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Padma Lakshmi Shows How '50 Is The New 30' In Her Birthday Post
Date 04/09/2020 18:44  Author admin  Hits 9640  Language Global
Padma Lakshmi turned 50 on Tuesday.

Padma Lakshmi

Age is just a number for Padma Lakshmi, who turned 50 on Tuesday. The model, author, actress and TV personality walked into her 50s with style and grace. She shared a bunch of pictures of herself enjoying a beach day in a stunning pink bikini on Twitter and wrote: "50 is the new 30, feel like I'm just getting started." One of the photos features Padma Lakshmi posing on the beach while other pictures show her laughing as sea waves crash against her. "Just a little bit cold," she captioned one of the photos. After seeing the author's pictures, it wouldn't be wrong to say that if there's one anyone who can make 50 look so good, it's Padma Lakshmi.

On her birthday, Padma Lakshmi wrote about how the year 2020 has been "a mix of misery and elation" for her. In an Instagram post, she shared an album comprising an individual photo of herself and a family photo and expressed her "birthday thoughts" in an extensive note. "The whole world was swallowed up by the plague In March. We were lucky but so many weren't and I felt an impending doom, a creeping anxiety I could not shake...But personally, at home things were peaceful. We made a cocoon for our family. We lived for the first time-all under one roof. We became closer. And professionally, I finally got to show the world what I would do if I got to build a show from scratch," she wrote and went on to talk about her series Taste The Nation (of which she is the co-producer and host): "Taste the Nation was well received beyond my wildest dreams, 100% even on rotten tomatoes! But the best of all was hearing how all of you felt when you watched it, reading how families watched together."

Padma Lakshmi currently lives with her husband, venture capitalist Adam Dell, and her 10-year-old daughter. The author and the host of Top Chef was previously married to novelist Salman Rushdie. In her post, Padma Lakshmi also wrote: "I cannot ask for anything more. I am truly blessed: a loving and attentive partner, a child that continues to be a miracle every day and work that I am proud of and fully engaged by with people I love. I am today very lucky. But I am also a product of the toil and troubles my younger self endured. And I thank that version of me."

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