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Fright night: Drinkers dress as creepy clowns, Friday the 13th killers and Playboy bunnies as they hit bars and pubs for Halloween weekend night out
Date 30/10/2021 19:47  Author admin  Hits 561  Language Global
Thousands of party-goers descended on the streets of the UK on Friday night for the start of the Halloween weekend.

Revellers on Broad Street, Birmingham, were in particularly extravagant costumes, from creepy clowns and Friday the 13th killers to skimpily-clad Playboy bunnies.

Inevitably a few opted for Squid Game masks, a nod to the violent Korean drama on Netflix that has been watched by 142 million households.

Thousands of revellers took to the streets of Birmingham for the beginning of Halloween weekend last night. Pictured: A would-be escaped convict in an orange jumpsuit is flanked by a woman dressed all in white with angel wings and a halo while on his right is a woman in a Playboy outfit of bunny ears and black sheer-to-waist fishnet stockings with a bow tie

While the youngsters may have gone out in the cold but dry Birmingham evening, by the early hours of the morning a bank of rain had crawled over from the east to put a dampener on the night.

The mercury dropped as low as 9C, undoubtedly feeling even chillier for those in less clothing than usual as many opted for bare legs in the brisk West Midlands evening.

West Midlands Police put their mobile prison van on the streets in expectation of a wild night.

These two women were probably not in standard issue West Midlands uniforms but their costumes brought a smile to many faces as they opted for a more daring take on the police

The Halloween weekend couldn't be the same without a pair of terrifying zombies. This woman even brought along a zombie teddy-bear to send a shiver down the spine

Angelic to the last, some revellers went for fancy dress that was a little less gruesome and possibly a fair deal warmer than others, although not by much. The woman on the left dressed in stripy black and white socks that went over her knees, matching the sleeves on her forearms. Meanwhile her friend dressed as an angel, with both donning their Converse plimsolls

Some people opted for more revealing fancy dress, with two women donning police outfits that were probably not standard issue at West Midlands police.

Others stuck with a classic costume of a Playboy girl, all set with a bunny's tail and tights that took the meaning of thigh-high to a whole new level.

One woman decided to mix a saintly theme into the night of horrors, dressing up as an angel in a pleated white skirt and shimmering floral corset with a fluffy halo, albeit with a few drops of fake blood oozing from her forehead.

Two women with almost completely bare legs, save for their sheer-to-waist fishnet stockings out-do two men with a less extravagant dress sense on Friday night

A Friday the 13th killer with a blood-spattered polo shirt holds up a knife while wearing a scary hockey mask over his face

The two women here wore a pair of black dresses, one in silk and the other in a fauxleather as they clutch their phones and valuables before heading into a club

Doctors, murderers and ghostbusters showed off their best ghoulish poses as they waited to get into Birmingham's nightclubs.

It was the first time in two years clubs have had Halloween nights as a result of the Covid pandemic.

People took the chance to show their widest smiles, although some grins were a little more prosthetic than others, with one woman in a creepy smiling mask and holding a large bloodied plastic knife.

Doctors, murderers and ghostbusters showed off their best ghoulish poses as they waited to get into Birmingham's nightclubs

One man lathered on the face paint to look like the Joker from the hit franchise Batman with a set of  wide red scars stretching ear to ear

A couple went for a more jovial take on creepy killer clowns as they mixed blood-spattered shirts with colourful bow ties, ribbons and a wig

A group of five women and three men went out together all in fancy dress with everyone having at least one added addition for Halloween, from devil horns to surgical masks or a smear of fake blood

It wasn't all about the gruesome and terrifying though, as one group of drinkers showed in much gentler costumes, with one woman managing to create a classy version of an ogre

Youngsters turned out in their thousands for Halloween night in Birmingham for a night of ghoulish partying ahead of Halloween in the West Midlands

Salem's internationally known and famous Witch Lorelei Stathopoloulos uses dragon powder on a candle in her shop on Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

The word 'witchcraft' has three main connotations: the practice of magic or sorcery; the beliefs associated with the Western witch-hunts of the 14th to the 18th century; and varieties of the modern movement called Wicca.

Wicca was first publicized in 1954 by a British civil servant named Gerald Gardner who said the religion dated to an old witch cult that existed in secret for hundreds of years, originating in the pre-Christian Paganism of Europe.

Wicca is recognized as an official religion in the United States.

It is a primarily Western movement of nature worship based on pre-Christian traditions.

The Wiccan witch religion honors the 'Elements of Nature' - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit - and their associated directions - North, East, South, West, Center - in 'sacred circles' where rituals are held.

The Wiccan New Year of Samhain is considered a precursor to modern Halloween.

Today it coincides with Halloween on October 31.

Historically, it was a Celtic festival held on November 1 where the world of the gods was believed to be made visible to mankind.

Modern witches say it is a time of year when the 'veil between the dead and the living is thin.'

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