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FIFA 20: Juventus jerseys are not unanimous!
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Date: 12/08/2019 12:57
FIFA 20: Juventus jerseys are not unanimous!
https://www.igxc.com/FIFA-20-Coins/ The next FIFA will be released on September 27th but is already talking a lot on social networks. In addition to promising news such as street mode one of the topics that feeds much fan conversation is how Juventus will appear in this FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 is like every year the most anticipated video game by the fans. Every year the world's most famous football game is entitled to its edition. New at the level of jerseys or players improved graphics physics of football players etc. all fans are eager to see what's new in the game.

Indeed the Italian club has signed a partnership with PES (the main competitor of FIFA) https://www.igxc.com/FIFA-20-Coins and there will be no Juve in this FIFA opus. Without license FIFA will rename Juventus in Piemonte Calcio. If the players will however be present the name of the club and Juventus Stadium will be absent from the game as the jerseys will be different. Moreover the jerseys of this famous club Piemonte Calcio have been unveiled in recent hours by Internet users. And they did not like these outfits as you can see below ...

This year again the game will be released as every year at the same time. This year it falls on September 27th. The fans are already dying of impatience. And before the game comes out the first novelties appear. And the least we can say is that they are not to everyone's taste.

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