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Ukraine War: Russian Fighter Jet Accidentally Bombs Own City
Date 21/04/2023 21:39  Author admin  Hits 616  Language Global
Regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov declared a state of emergency after the explosion.

A huge crater appears on a road in Belgorod after the explosion.

A Russian fighter jet accidentally bombed one of its own cities near the Ukraine border, according to a report in the BBC. The explosion left a 20-metre crater in the city and even blew a car on to the roof of a shop, the outlet further said. Three people were injured and several buildings damaged due to the impact of the blast. The region of Belgorod has been repeatedly shelled since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine in February 2022.

Videos posted on social media show the moment the ammunition hit the ground. Heavy traffic streamed along the road when the bomb struck, creating a huge crater and lifting a vehicle on to the roof of a supermarket.

In a brief statement, the Russian defence ministry admitted that one of its Su-34 fighter bombers had "accidentally discharged aircraft ordnance" at 22:15 local time on Thursday, as per the BBC.

Regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said two women were taken to hospital for treatment. "Thank God no one was killed," he said on social media.
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