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  - Hurricane Dorian: 'Extremely dangerous' Category 4 storm heads towards Florida
  - BIG CAT RIDDLE - Panthers in Florida suffer mystery crippling illness leaving the beasts falling out of trees and barely able to walk
  - Mother Bird Feeds Her Chick a Discarded Cigarette Butt on Florida Beach, Disheartening Pic Highlights Issues of Littering
  - Florida governor signs bill allowing more armed teachers
  - Still sizzling at 46! Uma Thurman appears youthful in flattering blue bathing suit as she poses away like a Hollywood pinup on Florida beach
  - Tropical Storm Michael: Devastation in Florida, flooding elsewhere
  - Hurricane Michael becomes Category 4 monster as it roars down towards Florida
  - At least 4 dead, 9 injured in Florida university bridge collapse
  - US Navy jet crashes in Florida, 2 crew members killed
  - 17 killed in Florida school shooting, suspect in custody; Trump says no child should ever feel unsafe in American schools
  - Five dead, eight injured in Fort Lauderdale airport shooting; one held
  - Explosion rocks SpaceX launch site during rocket test, rattles buildings in Florida
  - Florida shooting: 50 dead in America's worst 'mass shooting' over three decades

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