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  - Putin: Russia's new weapons will have no comparison anywhere
  - CAATSA sanctions waiver intended to wean countries off of Russian equipment: US
  - Russia to send newer, S-300 missile defense systems to Syria
  - Russia says Syrian missiles shot down its aircraft, killing all 15 onboard
  - Russian prime minister warns US against ramping up sanctions
  - Russia says Iranian forces pulled back from Golan in Syria; Israel unsatisfied
  - Russia: Taxi hits pedestrians near Moscow's Red Square, injuring 8
  - Terrorists may target FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, warns US
  - Trump barrels into G-7 summit, ready to fight US allies
  - Four soldiers killed, five wounded in Syria: Russian Defence Ministry
  - Protesters gather in Russia before Vladimir Putin inauguration
  - US expels 60 Russian diplomats, orders Seattle consulate shuttered in response to UK spy case
  - Russian shopping mall fire kills at least 48, says report
  - Russian presidential elections: Vladimir Putin storms to victory with vast margin, set to rule for another six years
  - Russia to expand American 'blacklist' after new US sanctions
  - US impose sanctions on 19 Russians for alleged interference in 2016 elections
  - UK expels 23 Russian diplomats; suspends high-level contacts with Moscow
  - Syria: 26 passengers, 6 crew killed as Russian plane crashes at Khmeimim Airbase
  - Russian air strikes kill 30 Syrian rebels after jet downed
  - Russia says Syrian army killed 5 US-backed troops
  - Attorney General Jeff Sessions questioned in Russia probe, Donald Trump may be up soon
  - Russia accuses US of trying to derail Syria peace initiative
  - China, Russia outpace terrorism threat: Pentagon
  - Drones used in Russian base attacks in Syria were opposition-controlled, says Moscow
  - Russia calls worsening ties with US a major disappointment
  - Vladimir Putin calls Saint Petersburg explosion a 'terrorist attack'
  - Blast at supermarket in Russia's Saint Petersburg, at least 4 injured
  - Russia bars Putin's arch-rival Navalny from contesting presidential election
  - Vladimir Putin declares victory in Syria, announces partial pullout of forces
  - At least 53 civilians including over 20 kids killed in Russian air strikes in Syria
  - Vladimir Putin hosts Bashar Assad, tells him 'Russia about to end military operation in Syria'
  - Vladimir Putin takes part in Russian military drills, fires missiles
  - 3 Killed In Russia Court After Defendants Grab Officers' Guns
  - Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny jailed as protesters hold anti-corruption rallies across Russia
  - Vladimir Putin dismisses US claims about Trump, Russia and elections
  - Russia does not have any tight military relations with Pakistan, says Putin
  - US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming Taliban
  - Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming, claims top US official
  - Syria chemical attack: Russia defends ally Assad as death toll reaches 72
  - 10 killed, 50 injured as explosion hits St Petersburg metro station in Russia; 2nd bomb found
  - CNN documentary on Vladimir Putin part of anti-Russian propaganda, says Kremlin
  - Russia may destroy its chemical weapons in 2017
  - AG Jeff Sessions denies misleading Judiciary Committee on Russia
  - Russian Ambassador to the United Nations dies in New York
  - Russia rejects US media reports of sending more military gear to Syria
  - Russia begins partial pullout of military forces from Syria
  - Russia aiming at rebuilding Red Army Choir, says defence minister
  - Russia sends battalion of military police in Aleppo to help maintain security
  - Anti-Russia sanctions harming fight against terrorism, says President Putin
  - Russian envoy assassinated in Turkey, Putin to step up fight against terror

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