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  - Poland votes in critical moment for Europe's post-Covid-19 future
  - Fears South Korea losing control over second coronavirus wave
  - Pope Francis hails Italy coronavirus doctors, nurses as heroes
  - Covid-19: Venezuelans, other refugees face huge pandemic hardships, says UN
  - New Zealand military to oversee quarantine facilities after new Covid-19 case
  - Robot dog hounds Thai shoppers to keep hands coronavirus-free
  - Trump: Vaccine will be available by year's end
  - As lockdowns ease some countries report new infection peaks
  - UN chief: World should follow South Korea on COVID-19 fight
  - COVID-19: China silent amid global calls to give Africa debt relief
  - German zoo draws up coronavirus slaughter list
  - Japan officials puzzled by outbreak on docked cruise ship
  - Merkel calls for international cooperation against virus
  - Struggling zoo 'plans to kill and feed animals to each other' amid coronavirus
  - Pope hails priests, health workers as 'the saints next door'
  - Extremists see global chaos from coronavirus as an opportunity

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