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Why I love gardening naked - nothing beats being nude when you're on your knees with a pair of shears in your hands
Date 04/05/2019 19:11  Author admin  Hits 345  Language Global
Gardening enthusiast Suzy Monty loves to trim the bushes and mow the lawn while completely naked, and she's not alone.

Suzy Monty has spent the best part of fifty years gardening naked

PRUNING the bushes, mowing the lawn and weeding the flower beds don't sound like particularly racy activities - but this weekend gardening is set to get a lot saucier.

Gardeners across the country will be picking up their tools - and dropping all their clothes - for the now-iconic World Naked Gardening Day.

Fans of the social media movement have celebrated the annual day on the first Saturday of May for the last 14 years, stripping off and posting pictures online celebrating the joys of working as naked as Mother Nature intended.

It's a day that has won celebrity backing. Famous faces who like to go 'au naturel' while trimming their bushes include green-fingered goddess Kelly Brook who strips off to get an even tan, and Clueless star Alicia Silverstone.

Last year daytime telly legend Phillip Schofield shared pictures of himself on Snapchat, watering his plants wearing nothing more than a smile.

To mark the occasion, Sun Online spoke to naked gardening enthusiast Suzy Monty, 68, who has been gardening in the buff for nearly 50 years...

Phillip Schofield is a fan of naked gardening

Kelly Brook is a naked gardening fan

'I strip off to do the weeding'

Model and keen naturist Suzy, who lives in Cornwall with her husband of 46 years, John loves nothing more than pottering round the garden in the nip.

She says: "2019 has been my best year yet for getting outside and working up a sweat gardening in the nude - for the last four weeks I've stripped off to tackle winter weeds.

"It's been so warm in Cornwall this spring that we've beaten temperatures in Spain over Easter and on my birthday at the start of April I was outside in birthday suit."

Suzy Monty enjoys stripping off to garden

'Fresh air around my bits and bobs keeps me youthful'

For Suzy, the benefits are endless - and she credits gardening in the buff for her year-round, all-over tan, and for her youthful appearance.

She says: "It might only be the start of May but I've already got a golden all-over Mediterranean bronze tan. It hasn't come from a bottle or a sunbed.

“When the sun is out, slap on a bit of sun cream and get the rays all over your skin. Nothing beats it!

"I'm convinced the fresh air around my bits and bobs keeps me youthful too."

'Nothing beats being naked with a pair of shears'

Suzy Monty, pictured here with hubby John, loves being naked while trimming the bushes

Suzy first became a fan of naturism in the 1970s when comedian Freddie Starr opened a naturist beach near her home - and she hasn't looked back.

She remembers: “Once I discovered it - I wanted to be nude all the time.

"Now, I'm almost 70, but I don't care what anyone thinks about my preference to be starkers outside.

"It is so freeing feeling the wind on your skin. Nothing beats being naked when you're on your knees with a pair of shears in your hands."

Muddy boobs and bum

While Suzy loves stripping off, she refuses to go starkers if it's too nippy.

She explains: "I'll only take my clothes off when the thermometer hits 15 degrees.

Suzy describes herself as body confident

"More people should leave their clothes inside and get gardening naked.

"It isn't the end of the world if you get a bit of mud on your boobs and bum. It all comes off in a nice soak or in a steamy shower anyway.

“The freedom of being outside unclothed - just as Mother Nature intended - is wonderful.

"Why wear clothes that will inevitably smell when you work up a sweat weeding, pruning and planting?"

'It's very Adam and Eve in our garden'

While Suzy is an enthusiast, her husband is a little more reserved.

She says: “John doesn’t join in but he doesn’t mind that I do. He’s got used to it now and besides he reaps the benefits!

“There is nothing nicer than fresh veg. My carrots, leeks and courgettes all do particularly well under my nude watch. I’ve got an apple tree that produces an amazing variety. It’s very Adam and Eve in our garden."

Suzy says nothing beats being starkers in the garden

Whatever Suzy and John can’t manage to eat – they pass on to friends and neighbours - who Suzy ensures are shielded from her naked gardening.

She explains: “We have high fences and I’m not an exhibitionist.

"My garden is very well protected which means I'm lucky enough to be able to strip off and sunbathe naked too.

Suzy describes herself as “body confident”: “I’m not vain but I am proud of my size 10 figure. I’ve had nothing done – it’s all natural. My secret is regular gardening and lots of walking. I go out everyday in all weather and hike for miles.”

Suzy proudly shows off the tan she's developed so far this year

Insect repellent for bites in awkward places

Last year Suzy appeared on the cover of H&E Naturist - the world’s biggest naturist magazine: “It is the second time I’ve been photographed for the front page. I know I’ll never be on the cover of Vogue but it is liberating popping into WH Smith and seeing yourself starkers staring back at you!”

Suzy has words of naked wisdom for first-timers thinking of shedding their gardening gear this summer.

“Always wear a pair of footwear - my favourites are a pair of pink wellies. You’re dealing with forks, trowels and mowers.

"That’s a lot of metal to steer clear of when you’re in your birthday suit.

"I also have some TCP for any scratches that occur while I’m trimming my bushes. Then there is insect repellent for any bites which typically end up in awkward places."

Suzy reckons that everyone should try gardening without a stitch on: “It is magical. If I’m stressed and get some sun on my body while tending to my favourite sweet peas I know I’ll always feel so much better.

“People are surprised when I reveal I tend to my garden in the buff but starkers really is the best option.

"I don’t have to wash muddy clothes either. A quick soap in the shower and I’m done.”

For those looking to get involved, fans are set to post on social media using hashtags #WNGD #nakedgardening and #worldnakedgardeningday.

- The Sun
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