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Mangaluru: 'No Horn Day' for vehicles in city on Wednesdays
Date 24/01/2019 13:45  Author admin  Hits 75  Language Global
With the specific motive of reducing noise pollution, the concept of 'No Horn Day' has been introduced in the city.

Mangaluru: This campaign was launched three weeks ago under the leadership of Mangaluru (South) MLA, D Vedavyasa Kamath. It is also being given lot of publicity through social websites. The City Bus Owners Association has welcomed this campaign, and promised to join hands for its success.

The concerned have already taken up the matter of turning Wednesdays into 'No Horn Day' with auto rickshaw and bus owners. Discussions will be held with the leaders of different bus and rickshaw owners’ organizations, the MLA says. Kamath opines that the efforts would be considered fruitful even if it inspires a section of the vehicle drivers to reduce noise pollution, as expecting of hundred percent success would not be feasible.

MLA Vedavyasa Kamath

He recalled that Karnataka Pollution Control Board had brought into effect No Horn Day at Bengaluru on Mondays during the year 2011. He said that because of the vehicle riders not attaching enough importance to it, the campaign did not succeed. Similar campaigns have also been launched in Pune and Thiruvananthapuram, he noted.

Capt Brijesh Chowta, who took to twitter to congratulate the MLA for his nice initiative, hopes that the citizens will support the concept, respond to the call and make it successful.

- DW
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