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  - Extremists see global chaos from coronavirus as an opportunity
  - Turkey to deport American Islamic State detainee after Greece slams door
  - ISIS leader Baghdadi given burial at sea, afforded religious rites: report
  - Islamic State claims responsibility for Iraq blast that killed eight
  - Militant attack kills 9 troops at Khalifa Haftar's army base
  - Iraq: Yazidis to accept children of IS rape victims into community
  - Death toll from Sri Lanka bombing attacks rises to 359 - police
  - ISIS kidnapped her 5 years ago. The Red Cross thinks she may still be alive.
  - IS-linked leader Abu Dar killed, US DNA tests confirm death
  - California man convicted of supporting Islamic State no extremist, says former CIA expert
  - Libyan official: 75 bodies of IS militants found near Sirte
  - Russia says US dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria, Pentagon denies
  - Russians posed as Islamic State hackers, threatened US military wives

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