true on Thursday when the underwear model shared three nude snaps from her ocean front villa. The 28-year-old model shared the arty black and white silhouette photos with her over 24 million followers.
28/11/2019 21:13 Comments 0 Comments
The 3.5-metre tall statue, which weighs approximately 500 kilograms and was unveiled on October 8 with Ibrahimovic present, was scorched with flares while racist messages had been sprayed on the ground nearby.
28/11/2019 21:09 Comments 0 Comments
Brazil, England and Uruguay are unchanged as Nos. 3-5. World Cup runner-up Croatia is No. 6, trading places with European champion Portugal at No. 7.
28/11/2019 21:05 Comments 0 Comments
The decision to relax rules at the 2020 season-opening Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa was made after discussions between players, European Tour CEO Keith Pelley, and tournament host Johann Rupert. It applies for this event only.
28/11/2019 20:57 Comments 0 Comments
LOOSE Women star Nadia Sawalha has invented a genius hack that will save you spending £36 on Kim Kardashain's boob tape - parcel tape. Nadia, 55, took to Instagram to share a brilliant video of her attempting to lift her boobs using the everyday household item, after revealing she had been on the waiting list for Kim's tape for "ages".
28/11/2019 20:44 Comments 0 Comments
A Woman claims her bizarre "bum sunning" ritual is the key to better sleep and boosts energy - but doctors have warned against it. Meagan, from California, went viral after posting a picture of herself on Instagram practising what she described as "perineum sunning".
26/11/2019 20:41 Comments 0 Comments
The "Emissions Gap Report" is one of several studies released ahead of UN climate talks in Madrid next week aimed at spurring world leaders to limit climate change.
26/11/2019 20:25 Comments 0 Comments
On Monday, Colombia's immigration agency initiated the deportation of 59 Venezuelan nationals who were arrested by police for allegedly conducting ``acts of vandalism'' during the protests.
25/11/2019 16:26 Comments 0 Comments
The UN mission in Congo said it has sent an Emergency Crash and Rescue team with two fire engines to support Congolese authorities.
25/11/2019 16:19 Comments 0 Comments
"I'm running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America. We cannot afford four more years of President Trump's reckless and unethical actions," said businessman Michael Bloomberg, 77, a media mogul who founded Bloomberg LP.
24/11/2019 16:59 Comments 0 Comments
Long lines formed outside polling stations for 452 seats in the city's 18 district councils. The councils are largely advisory and have little power. But the election has taken on symbolic importance in the semiautonomous Chinese territory.
24/11/2019 16:28 Comments 0 Comments
The mood was somber and silent, darkened by the downpour that drenched the terraced fields and rice paddies of Nagasaki and the hundreds of Japanese who came out in plastic raincoats to witness the second pope to pay his respects to victims of the bomb.
21/11/2019 20:38 Comments 0 Comments
The announcement was posted on the Facebook page of the office of the state counsellor, a position Suu Kyi holds along with that of foreign minister. Myanmar's government releases much public information on Facebook.
21/11/2019 20:31 Comments 0 Comments
Rajapaksa, the elder brother of the newly-elected President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, will function as the prime minister of the caretaker cabinet until the general election in August 2020.
20/11/2019 19:05 Comments 0 Comments
A Britain-based war monitoring group said the Israeli airstrikes killed 11 people, including seven non-Syrians who are most likely Iranians. Syrian state media only reported that two civilians were killed.
19/11/2019 19:32 Comments 0 Comments
A team of naked student vets flashed their bums for a naked photoshoot in the Scottish countryside. The student vets braved the elements to horse around in the name of charity for their 2020 naked calendar.
19/11/2019 17:22 Comments 0 Comments
Farmers have stripped off for a saucy naked calendar. The racy pics show volunteer farmers going back to nature for the 2020 Lady Farmers Calendar, which have raised more than £100,000 for charities in five years.
17/11/2019 16:00 Comments 0 Comments
Seoul and Washington had scaled back the exercise recently and changed the name, but North Korea strongly objected, calling it evidence of a lack of interest in improving relations.
17/11/2019 15:46 Comments 0 Comments
Sri Lanka’s ruling party presidential candidate conceded defeat on Sunday to Rajapaksa, marking the return of a family revered by the Sinhalese Buddhist majority for the victory over the Tamil Tiger rebels but feared by Tamil and Muslim minorities.
15/11/2019 16:32 Comments 0 Comments
Sri Lanka will pick a new president in a vote on Saturday that comes months after Easter Sunday attacks by Islamic State that raised fears over the safety of the tiny island, undermined investor confidence and choked its economy.
15/11/2019 16:19 Comments 0 Comments
For the first time in Sri Lankan history, the ballot paper will be so long, due to a record-breaking 35 candidates running for presidency, the Commission said.
15/11/2019 15:30 Comments 0 Comments
NATO allies of Turkey in Europe have been worried that Turkey's offensive last month into a Syrian border area could lead to Islamic State suspects and their families escaping from prisons and camps run by Kurdish forces. Ankara has dismissed the concerns.
15/11/2019 15:20 Comments 0 Comments
South Korean news reports have said the Trump administration is demanding a five-fold increase in South Korean contributions, to about $4.7 billion for 2020, although Jeong declined to confirm the figure. He said his country was prepared to pay a ``fair and reasonable'' amount.
14/11/2019 21:53 Comments 0 Comments
Gaza militants fired a barrage of rockets into Israel on Thursday, hours after a cease-fire was declared to end two days of intense fighting between Israel and the Islamic Jihad group, the heaviest escalation in months that killed at least 34 Palestinians, including three women and eight children, and paralyzed parts of Israel.
13/11/2019 17:45 Comments 0 Comments
Video on social media showed deep waters flowing like a river along one of Venice's main thoroughfares, while another showed large waves hammering boats moored alongside the Doge's Palace and surging over the stone sidewalks.
13/11/2019 17:06 Comments 0 Comments
National police spokesman Dedi Prasetyo said the blast happened in a car park near an area where people were queuing for clearance letters from police.
13/11/2019 16:46 Comments 0 Comments
The Israeli military said more than 250 rockets have been fired at Israeli communities since the violence erupted following an Israeli airstrike that killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander accused of being the mastermind of recent attacks.
13/11/2019 16:29 Comments 0 Comments
Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for the interior ministry, said a suicide bomber driving a van targeted an armoured vehicle that belonged to GardaWorld, a Canadian security company that saw four of its staff wounded in the attack.
12/11/2019 20:47 Comments 0 Comments
Like many other former British colonies, Singapore has retained an old law that criminalizes gay sex, which was scrapped by India in a landmark court ruling last year to give a boost to LGBT+ rights.
11/11/2019 19:48 Comments 0 Comments
The cousins, whose grandfathers were brothers, grew up in a big Catholic family in Argentina. Sivori said they weren't close as children, since Jorge Mario Bergoglio - as the Pope was known then - was six years older than she.
11/11/2019 19:22 Comments 0 Comments
Fires in the state's northeast have claimed three lives, destroyed more than 150 homes and razed more than 1 million hectares (3,800 square miles) of forest and farmland since Friday.
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