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New York Fashion Week designer praised for booking a breastfeeding mum
Date 09/09/2019 19:04  Author admin  Hits 584  Language Global
Fashion designer has been praised for featuring a breastfeeding mum in her 2019 NYFW show.

Model Mara Martin appeared breastfeeding her daughter during the Rebecca Minkoff NYFW show on Saturday [Photo: Getty]

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has been praised for featuring a breastfeeding mum in her 2019 NYFW show over the weekend.

While steps have been made towards more inclusive catwalks in the fashion industry, breastfeeding and expressing mums are rarely represented.

Something Minkoff decided to address in her show on Saturday.

Images from the show reveal model Mara Martin breastfeeding her daughter, Aria, with a bright pink Medala breast pump on the table next to her.

Sharing the image to Instagram Martin revealed that she was proud to be asked to help offer such a powerful nod to working mums.

“When @rebeccaminkoff asked me to be a part of her show as a model and mother while nursing Aria I immediately said yes,” she wrote.

“She wanted me to represent the working mom for her during part of her show, because that’s what I am.

“As women we wear many hats, Rebecca being a prime example of that. She is a mother, wife, designer, business woman, and all around boss. She is the example I am constantly looking up to.

The mum went on to add how proud she was to be part of the designer’s vision.

“Congratulations on an incredible show and thank you for including us!”

Alongside an earlier backstage shot of her and her baby daughter the model explained how difficult it can be juggling career and motherhood.

"Being a mum is the hardest job in the world, and then adding on trying to work as a model among other things I’m trying to do, doesn’t make it any easier,” she wrote.

“Being able to represent ALL working mums out there made this show so special for us. Shout out to all the working moms out there, we see you!"

Unsurprisingly the tribute to breastfeeding and working mums went down very well with many parents.

“Such an inspiration to all mums and women!” one fan wrote.

“You’re awesome and @rebeccaminkoff is brilliant. This was a very special and iconic show,” another agreed.

“You’re incredible,” a third commented. “#nyfw this is the best moment you could wish for. @rebeccaminkoff you win.”

The show offered a nod to working and breastfeeding mums [Photo: Getty]

It actually isn’t the first time Mara Martin has flown the flag for breastfeeding mums on the runway.

Last July, the model walked the catwalk while breastfeeding her then 5-month-old daughter for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show.

The new mum was one of 16 finalists chosen to take part in the catwalk show as part of PARAISO Fashion Fair.

And fans were also quick to offer their appreciation for the pioneering moment.

“This is exactly what life is about,” one user wrote. “Keeping it real, showing love & affection to your children outside of the home sets an example as to how to raise your children. Too many people in society worry about trying to be cool vs being real. This is a true working mom on the go!”

Throwing light on breastfeeding and expressing mums in the fashion industry deserves all the clapping hands emojis.

And hopefully the positive response will help fire up other designers and models to keep going with the working mum representation.

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