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e gone through for d
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Date: 12/09/2019 07:14
e gone through for d
The warmth of the palm of my hand came to my heart. Your big hand wraps my little hand, you pull me slowly, walk a little, look at me, smile gently... The wind is blowing down, subconsciously shrinking the neck Wholesale Cigarettes, walking forward The hand shivered in the cuffs and could not help but shudder. Walking up the bridge, the step by step made me not only cough up; the two figures passed me slowly, but my eyes didn't move with them. The body seems to have turned to the inertia, and carefully looked at the two old figures who walked forward in front of me. It was the old man who went to the ear of the ear, and took the hand and walked slowly in the middle of the bridge. Everything in my heart was swollen with my hands, and I only heard a cough. The old man stopped, the armrests supported the railing, and coughed up gently. The old man pulled out the holding hands and groaned. He said: "Why don't you wear more when you are young?" The old man did not speak, but the sharp-eyed I found out that his ear was red. The old man patted his back with his hand and folded his collar with his hands. He stroked his body and patted his back gently. He pulled the clothes and whispered: "Go." Extremely naturally extended his right hand, the old man smiled and clenched her, and when he stepped down the bridge Marlboro Red, the vague figure was not so clear. The old man likes to help him step down the ladder with his hands, and the action is only familiar with the couples who have been with him for dozens of years. This kind of nature has returned to God, and I took the cold wind and slowly returned. Home, what kind of belief is it that makes them look at them both? What kind of love is it for them to accompany them to the old? What kind of emotions are they to help each other and help each other? What is it? It��s that long-lasting love Marlboro Gold, that is the enthusiasm for the other person��s enthusiasm, the old feelings of the old man went home, looking at the three pairs of shoes of different sizes at the door, can��t help but smile, this is also the case. My father and mother came together; it was such a kind of affection that they let their husbands and wives accompany each other; it was such a hand that let our family share the family��s happiness and parents came out of the room, and the mother took the father��s slightly rough hand. I smiled at me and said, "We have a wedding anniversary, (we) go out to eat!" Father took the mother's hand and walked out. I followed them and looked at them holding hands, like a glue-like appearance, laughing at the mother. Looking back, I took my hand again and smiled and said, "What is a person, smirking?" I don't speak, just hold the hand of my mother and father tightly, let this emotion be in the three of us. The blood is buried deep, and the flow is in the hands of the ages. Like this, you have gone through for decades. The deep friendship has been taken care of by your hands and turned into ordinary things. Hope, smile, forward Go with the passage of time, and your hands are holding too tight a bit more.

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